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What Projects to Schedule with Blended Winglets

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Nov 04, 2010 @ 11:55 AM

winglet scheduling

Winglet upgrades can be scheduled with inspections, additional modifications with similar turntimes and prebuy evaluations.

A business aircraft is a corporate workhorse, and an extended downtime for winglets alone isn’t feasible. To maximize the time an aircraft is out of service, the upgrade can be scheduled with an inspection or paired with additional modifications that require a similar turn time.

Falcon 2000 Series Winglet Scheduling

It takes about four weeks to achieve a blended winglet modification for Falcon 2000 series aircraft. Projects with similar (or longer) downtimes that can be worked with winglets include:

  • “C” check (downtime extended by about a week),
  • Dry-bay modification (no additional downtime),
  • Interior refurbishment,
  • Paint refinishing.

Hawker 800 Series Winglet Scheduling

Downtime for Hawker 800 series aircraft is even shorter, about 21 calendar days. Projects with similar (or longer) downtimes include:

  • 24 / 48 month inspection cycles (aircraft age and inspection findings can affect downtimes),
  • LoPreste landing and taxi light modification eliminates the risk of lens melting (no additional downtime),
  • RVSM avionics nose bay modification makes avionics boxes accessible through the nose wheel bay (downtimes vary),
  • Interior refurbishment,
  • Paint refinishing.

Winglets & Pre-buy Evaluations

Pre-buy evaluations also present an opportunity for a winglet modification. It’s an important item to consider, says Gary Dunn, Vice President of Sales at Aviation Partners, Inc. “The modification can be achieved during that same downtime, and it can be rolled into the financing at that time.”

Winglets for both airframes can also be paired with phone systems and interior modifications.

Find out more about Falcon 2000 series and Hawker 800 series winglets at Or contact a member of Duncan Aviation’s Falcon or Hawker Airframe Service Sales team for information about our winglet installation capabilities.

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