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One-Day Evaluation &  Three-Day Turntimes on TDR-94 Transponders

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Aug 18, 2016 @ 04:19 PM

DA1604010328Mobile29.jpgThe Duncan Aviation avionics instrument shop is now able to provide operators with TDR-94/TDR-94D transponder service that includes same-day evaluation and three-day turntimes, with AOG options available when needed.

Our technicians, having serviced the -003 TDR-94 units for the last several years, have developed a very efficient repair process that will even allow a one-day repair, provided the following steps are taken by the operator:  

  1. Call Duncan Aviation Customer Account Reps to schedule the unit into shop. 800.562.6377 or 402.475.2611
  1. Provide ID tag information ahead of time. This gives us time to ensure we have parts on hand when the transponder arrives.
  1. Ship your unit to this address:

Duncan Aviation 

Shipping and Receiving

4001 N Park Rd

Lincoln, NE  68500

We offer the repair and service of these units at our main avionics instrument shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, as well as through our satellite avionics facilities located throughout the United States.

We are also able to modify earlier transponders to the -500-501 series, which will meet the ADS-B mandate for 2020 when the unit is properly installed and certified.

The Rockwell Collins TDR-94/TDR-94D transponder is a solid-state, crystal-controlled receiver/transmitter specifically designed for TCAS-II-equipped business aircraft.  We are authorized to repair and service transponders with the Rockwell Collins part numbers of 622-9352-002 through -008; -108; -207; -308-311; -408-411; -500-501 and 622-9210-002 through -008; -108; -207; -308-311; -408-411; -500-501.

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CJ3 with Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Flight Deck Takes Flight

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Aug 09, 2016 @ 09:28 AM

A Citation CJ3 Duncan Aviation has been retrofitting since mid-May with Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade took to the skies above Lincoln last week as this first-ever installation began its flight testing phase.

IMG_2805_Mobile.jpg“The system performed flawlessly on our one-hour, 10-minute (initial) flight in the CJ3,” said Scott Simpson, principal flight test pilot for Rockwell Collins. “The test flight included three approaches with synthetic vision displayed for both pilots, graphically-entered flight plan updates, and other avionics checkout procedures. In addition to ensuring ADS-B compliance, owners who upgrade will find it an absolute joy to fly.”

Duncan Aviation Captain Jon Kroesche flew second in commad during the flight. "The Proline Fusion upgrade is a joy to fly. There is a wealth of information right at your fingertips. The three large touchscreens allow for easily changing flights and flight plans. This will be a great product to show off at the upcoming NBAA Conference in Orlando." 

IMG_5072_edit.jpgAnnounced last fall, Duncan Aviation will complete certification for Pro Line Fusion flight deck in the CJ3 by the end of 2016, providing operators with a new aftermarket option for meeting mandates while enhancing their ownership and flying experience. The upgrade replaces the factory-installed portrait displays with larger 14.1-inch landscape touchscreen primary flight displays. The new system includes intuitive, touch-interactive maps, and easy-to-use icons, giving the pilot the ability to control items on the screen through touch.  Also, it eliminates the need for Flight Management System (FMS) control display units originally installed in the pedestal.

7-12_01.jpg“The Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade has been met with much enthusiasm from CJ3 operators,” says Jeff Simmons, a Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales Rep. “They are excited about transforming their aircraft and their flight experience while meeting the upcoming NextGen mandates. Flight testing of the system is an exciting milestone in this installation and certification process. The collaboration, effort and professionalism shown between the Rockwell Collins and Duncan Aviation teams have been impressive and are the reasons the program has successfully reached this point.”

To see progress of the CJ3 Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade, and to see more information about the upgrade and the 25 early adopter incentive packages for interested operators, visit

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Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Aug 04, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

DA15093001-Todd.gifOn a weekly basis, I travel to meet with some of the most interesting and influential people in our industry; individuals who work hard providing leadership for business aviation’s powerful associations and lobbying efforts, key customers who understand the benefits of business aircraft ownership and aviation enthusiasts who simply love to fly. I truly enjoy the people in our industry and the support they have shown us for years.

Rarely does a week go by when I don’t hear someone mention a Duncan Aviation team member by name. Describing their experience at one of our facilities, they let me know they consider our people experts, resources and friends. We’re serving customers in a very real way, letting them know we value their business and helping them operate their aircraft with success.

Our reputation not only represents the highest in quality work, it is one company among many that stand united in a show of support for the future of business aviation. Every Duncan Aviation team member comes to work knowing that their dedication, hard work and knowledge matter not only to their customers and their company, but to the entire industry.

Watch this video below and listen to several Duncan Aviation team members speak with pride about what quality means to them. 

60-theme.jpg2016 is a special year. It is Duncan Aviation’s 60th year of helping business aircraft operators be safe, efficient and productive. For six decades, customers have asked us for solutions and services. We are celebrating our 60 years by telling the stories about the people of Duncan Aviation who listened and took action.

Celebrate with us by subscribing to the Duncan Download blog, following us on Facebook and Twitter (@DuncanAviation) and visiting our anniversary website at

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Duncan Aviation Expands Avionics Install Service to San Antonio!

Posted by Kate Dolan on Tue, Aug 02, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

San_Antonio-iStock_94238769_XLARGE_Small.jpgToday, Duncan Aviation opens a new office at the San Antonio International Airport in Texas. In an effort to position our skilled avionics technician in closer proximity to customers, Greg Ashpaugh, is moving to San Antonio and will be the Manager of the new work-away location.

“Over the years, numerous customers have asked us to consider a work-away location in San Antonio,” says Matt Nelson, Manager of Satellite Operations. “After assessing the city and airport, we agree that San Antonio is a great place for a Duncan Aviation technician. Not only does the mix of aircraft based at that airport closely match our business model, but also the city of San Antonio is attractive because of its strong, diverse economic base.”

Greg Ashpaugh, San Antonio Manager

Greg—until recently Crew-Lead at the Dallas satellite avionics facility—is looking forward to working on customers’ aircraft in and around San Antonio. While working as an aircraft engine mechanic on E-2 Hawkeyes and C-2 Greyhounds in the US Navy for six years, Greg earned his A&P license at the Sierra Academy of Aeronautics in Oakland, California.

After his service, Greg worked at various avionics shops in the Dallas area before hiring on at the Duncan Aviation Dallas Satellite avionics facility 13 years ago.

“In addition to really liking what I do, I think Duncan Aviation is a great place to work,” says Greg. “The company takes care of us, and it has been very, very good to me.”

From the Dallas Satellite facility, Greg traveled to work on aircraft in San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth in Texas, as well as to New Orleans, Louisiana. He anticipates that he’ll continue to travel from his new work-away location. “We’re here for our customers, wherever here is,” says Greg.

Located on the southeast side of the San Antonio International Airport, the new office will let Greg focus on line maintenance, AOG, and small install work.

“We’re easing into this new work-away location,” says Matt, “And we’ll hire additional team members as customer needs and response requires.”

Duncan Aviation's Avionics Satellite shops are strategically based at more than 25 business aviation airports across the United States. Each location is interdependent, sharing staff and resources to support customers anywhere they land, live or hangar their aircraft.

For more inforamation, download the Satellite Avioincs fact sheet. 

Duncan Aviation   Avionics Satellite Fact Sheet

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Why Are You Waiting Weeks For An Offer on Your Surplus Aircraft Avionics?

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Jul 26, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

501-1228-04: Lead Acid Emergency Power Supply

If you are waiting more than two weeks for an offer on your available aircraft avionics inventory, you are waiting too long. 

The business aviation industry is growing rapidly and the demand for good, serviceable avionics parts to support customers’ current and future needs is strong. So Duncan Aviation’s Parts & Rotables Sales has stepped up efforts and increased on-hand inventory of avionics parts for all makes of business aircraft, including modifications packages removed for avionics upgrades.

Every day, customers reach out to Avionics Acquisitions Manager, Jamie Blackman, and her team offering a list of inventory to purchase. Most lists average 20-50 part numbers, but can be as high as 5,000.

  • Aircraft inventory companies that purchase aircraft to part-out offer us avionics units, knowing our customer base will likely be able to use the inventory.
  • DOMs will sell their rotable pools if their aircraft is traded in for a larger or newer aircraft. These pools consist of good, serviceable units they no longer need. So they sell the units and then turn around and buy inventory for their new rotable needs.

“We have no limits on how large or small of a list we’ll buy,” says Jamie. “If a customer presents us with a list, we’ll take it all whether we have repair capabilities or not.” This makes it easier for the customer, she says, saving them the time it takes to go to multiple outlets to sell their inventory.

 501_1712_02_default.jpg Front-1.jpg  Default-2.jpg
501-1712-02: Emergency Power Supply 071-01519-0101: King Ant/RCVR/XMTR   622-1270-001: Collins Transponder

Duncan Aviation  Parts Search & Quote Request

Best Price First

But they won’t haggle on price and Jamie explains why, “We always offer our best price out of the gate, never low-balling or engaging in time-consuming negotiations. We won’t waste your valuable time exchanging emails or phone calls to come to pricing terms. By offering your the fairest price upfront, we save ourselves time and make you money.”

William Calgagni of the Calin Corporation explains why he selected Duncan Aviation to sell his avionics parts. “Out of the three companies I contacted, Duncan Aviation was the easiest to work with and the best fit for my needs, offering a competitive price.”

Jamie knows by offering the fairest price upfront the seller is more likely to come back again the next time they have additional units for sale. William agrees, “The next time I have any avionics units to sell, Duncan Aviation will be on the short list again.”

“We are more than happy to explain how we arrived at our offer,” explains Jamie. When a list is received, it is examined and compared to all of the historical data that has been collected by Duncan Aviation. Each Individual part number is researched to find sales history as well as repair capabilities and average repair costs. Even our own stock quantities are examined to determine the current number of units on hand. All of this information together provides the most accurate fair market value and is used to formulate the purchase offer extended to the customer.

Our offers are competitive and, in most cases, higher than others because we have more than 45,000 different repair manuals and a large team of avionics repair professionals. These in-house repair capabilities keep costs under control, allowing us to offer more money for the units. And our wide and active customer base ensures that we are able to maintain multiple units in our inventory.

Best Price Fast

071-01550-0101: King Radar Antenna

Not only will you get our best offer out of the gate, you’ll have that offer within one to two business days of receiving the list. There is no waiting up to two weeks to hear back about an offer or to find out that most of the list is rejected. We have a proprietary computer program that compares individual part numbers to Duncan Aviation’s entire historical experience with each unit. With a click of a button, we are able to replicate the thoroughness of manual line-by-line research, but have results within a matter of a few hours.

Over the past three years, the Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotable Sales has added over $2.5 million in avionics inventory. And recently started an Avionics Purchasing Program to build an inventory of avionics units for which we don’t have repair capabilities. “The market demand for these newer systems is beginning to grow,” says Jamie. “Our customers need these units and we want to be able meet those needs by being their best source.”

If you have avionics inventory, whether it is one unit or thousands of piece parts, we will be the first to respond and with the best offer. When receiving your payment you have the option of cash, trade or putting credit on your account for future Duncan Aviation work, anywhere in the company.

Contact Duncan Aviation to sell your excess avionics inventory by emailing an Excel spreadsheet of your parts list, including part numbers to We are also interested in purchasing surplus inventories of airframe and engine accessory components.

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Duncan Aviation Announces Plans to  Expand Provo, Utah, Location

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Jul 21, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Duncan Aviation today announced that the company plans to build a new business aircraft maintenance, modifications and paint complex at its Provo, Utah, location. The expansion will include a large maintenance and modifications center and an innovative paint facility.


Building on nearly 45 acres of land at the Provo Municipal Airport, Duncan Aviation will add nearly 220,000-square-feet of buildings with its 166,000-square-foot maintenance and modifications center and its 53,000-square-foot paint facility.

The maintenance and completions facility will have large hangar spaces along with backshop and office space.

The new paint structure will have the latest down-draft air flow technology, including automatic monitoring and alarms, to provide the best paint environment possible for aircraft. To increase efficiency, the paint hangar is designed to accommodate multiple aircraft at once, utilizing a two-zone airflow system. With this design, Duncan Aviation paint teams can perform stripping, sanding, painting and detail work on multiple aircraft simultaneously.

The facility will allow input of some of the largest business aircraft in use today, including Gulfstream’s 550, Bombardier’s Global Express and Dassault’s Falcon 7X.

Duncan Aviation plans to break ground in the first quarter of 2017. The expansion will cost nearly $50 million and is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2019.

“We consistently hear from operators in the Western United States that they would like to see more investment in a Duncan Aviation location closer to their home base,” says Aaron Hilkemann. “The Provo area is the perfect complement to our other full-service facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Lincoln, Nebraska. That is why we intially started our Provo facility. Although the economy prevented us from building an all-new facility there at the time we initially planned to, we are pleased to finally begin work on the infrastructure needed to care for upcoming maintenance and completions demand from in the area and around the world.”

On August 1, 2010, Duncan Aviation opened its doors in Provo. Since then, the Duncan Aviation Provo team has provided major and minor hourly and calendar inspections, line-level engine and avionics support, and interior work for business aircraft from across Europe, the Pacific Rim and the Americas.

PROVO_001.jpgPROVO_002.jpg“Six years ago, 14 Duncan Aviation team members ventured west to start Duncan Aiation's newest heavy maintenance location,” says Bill Prochazka, Chief Operating Officer of Duncan Aviation’s Provo location. “We were met with enthusiasm and professionalism from every direction, through our discussions with the State, Utah County and Provo City.  Today we are 40 strong, on our way to 400+.  It's an exciting time to be in the Business Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul sector, and to be a part of this great company as we provide high quality and responsive service to corporate business jet operators from around the world.”

In addition to this upcoming expansion, Duncan Aviation has invested nearly $200 million in facilities, tooling and new capabilities and nearly $48 million in training over the last 20 years. “We are dedicated to business aviation, our customers and team members and every decision we make is made with them and the future in mind,” Hilkemann says.

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Honeywell Releases AS907 SAFETY Service Bulletin

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Jul 19, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

AS907_HTF7000_-01.jpgHoneywell has released SB (Service Bulletin) AS 907-76-9021 Rev 0 dated May 13, 2016, regarding the possibility of water entering the ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) after the aircraft is parked in the rain for an extended length of time. This may lead to unscheduled maintenance and expense, aircraft dispatch delays, Loss of Thrust Control (LOTC) events and the possibility for inflight shut downs.



This SB is relevant to the following aircraft:

  • Bombardier Challenger 300 (HTF 7000)
  • Bombardier Challenger 350 (HTF 7350)
  • Gulfstream G280 (HTF 7250)
  • Embraer Legacy 450 (HTF 7500)
  • Embraer Legacy 500 (HTF 7500)

Honeywell has categorized this as a CAT 1 SAFETY SB meaning it may require urgent action and may be associated with an FAA AD (Airworthiness Directive). With that being said, this SB, under the Compliance Section E, has recommended compliance be within 400 engine operating hours or 18 months from the date the SB was issued. 

The compliance is to access the ECUs and apply sealant to specifically identified areas on the ECUs.  The job is estimated at 5.5 hours per side.

This can be easily accomplished by Duncan Aviation’s Engine Rapid Response teams or during a regular scheduled airframe maintenance event.

Welcoming the Honeywell HTF7000 Minor Maintenance Authorization

Read More About It

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Duncan Aviation Powers On CJ3 Fusion Flight Deck

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 @ 09:40 AM

CJ3_blog.jpgDuncan Aviation avionics installation technicians this week turned power on to the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion® flight deck upgrade being installed and certified in the Citation CJ3. Duncan Aviation avionics technicians have been installing and testing the equipment since mid-May. The airplane is expected to fly in the next few weeks and be certified by the end of 2016. 


 The Fusion upgrade provides Citation CJ3 owners with an aftermarket option for meeting mandates while simultaneously enhancing ownership and the flying experience by replacing the factory-installed portrait displays with larger 14.1-inch landscape touchscreen primary flight displays. The new system includes intuitive, touch-interactive maps, and easy-to-use icons, giving the pilot the ability to control items on the screen through touch. It also eliminates the need for FMS (Flight Management System) control display units originally installed in the pedestal.

To see progress on this exciting flight deck enhancement, visit Duncan Aviation’s CJ3 Pro Line Fusion Progress Gallery 

CJ3 Proline Fusion View Progress Gallery Now

Duncan Aviation and Rockwell Collins are offering 25 early adopter incentive packages for interested operators. Half of those incentive slots have already sold.

For more information about the upgrade, visit or call one of the Duncan Aviation’s technical sales experts:


Jeff Simmons





Melissa Raddatz




HARPG.jpgGary Harpster

402.475.2611 ext. 1374

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Duncan Aviation Releases July Duncan Intelligence

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Jul 05, 2016 @ 01:00 PM

24,000 business aircraft owners and operators can't all be wrong. That's how many receive the Duncan Intelligence newsletter in their in-boxes every month. Are you signed up? The Duncan Intelligence is a free, technical newsletter for business aircraft owners and operators. Written in-house by Duncan Aviation's technical representatives, each edition includes technical tips and advice on topics and trends in business aviation. It is a free, monthly e-mail subscription for aviation enthusiasts around the world.

Latest Edition

laptopwithaircraftinbckgrnd.gifJuly 2016

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Duncan Aviation Spotlight: Denver Avionics Satellite

Posted by Kate Dolan on Wed, Jun 29, 2016 @ 12:54 PM

In the USAF (United States Air Force), Bob Hazy frequently flew into Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado and knew he’d eventually like to live in the state. He also knew from his dealings with Duncan Aviation, that it was an upstanding company that conducted business with integrity. He could see himself working there after retiring from the USAF.

Once he retired in 1998, however, Bob initially went to work for an aviation company in Wichita.

“In the Air Force, I worked on avionics, so after retiring, I started working as an avionics technician at an avionics shop in Wichita,” says Bob.

Within two years, he was working for Duncan Aviation at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, avionics satellite facility. While working with Dave Molsberry, the shop frequently had a surplus of work, so techs from Duncan Aviation’s Denver facility helped out in Florida. 

Duncan Aviation   Avionics Satellite Fact Sheet

When a position opened at the Denver facility in 2004, Bob left the sun and sand of Florida behind and moved his family to Denver. He worked for Matt Nelson, who was manager of the Denver shop at the time. When Matt was promoted to Manager of Satellite Operations in 2008, Bob took over as Manager of the Duncan Aviation Denver satellite avionics facility.

Bob’s opinion of the company hasn’t changed much in the 16 years he’s worked for Duncan Aviation.

“It’s a great company to work for, and we have an incredible mix of people here in Denver,” says Bob. “In fact, I think we’re the best satellite because of the 14 people who work at this shop . . . well, 12 plus V12 and Beau in Broomfield. The atmosphere of our shop is so special that when anyone comes here to help us out, they want to stay here, too!”

V12, as Bob has nicknamed him, is Chris Vadeboncoeur, and he works in Broomfield at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. Broomfield is about 35 miles northwest of the Centennial Airport. The shop does mostly line work, and crews from the Denver satellite shop help with installations. Chris takes care of the airplanes from the northern airports in Fort Collins and Greeley, and he even services some from Casper, Wyoming, and Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

During ski season from December 1 through April 30, Roy (Beau) Hawkins works at the Vail Valley Jet Center in Gypsum, Colorado, servicing planes for skiers. He joins V12 at the Broomfield facility from May 1 through November 30.

As much as Bob values the technical skills and expertise of his team, he knows that his facility works as well as it does because everyone wants to be there, they value their relationships with customers and fellow team members, and they all love the environment and community, too.

“Everything we do takes teamwork and respect,” says Bob. “We’re located at a busy airport in a busy part of the country, and we work on everything from small, experimental aircraft all the way up to Globals. Although this is Falcon country, and we see a lot of 900s, 2000s, 7Xs, and 50s, we are also starting to see more Gulfstreams and Hawkers, too.”


Erik Benson, Ken Smith, Kim Owen, John Sims, Wayne Sand, Thomas Gauna, Chris Demarest, Sean Macoomb, Matt Whitney, Bob Hazy. Not Pictured: Rodney Weaver, Charles Anderson, Chris Vadeboncoeur, Beau Hawkins

The Denver avionics satellite maintains the avionics systems of general aviation, business charter, and even government aircraft. There are roughly 600 small reciprocating aircraft and 250 jet aircraft that make their home at the Centennial Airport in Denver, where the Duncan Aviation avionics satellite facility is located. Bob and his team work on aircraft located along the front range of the Rocky Mountains, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Bozeman, Montana.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the relationships that the Denver satellite has built,” says Matt Nelson. “They make our jobs a lot easier.”

More importantly for the customers, the techs from the Denver satellite facility usually travel to customers’ hangars to do their repair, maintenance, and installation work. The shop focuses primarily on avionics line work and avionics installations. They’ve been installing ADS-B out on a lot of smaller aircraft and are just starting to see ADS-B installations on larger aircraft.

“Typically, we see the Gogo Biz High Speed Data installations to Garmin stacks and FMS upgrades. We’ve done a lot of TCAS 7.1, too,” says Bob. “Lots of our customers travel outside of the United States, so they’re installing the mandated NextGen equipment.”

Bob says that brief description doesn’t begin to capture the range of work they do, though. They also work directly with some of our vendors like Gogo Biz and help with their STCs.

“We recently modified the Gogo Biz Challenger so they could test new equipment in the future,” says Bob. “A great example of our quality was when we did a complete upgrade of an FMS for a customer who was taking his aircraft out of the country to New Zealand. After 10 years of flawless operation, the DOM sent Matt Nelson a letter that said, ‘You guys talk about guaranteeing your work for the life of the aircraft, and you can do that because your work lasts that long! We just sold that aircraft squawk-free.’”


An abundance of sunshine and blue sky was on hand for the Duncan Aviation Denver Satellite Avionics customer appreciation BBQ at the Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO. Hundreds of customers from the area enjoyed great food. 

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