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Duncan Aviation Team Members Resolve To Be Better For You in 2016

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Dec 31, 2015 @ 01:31 PM

2016Jan_Newyear.jpgWe all know the drill. As soon as the ball drops we make promises to ourselves to improve life in the coming year. The most common resolutions are to improve fitness, stop vices or change a behavior.

But this is also a time to make and renew commitments to improve our work for the benefit of our customers.

A group of Duncan Aviation team members from all levels and across the country were asked ‘What is your Duncan Aviation New Year’s Resolution?’

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Todd Duncan Aviation Duncan Aviation Chairman

For me personally, I want to fly more. I’m not in the aviation business just for the benefits of the transaction, I’m in it because I love to fly and I want to spend more time in my personal aircraft.   

On a business level, I am going to celebrate all year the fact my family has been in this business for sixty years and have remained family-owned. In an industry where everyone is for sale, I am committed to remaining independent. For sixty years, we have built our brand around our team members, their families and the American craftsman. We are up for sixty more.

Michael Hill Manager, Engineering Services, BTL

Continue to educate myself and others on Duncan Aviation’s Certification and Engineering processes so we can all understand why we do what we do.

Chris Gress, Manager Duncan Aviation Parts and Rotables Sales, LNK

My goal for 2016 is to get more of our Parts & Rotables Sales Team out to meet Duncan Aviation customers at industry events throughout the year.

Jeff Schipper, Project Manager, PVU

During the coming year, we will continue to seek new offerings and capabilities for our customers at our Provo, UT, location, as well as improve responsiveness to AOG events.

Steve Gade, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, LNK                                    

Do a better job of asking our customers the right questions and listen carefully to their responses so that I may better understand exactly how we can better serve them so they can better serve their customers.

Andrew Arcuri Assistant Manager, Engine Rapid Response Teams

Duncan Aviation Rapid Response Team has grown significantly in 2015, adding seven new technicians alone to the east coast. No matter how carefully we select the technicians for the Rapid Response Team or how thoroughly we prepare them with product knowledge training, there is no substitute for reinforcing customer service communication skills. For my 2016 resolution, I look to better communicate with our customers regarding aircraft/engine workscope, aircraft return-to-service time and an accurate cost of service. I look forward to a great 2016 and thank you to all our customers that make working for Duncan Aviation a great personal experience.    

Melissa Raddatz Avionics Sales Representative, BTL

To continue be a person of integrity, to provide high quality customer service and to seek excellence in all I do.

Joe Tulowitzki Turbine Engine Service Sales Representative

For the coming year I am committed to working closely with my team to say what we are going to do and then deliver exactly what we say, leaving no surprises for the customers in the end.

A Culture Unchanged 

From the beginning, Donald Duncan, Duncan Aviation’s Founder, believed that if you take care of employees, employees will take personal pride to improve and then care for customers. 

To this day, this belief is unchanged. During 2016 as we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we resolve to take personal accountability towards improvement so that we are better able to serve you, our customer.

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