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Video: Duncan Aviation Launches "Our Work Speaks For Itself"

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Oct 26, 2010 @ 08:12 AM

Contributed by Christopher Kingley, Founder and CEO, Roundscapes, Inc.

Duncan Aviation's corporate video "Our Work Speaks for Itself" premiered last week for the NBAA 2010 meeting and convention.

The international version of the video is available at

My team and I spend most of our time in the digital media world designing websites, creating online interactive environments and virtual video tours for a wide range of clients including some of the most beautiful golf courses and architecture in the United States. But for the last two years, Duncan Aviation opened our eyes to the world of business aviation.

With unprecedented access, we’ve been witness to their ideals in action filming every angle and discovering firsthand why they are a world leader in business aviation in terms of quality, customer service and technical expertise. We can say without hesitation that every Duncan Aviation team member is an expert in their field and dedicated to nothing short of perfection. Customer after customer that we’ve interviewed all ended up saying essentially the same thing: I trust Duncan Aviation with everything.

At the end of these two years it is abundantly clear to us that Duncan Aviation is the very best at everything they do and are constantly striving to elevate their overall quality and customer service beyond all expectations.

When Duncan Aviation asked me to be a guest blogger and write a post introducing their new corporate video, I felt honored to be given such an opportunity. It speaks volumes about them as a company to invite an industry outsider to help launch such an important message.

We’re so excited to launch the domestic Duncan Aviation video to show others what we’ve learned and share this experience with the world.

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