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Duncan Aviation Knows Business Aircraft Engines

Posted by Kate Dolan on Wed, Nov 12, 2014 @ 06:00 AM

There are 15 technicians at our Lincoln, Nebraska and Battle Creek, Michigan facilities who have worked on turbine engines at Duncan Aviation for more than 20 years. They have touched hundreds of Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Rolls Royce and Williams’ engines.

They have worked untold hours exchanging engine parts, performing non-destructive testing and MPIs and repairing or overhauling engines. They have the technical know-how, tooling, training and industry contacts to offer nearly comprehensive services for your turbine engines.


All of those years and all of the engines add up to an impressive amount of experience.

  • Jim Smith, 38 years
  • Dan Soderstrom, 28 years
  • Stan Schwarkopf, 36 years
  • Jeff Schwebke, 26 years
  • Greg Palensky, 26 years
  • Chris Peet, 26 years
  • Troy Pedersen, 25 years
  • Lance Boatwright, 25 years
  • Scott Hamilton, 25 years
  • Dennis Gully, 24 years
  • Mark Earnest, 24 years
  • Terry Fransen, 24 years
  • Lanny Renshaw, 24 years
  • Rod Porter, 22 years
  • Scott Pengra, 20 years

Because of this experience, our customers trust us with their engines.

Sharon Klose, engine service and sales manager, has been selling aircraft engines for 25 years. She sums up Duncan Aviation’s capabilities by saying, “I’m working for a company I fully respect, with team members I consider the best in the business, and selling products I know and trust.”  

We support the following engine models:

  • TFE731
  • JT15D
  • CF34
  • P&W 300, 500 & 600
  • PT6

And our service authorizations cover:

  • Honeywell TFE731 Major Service Center
  • Honeywell CFE738 Line Service Center
  • Honeywell HTF7000 (AS907) Flight Line Service Center
  • Rolls-Royce 3007A/C Line Maintenance
  • William FJ44 Line Maintenance
  • General Electric CF34-1/3 Line Maintenance Service Center Authorizations
  • Pratt & Whitney/Canada Line Maintenance Service Center Authorizations
  • Honeywell APU Service Center Certifications

We can troubleshoot, replace line replacement units (LRUs), do performance runs and change engines. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can also troubleshoot and change auxiliary power units (APUs).

“We are not just another aviation company,” says Joe Tulowitzki, engine sales and service manager. “As a family owned business, we still conduct business based on family core values.”


Sharon Klose, Airframe/Engine Services & Sales

570-523-1676 (Office)

570-815-3992 (Cell)




Joe Tulowitzki, Airframe/Engine Services & Sales

540-349-3142 (Office)

540-272-2656 (Cell)

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