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Duncan Aviation Parts Team Connects with 82 Countries

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Oct 07, 2014 @ 11:21 AM

Duncan Aviation Parts Chat

How can we best reach our customers all around the globe at any hour? Via online chat, of course.

Earlier this year,  the Duncan Aviation Parts and Rotables Sales team launched live online chat support, and their team has already connected with thousands of customers in 82 countries—instantly.

“Customers seeking parts and rotables sales information can talk to a real person, at any time and get immediate answers to their questions, such as stock quantities, pricing and availability,” explains Parts and Rotables Sales Manager Chris Gress. “They don’t have to pick up the phone or send an email. It has been a great tool.”

Email can take minutes or even hours to get a response and phone calls can be expensive for international customers, but Live Chat is an instant message window, providing that immediate response customers demand.

The Live Chat button is visible on all Parts and Rotables pages when a representative is available.

Duncan Aviation’s team has connected with the following countries:

Albania Ecuador Malta Russian Federation Venezuela
Argentina Egypt Mexico Rwanda Vietnam
Australia El Salvador Republic of Moldova Saudi Arabia  
Austria France Namibia Singapore  
Bahrain French Polynesia Nepal South Africa  
Bangladesh Gabon Netherlands South Korea  
Belgium Germany New Caledonia Spain  
Belize Greece New Zealand Sri Lanka  
Bolivia Guatemala Nicaragua Suriname  
Bulgaria India Pakistan Switzerland  
Canada Indonesia Panama Taiwan  
Chile Israel Paraguay Tonga  
China Italy Peru Turkey  
Columbia Japan Philippines Uganda  
Costa Rica Kazakhstan Poland Ukraine  
Croatia Kenya Portugal United Arab Emirates  
Czech Republic Lithuania Puerto Rico United Kingdom  
Denmark Luxembourg Qatar United States  

Read more about Duncan Aviation Parts Chat window in the 2014 Fall Duncan Debrief. 

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