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Parts Availability An Issue for Gulfstream Water Line Heater Mandate

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Apr 28, 2011 @ 04:00 PM

Contributed by Doug Donahue, Airframe Service Sales Rep

gulfstream water line ribbon heater

The demand for parts is already high with longer lead times. Demand is expected to rise significantly throughout this spring and summer.

In the next 4 months, over 100 GIV and GV aircraft must undergo the mandated Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade. We are finding that some operators may think that this Aircraft Service Change (ASC) does not apply to their Gulfstream, but remember this rule of thumb: if your Gulfstream has a sink or galley ice box of any kind, you need to comply with this ASC. This is going to be a challenge for Gulfstream operators who have waited until now to comply.

About ASC 469

  • GIV serial numbers 1000-1499 must complete CB194A or ASC 469 Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade by September 4, 2011. By completing ASC 469 instead of just CB194A, the aircraft will not be subject to Chapter 5 recurring inspection requirements and will eliminate the reoccurring cost with unnecessary access and inspections.
  • GV serial numbers 501-619 must also complete the Water Line Ribbon Heater Assembly Inspection at the next 48 month inspection or comply with ASC 173 Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade as the termination action.
  • The new ribbon heaters provide better safety, reliability and efficiency. They are more durable and resist freezing during long, high altitude flights.

Parts Availability Issues

As we move closer to the deadline, demand is higher and parts are not as readily available as they were just a few months ago. This demand along with longer lead times for parts will increase significantly throughout this spring and summer.

Since each modification is unique to the configuration of the aircraft, the parts cannot be pre-ordered. The best way to minimize parts availability issues is to plan early and combine the ASC with a maintenance event. If you wait until August or September, it would be best to plan for a longer downtime.

Downtime Considerations

The Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade is best done in conjunction with an inspection that provides easy access to the water lines, such as a 24-month, 72-month or 96-month. However, if an operator did not comply with the ASC during the most recent inspection, the upgrade will have to be performed independently of an inspection and will likely cost more in additional labor for interior removal.

We have worked with dozens of Gulfstream operators on this upgrade and the experience of the Duncan Aviation Gulfstream team makes them one of the most efficient options available.

For more information, contact a Duncan Aviation Gulfstream Airframe Service Sales Rep.

Doug Donahue is an Airframe Service Sales Rep. specializing in the Gulfstream airframe. His aviation career began in 1993.

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