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A Duncan Aviation Customer's Comments at Bombardier Global Training

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Jun 17, 2011 @ 10:20 AM

Contributed by Cary Loubert, Bombardier Airframe Tech Rep

Global 5000 paint

A newly painted Bombardier Global waits for delivery outside of Duncan Aviation's Battle Creek, Mich. (BTL) facility.

I recently returned from a four-week Bombardier training course where I trained with technicians around the world on Global aircraft. Most of the technicians I met knew of Duncan Aviation, and were familiar with our reputation in the industry. I also ran into a customer who regularly uses our Seattle, Wash. location for avionics line service, who told me how different his experience has been with us compared to other service providers.

This customer—I’ll call him “Joe”—told me point blank that we have the best work order and customer approval system out there. He also said we’ve also got a good reputation. Even though he’s never had a need to come to our full-service facilities, the way we treat our customers is enough to put us in his list of top contenders.

Why? Our work order system is more efficient, gets info to customers more quickly, and helps them watch what we find on their aircraft. They don’t have to call in for updates. They don’t have to listen as someone reads off what they found. They can sign in at 3 a.m. and see it for themselves. It’s something we offer every customer, and Joe loves it.

We also tend to sign and win customers based on their experience with us. Our techs are straight shooters. We’ll tell you how we see it, give you options and let you make your own decisions on what you want serviced (within regulations of course). Our customers trust us. We also trust our customers to tell us if they’re not entirely satisfied. We stand behind our work, and if we make a mistake, we own up to it.

Our locations at Battle Creek, Mich., Lincoln, Neb. and Provo, Utah are spinning up their Global aircraft capabilities, and we’re quoting Global aircraft inspections now. Our techs are coming back from training and we’re building up our tooling. I expect that there will be better deals early on, as we can offer more competitive prices for launch customers.

Keep in touch, and watch for news on our Global aircraft service offerings!

Cary Loubert is a Bombardier Airframe Tech Rep for Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek, Mich., specializing in Challenger, Global and Learjet airframes. He began working in aviation in 1993.

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