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Learjet 40/45 8-Year Landing Gear Inspection Bottleneck Anticipated

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

Contributed by Dave Schiver, Airframe Tech Rep

Learjet LH Main Landing Gear

If you wait too long to schedule the 8-year gear inspection on your Lear 40/45, you may be waiting longer than you want.

Between now and July 6, 2012, a potential bottleneck and scheduling conflicts could occur as an unknown number of Learjet 40/45 gear sets come due for the 8-year gear inspection. This applies to the main struts and main landing gear (side stay) actuators.

This deadline is dictated by a note included when IRNs 3220018 and 3220111 were published. This note stated, “On A/C with over 6 years from C of A, perform inspection within 24-months of July 6, 2010.”  

There are a limited number of Heroux-Devtek Authorized Maintenance providers able to perform this inspection. At present the vendor is estimating a turntime of 15 calendar days. This does not include the added time necessary for the removal, shipping and reinstallation.  

Avoid The Last Minute Rush

You can avoid the last minute rush and scheduling conflicts by choosing to do your 8-year gear inspection early in combination with a larger Learjet maintenance inspection that requires a longer downtime.

I recommend you get this on your calendar soon. As the July 6, 2012, deadline approaches, I anticipate the turntime will only increase.

Gear Log Book

Upon completion of the 8-year gear inspection, you will receive a gear log book for each strut and actuator. If you have had any components replaced or had loaners installed (i.e. axles), providing any landing differentials upfront will ensure that you receive an accurate log book for your gear.

All of Duncan Aviation's full-service locations are Authorized Learjet Service Centers, and are able to provide comprehensive Learjet airframe services, inspections and technical support for all models.

Dave Schiver is an Airframe Technical Representative at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebr. (LNK) facility. He specializes in Learjet aircraft. His aviation career began in 1981.

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