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Not All Aircraft Parts Consignment Programs are the Same

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Aug 19, 2011 @ 06:00 AM

Contributed by Bob Tooker, Aircraft Parts Consignment Representative

Turning spare parts into cash

Aircraft consignment programs can turn your spare aircraft parts into extra cash.

If you are an aircraft operator or DOM who’s been in the business for more than just a few years, you have storage shelves that have accumulated a necessary inventory of spare aircraft parts. If you’ve been in the business for even longer, then you may also have parts for aircraft you’ve traded in or traded up long ago.

Some legacy aircraft parts can quickly become scarce and hard to locate. And OEMs typically do not maintain an inventory of these parts due to suppliers being out of business or the high costs of continued manufacturing. However, there still remains a large number of older aircraft in operation, fueling the demand for those hard-to-find parts sitting on your shelves.

Selling Aircraft Parts

Although the world doesn’t seem quite so big with the internet and advanced technology, it is a daunting task to market your spare aircraft parts on your own and make a profit in the progress. I suggest you contact an aircraft parts consignment program that will market and advertise your aircraft parts inventory to a wider network of potential aviation parts buyers.

All consignment programs are basically run the same way. You send them your spare parts, they price and promote what they have available to a wider audience and send you payment based on the consignment agreement percentages. Here’s where they are different.

Up Front Costs

Some aircraft parts consignment programs have them, others don’t. Always ask what they are before you sign the contract.

Marketing Effort

The reason you choose to consign your aviation parts is because a consignment program has the resources to marketing your parts to a larger audience than you can do on your own. Always ask about their marketing plan and how many aircraft parts locator services will be used to promote your specific aviation parts.


Typically, during consignment, aircraft parts are in the possession of the consigning service. If your aviation parts are damaged or lost, will your parts be insured for replacement?

Duncan Aviation has a network of operators, FBOs and flight departments around the world bringing surplus parts to our facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, to consolidate and market to the global industry. We market to buyers from government, military, corporate, international and regional airlines, as well as to MRO facilities worldwide

We actively seek additional parts consignment from FBOs and flight departments who have switched to different aircraft, leaving them with a surplus of unneeded parts.

If you have a surplus of unneeded aircraft parts and would like to turn them into much needed cash, contact Duncan Aviation’s Consignment experts, Susan Masek or Bob Tooker.

Bob Tooker is an aircraft parts consignment expert specializing in quality control and export documentation. His aviation career began in 1967.

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