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Squawk Solution of the Week - Common solution to air conditioning squawks

Posted by Squawk Solution Of The Week on Mon, Jun 07, 2010 @ 12:53 PM

Contributed by Jeffery A Witt, Team Leader, Pneumatics

If your passengers or crew are beginning to complain about uncomfortable cabin temperatures, it is time to take a look at your aircraft's air conditioning system. The following is one of the most common solutions.

Stop the squawks. Change your socks!

The coalescer assembly is responsible for separating water from the air being introduced into the cabin. Unfortunately over time the coalescer fabric collects dirt and dust and the efficiency of the assembly is significantly reduced. Occasionally ice will build up on the safety valve contained inside the assembly and almost always causes the air to bypass the coalescer sock allowing moist air to enter the cabin, increasing the humidity, which in turn increases the likelihood of corrosion and the probability that passengers and crew will begin to feel the uncomfortable effects.

It is very simple to replace the coalescer socks and bags to increase the airflow to the cabin. Duncan Aviation is able to replace coalescer bags and socks on a send in basis on Falcon 900 & 2000, Beechjet 400 and Challenger 600 & 601.

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