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ADS-B Mandate by the Numbers

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Mar 28, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

ADSB Now small.jpgDuncan Aviation estimates that roughly 6,000 of the business jets in its core customer base still need ADS-B. That paints a pretty urgent picture of the industry. However, when you consider that ADS-B affects ALL aircraft, it's an even more dramatic picture. The number of U.S.-based turbine aircraft that still need ADS-B is closer to 11,000 and the number of all U.S. aircraft that still need ADS-B is closer to 74,000.

Brian Redondo, Duncan Aviation's Ft. Lauderdale Satellite Shop Manager, explains why he is concerned about the shortage of qualified installation labor.

"During the RVSM mandate compliance phase, shops performing RVSM installations could hire technicians from other shops that were slow because their core customers were not affected by the mandate. That won't be possible with ADS-B because every installation shop will be performing these installations for many years to come. And honestly, there is already a shortage of skilled labor as it is."

Operators need to begin looking at their paths for compliance and schedule the work needed, and soon. This video will highlight some of the key figures about why you need to be thinking about your upgrade now.

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Duncan Aviation Does Not Go Unnoticed at Heli-Expo 2017

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Mar 21, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Duncan Aviation set out once again to make its presence and services known to the larger helicopter world at the 2017 Heli Expo in Dallas, Texas.

Just like 2016, we were greeted with enthusiasm, professionalism, and curiosity. But two things stood out to Ken Hurd, Duncan Aviation Accessories Technician that made this year’s show different.

  1. A Lot More People

“This year's show was promoted as bigger than ever, and the size of the crowds seems to confirm the show as one of the best attended.”

  1. More People Recognized Duncan Aviation

“During the show we were more widely recognized as a company that supports rotor wing accessories and avionics. Attendees visited the Duncan Aviation booth and shared their ideas on how we could take advantage of our impeccable reputation and abilities in the business aviation industry to expand our presence in the helicopter industry.”

Avionics Technologies, Inc.jpgMike Kizziah with MOOG.jpgKenny from precise flight.jpg

Although we have been Heli-Expo attendees for several years, 2017 is the second year we had a show booth with team members representing areas that often touch helicopters or helicopter components. These areas include component repair and overhaul, parts sales and exchange, as well as the Government and Military contracts.

“I didn't know Duncan Aviation worked on helicopter components” was heard over and over again during the show. While it is true Duncan Aviation’s history is firmly grounded in the fixed-wing industry, we have been working on helicopter avionics for decades and the business is growing. 

Read about Duncan Aviation in the 2017 HAI Insight Magazine

According to Karl Detweiler, Duncan Aviation Components Business Development Manager, several attendees and exhibitors were glad to see Duncan Aviation expanding into helicopter components. “They expressed the need to have more long-term stability in the available service shops. To them, Duncan Aviation represents stability and quality."

Taylor From Aerotex.jpgIMG_20170307_100346962 (Mobile).jpgRSG_Rotorcraft Services Group.jpg

Since purposefully promoting the Duncan Aviation helicopter component business in 2016, the projected growth for 2017 has a positive outlook. In fact, by the end of Heli-Expo, every Duncan Aviation representative found new helicopter business for the company to add to its already expanding portfolio.

We will continue to work hard and continue to build our reputation into the helicopter industry.

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Duncan Aviation Releases March Duncan Intelligence

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Mar 09, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

Have you heard about the Honeywell HTF7500E Stator Vane Seal Inspection Program? How about the cause behind those intermittent software failures on your Avidyne EX-500 MFD? 

No? Then you haven't read the March issue of the Duncan Intelligence. 

 March Duncan Intelligence

Falcon 7X Flap Rigging Precautions

 Caution is needed when rigging the flaps on a Dassaut Falcon 7X aircraft.

ADS-B Solution for Bombardier Challenger 800/850 SE Aircraft

 This was an industry-first installation in the United States and was performed in the customer’s hangar.

Honeywell HTF7500E Stator Vane Seal Inspection Program

 This inspection program is applicable to the HTF750E model engine.

Why Is My Avidyne EX-500 MFD Experiencing Intermittent Software Failures?

 Completing a proper shutdown every time will prevent this.

Got a crack in your APU Exhaust Support? Don’t Replace It. Repair It.

 Duncan Aviation has AWS D17.1 certified welders and inspectors on-site, all capable of welding all types of materials for aerospace applications.

The NBAA Tech Committee Wants To Hear From You

Progress can only be accomplished if we have regular interaction with and feedback from you, the Citation operator.

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Honeywell HTF7000 Service Bulletin Update

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Mar 07, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

For the Honeywell HTF7000 series engine model, there are a number of Service Bulletins that have become hot items. These can be accomplished at our Turbine Engine services shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, or any one of our Engine Rapid Response locations across the United States.


SB AS907-76-9021

Issued on May 13, 2016, this SB addresses the possibility of water entering the ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) after the aircraft is parked in the rain for an extended length of time. This may lead to unscheduled maintenance and expenses, aircraft dispatch delays, Loss of Thrust Control (LOTC) events and the possibility for inflight shut downs.

This is a CAT 1 SAFETY SB meaning it may require urgent action and may be associated with an FAA AD (Airworthiness Directive). Compliance is recommended to be within 400 engine operating hours or 18 months from the date the SB was issued.

This SB is relevant to the following aircraft:

  • Bombardier Challenger 300/350 (HTF 7000/HTF 7350)
  • Gulfstream G280 (HTF 7250)
  • Embraer Legacy 450/500 (HTF 7500)

SB AS907-72-9064

This SB was issued to address instances of corrosion and pitting found in the inner and outer bypass ducts and supports. This SB will inspect and evaluate the corrosion and pitting of the FWD and AFT Ducts as well as the Core Cowls. If corrosion is noted, we will perform a repair to add a coat of paint as a preventive barrier for future contamination.

Because this SB requires the removal of the forward and aft outer fan bypass duct(s) and mid and aft inner fan duct panels, it should be scheduled during a maintenance event that will have the aircraft down for 7 to 10 days. I recommend accomplishing SB AS907-72-9044 at the same time, if applicable and you meet the required interval per the bulletin. Another good time to schedule this bulletin is during a 4000 hour digital borescope inspection. If repairs are noted from the borescope, most of these ducts and panels would be removed for the repair of the hot section components.

The SB applies to the following engines:

  • AS907-1-1A (Bombardier Challenger 300)
  • AS907-2-1G (Gulfstream G280)
  • AS907-2-1A (Bombardier Challenger 350)

HTF700_1SB AS907-72-9044

The SB replaces the engine combustion chamber assembly. I recommend you have this SB accomplished at the same time as the previous SB mentioned (SB AS907-72-9064), if applicable and you meet the required interval per the bulletin. Most of the same panels and ducts need to be removed for both.

SB AS907-76-9013 W5

This SB changes the location of the W5 & OSSD (Overspeed Shutoff Detector) wire harness to increase its reliability and prevent failure in the high-heat environment in the engine.

Honeywell Engine Technical Support

Shawn Schmitz-DA15090901.jpgShawn Schmitz

Engine Technical Representative

+1.402.479.8166 office

+1.402.730.8767 mobile

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Nextgen Acronym Confusion

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Feb 23, 2017 @ 08:30 AM

Every day we field questions from operators about the FAA’s NextGen initiatives. This tells us there is still significant confusion about the various acronyms associated with NextGen. 

What You Need to Know About the ADS-B Mandate

Here are some of the more common questions surrounding the many acronyms and which acronym applies to which solution.

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast). A cooperative system that transmits digital information regarding the identity, velocity and position of the aircraft to ATC (Air Traffic Control). This is a mandated item. Every aircraft planning on flying in controlled airspace after December 31, 2019, will need to have ADS-B Out. To comply with the ADS-B Out mandate, aircraft need a 1090-MHz Mode S extended squitter transponder combined with a certified GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation source such as WAAS GPS. ADS-B In allows the aircraft to read ADS-B signals from other aircraft.

WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System). A system developed to augment GPS with the goal of improving its accuracy, integrity and availability. Intended to correct GPS signal errors, WAAS collects data from ground stations and satellites, allowing aircraft to rely on GPS for all phases of flight, from takeoff through Category I precision approaches. WAAS permits the use of more fuel efficient flight planning and approaches that have reduced minimums. WAAS-approved units also incorporate navigation procedures to take advantage of preferential flight routing. To upgrade to WAAS, certified equipment appropriate for the aircraft must be installed and properly approved by the FAA or its designee.

FANS 1/A– (Future Area Navigation Systems). This is a datalink system that lets pilots and ATC communicate directly using text transmissions that appear on the CDU (Central Control Unit). It requires a certain level of navigational performance that your aircraft must meet in order to fly overseas while communicating with ATC via CPDLC.

CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications.) This is the method of communications being used for operators flying overseas outside of VHF coverage. The aircraft must meet a certain level of precision and performance to fly in these assigned flight routes. CPDLC is the text-messaging component of FANS 1/A.

Still have questions?

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Happy Holidays from Duncan Aviation

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Dec 20, 2016 @ 09:36 AM


2016 was a special year. Thank you for being a part of it. 

Thank you for helping us celebrate 60 years of providing service to business aviation. We are proud of our family ownership and history of excellence, innovation and responsiveness. we are also truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. We wish you a season of joy and the very best for 2017 and beyond.


da_60_logo_final-no text-02.jpgIt is Duncan Aviation’s 60th year of helping business aircraft operators be safe, efficient and productive. For six decades, customers have asked us for solutions and services. We are celebrating our 60 years by telling the stories about the people of Duncan Aviation who listened and took action.

Celebrate with us by subscribing to the Duncan Download blog, following us on Facebook and Twitter (@DuncanAviation) and visiting our anniversary website at

60th Anniversary Website

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Duncan Aviation Releases December Duncan Intelligence

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 10:43 AM

Did you know that we have the exclusive rights to reconfigure AIM® 1100/1200 series attitude indicators and gyros to meet your platform requirements? 

Have you heard that legacy aircraft operators have another transponder option to meet the ADS-B mandates?  

No? Then you haven't read the December issue of the Duncan Intelligence.

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HTF7000 Service Bulletin Update

There are a number of Honeywell HTF7000 SBs that have become hot items. These can be accomplished at our Turbine Engine services shop, or any one of our Engine Rapid Response locations across the United States.


Don’t Delay When Sending Control Rod Assemblies In For Repair/Overhaul

If these units are ever pulled for operational failure, they should be sent in immediately for evaluation. The longer they sit, the more likely corrosion will invade causing more problems at disassembly.


NXT-700 Mode S Transponder Satisfies the DO-260B Mandate for ADS-B

The ACSS NXT-700 AML STC is complete and ready to meet the ADS-B mandate for many legacy aircraft operators.


AIM (Extant) Attitude Indicators Repair/Mod/Loaner Capabilities

We have the exclusive rights to reconfigure these loaner units to meet the lighting, power configurations, and tilt angles based on your platform requirements.


Keeping Out-Of-Production Parts Available

When these units require replacement, your only options are to: 1) buy a whole new servo unit or 2) upgrade the entire avionics package of the aircraft.

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Happy Halloween From Duncan Aviation

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Mon, Oct 31, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

halloween.jpgNo matter what devilish ghouls come your way this haunted Halloween, rest assured that we at Duncan Aviation have your back (and wings and landing gear and engines and interior and pretty much anything else you need us to cover).

Have a spook-tacular night, and we'll see you in Orlando at NBAA tomorrow.




Duncan Aviation’s Longest Tenured Employee Says Goodbye After 50 Years!

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Oct 27, 2016 @ 01:04 PM

After 50 years at Duncan Aviation, Don Fiedler retired on September 30, 2016. He was not allowed to go gentle into the good night. Instead he was sent off with celebrations and a reception in his honor.


During his last “Years of Service” celebration he was given the floor to speak to everyone in attendance about the highlights of his career and why it will be difficult to leave.

DF4.jpg“I was part of something remarkably special,” says Don. “The Duncan Aviation way epitomizes excellence in the aviation industry—the company simply did everything right. Duncan Aviation treats its customers and employees with great respect and has created a culture and friendly environment that bring out the very best in everyone.”

On his last day in the office, hundreds gathered to shake his hand one more time and wish him well. He is an employee who will not soon, if ever, be forgotten. CEO Todd Duncan is especially appreciative of Don’s dedication to Duncan Aviation over the years.

“It’s really hard to find the words to thank Don for everything he’s done for Duncan Aviation and our family; he was more than a good friend,” says Todd. “Don exemplified Duncan Aviation’s core values of delivering quality service, respecting customers and co-workers, and being proud to be the best in the business.”

Don Fiedler Scholarship

As a tribute to Don and the many years he mentored and guided team members at Duncan Aviation, the Duncan Family Trust has decided to award a scholarship to the Southeast Community College Career Academy in Don’s name. The Don Fiedler Scholarship will directly benefit an employee here at the company, and the first Don Fiedler Scholarship will be awarded at the Karen K. Duncan Scholarship breakfast in the spring of 2017.

Read more about the impact Don Fiedler had on Duncan Aviation during his 50 years.




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Duncan Aviation ECAB Meeting: Harmonization on EASA Rulemaking is on the Agenda

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 @ 11:53 AM

We are currently holding our 6th European Customer Advisory Board (ECAB) meeting in Barcelona, Spain, today (October 13) and tomorrow. Members of the Duncan Aviation ECAB have traveled from Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Malta, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, and other parts of Spain to participate in the meeting.

ECAB-02.jpgThe board was created due to our commitment to our customers and to improve service. It represents various business jet stakeholders who provide a broad perspective of the industry. Board members play a big role in exchange of information about important industry and service issues. This dialogue is extremely important to us as it depends heavily on ECAB’s input when making critical decisions related to the business.

Over the last few years we learned that European operators like to see more harmonization between the competent authorities of individual countries. Last year we invited Patrick Ky, Executive Director of EASA, and had the opportunity to talk about several EASA rule making topics. Patrick shared with the group his view on developments in future rulemaking. In follow up on ECAB 2015 we compiled a document with Top 10 EASA topics.

After last year’s event, we remained in close contact with both EASA and GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association) to talk about these Top 10 issues. During this year’s ECAB, we are talking with Eugenia Diaz Alcazar, Regulations Officer–Continuing Airworthiness of EASA.

Besides harmonization on EASA rulemaking, there are other interesting topics on the agenda. These include the Duncan Aviation Alliance Group program, 2020 Mandates Solutions, Creating Competitive Advantage and discussing the potential benefits of creating a European Maintenance Managers Conference (EMMC).

Our European Regional Manager, Arjen Groeneveld, and facilitator of this year’s ECAB meeting, describes the Duncan Aviation ECAB as an open community where several maintenance managers come together with differing viewpoints of the industry. “People learn from each other’s perspectives, share the challenges they see in their day-to-day operations and develop new friendships. It is really nice to see over the years that ECAB is a great moment to come together and develop added value to the business aviation industry.”

Come see us at  NBAA 2016

To learn more about Duncan Aviation, visit or stop by the Duncan Aviation booth (#3126) at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition to be held Nov. 1-3 in Orlando. Visit to see Duncan Aviation attendees and show announcements.

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