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Importing & Exporting Learjets After Pre-Buy Evaluations

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Dec 13, 2011 @ 12:10 PM

Contributed by David Schiver, Airframe Tech Rep

Learjet 45

When moving any aircraft across country boundaries, be aware of all the requirements determined by the destination country.

In recent months, Duncan Aviation has performed several pre-buy evaluations that have resulted in a Learjet being either imported into or exported out of the U.S. Unique challenges always present themselves with these types of requests.

If you consult the Type Certificate Data Sheet first, you will be able to overcome many of these issues.

ECR Requirements

On page 33 — note 13 of A10CE (currently at Rev 57), is a list of countries, models and Engineering Change Records (ECRs) that are required for exporting Learjets out of the U.S. Also noted are models that require ECRs to be unmodified in order to import Learjets back into the U.S.

On page 13 – note 10 of T00008WI (currently at Rev 13), are lists of JAA/ EASA and non-JAA/ EASA countries and their applicable ECRs required for each model.

ECR Compliance

If there is an ECR required to import or export your Learjet into or out of the U.S, there are other issues that you need to be aware of:

  1. Learjet has not sold these ECRs in the past.
  2. Learjet has not supported a Road Trip or Mobile Repair Party to comply with an ECR in the past.
  3. If there is an ECR involved, it must be complied with prior to importing or exporting your aircraft.

At this time, to comply with a necessary ECR, you are required to go to a Learjet-Owned Service Center.

Keep in mind, when moving aircraft across country boundaries, there are usually other requirements than those stated here. Those exact requirements are determined by the destination country.

David Schiver is an Airframe Tech Rep at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Nebr., facility. He specializes in troubleshooting technical issues with the Learjet airframe. His aviation career began in 1981.

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