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3 Factors That Affect the Value of a Winglet Modification

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:01 AM

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What is the value of increasing your flight capabilities? For Hawker 800 series, winglets allow you to fly non-stop across the US, or comfortably reach Jeddah from Paris. You can also complete shorter missions with greater payload and fuel reserves... without buying a new aircraft.

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Residual value, perceived value and fuel savings are important factors to consider when calculating the return on investment for a winglet modification.

1. Residual value.

Aircraft Blue Book values for both Hawker 800 series and Falcon 2000 series aircraft estimate a conservative 75% residual value for winglet modifications, says Gary Dunn, Vice President of Sales at Aviation Partners, Inc. Aircraft with winglets are “worth more and sell more quickly.”

2. Perceived value.

Winglets are quickly becoming a standard. As the number of winglet-equipped aircraft on the resale market increases, Gary speculates it will become increasingly difficult to sell an in-service aircraft with conventional wingtips.

Gary explains that in the case of the Gulfstream II, 70% of the fleet is now equipped with Aviation Partner’s winglets. “It became a standard,” he says. “We’re seeing a similar trend on the Hawker 800 series. It’s becoming a piece of equipment that people expect.”

3. Fuel savings.

Additional value is realized through improved fuel burn. For example, operators who regularly fly longer missions (coast-to-coast or US-to-Europe, for example) can cut their fuel bills significantly. Operators can also fly faster for the same fuel burn, saving valuable time and lowering direct operating costs (DOCs) for their operation.

The longer range, improved cruising speeds and fuel efficiency realized through a winglet modification is far more cost effective than upgrading to an aircraft with similar capabilities.

For tips on managing the cost of a winglet installation, look for next week’s blended winglet blog post.

Find out more about Falcon 2000 series winglets and Hawker 800 series winglets at Or contact a member of Duncan Aviation’s Falcon or Hawker Airframe Service Sales team for information about our winglet installation capabilities.

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