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Squawk Solution of the Week: Troubleshooting when the GNS-XLS screen goes white

Posted by Squawk Solution Of The Week on Thu, May 27, 2010 @ 11:24 AM

Written by Dan Magnus, Avionics Tech Rep

Honeywell's GNS-XLS is a Flight Management System that provides control for an aircraft's navigation sensors, computer-based flight planning, fuel management and frequency management, among many other necessary capabilities. When this unit begins to malfunction, it is critical to get it back on line quickly.

I recently fielded a phone call from a DOM asking for troubleshooting advice when the screen on the GNS-XLS went white. Here are the steps I used to determine the cause and provide the solution.

The best way to determine if a unit is faulty is to install another and see if the squawk disappears. I sent out a loaner to arrive the next day. After the unit was installed, the screen remained white, telling me it wasn't the unit causing the squawk.

Next, I had him unhook the antenna. This immediately brought the screen back to its normal state. We replaced the antenna and the system is back on-line.

Squawk solved.  

If you need help troubleshooting or repairing your avionics, contact Avionics Tech Support.

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