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Aircraft Paint Schemes are Visually Enhanced through 3D Design

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Apr 06, 2012 @ 01:28 PM

Contributed by Aircraft Interior Designers, Lori Browning and Rachael Weverka

3D paint schemes

Customers now have the option to work with 3D renderings while collaborating with Duncan Design on their aircraft's exterior paint scheme.

3D design tools help customers better visualize how an end product will look, whether it be for home interiors, fashion or landscape. For business aviation, the advantages of the 3D aircraft paint schemes go beyond only colors and offers visual representation for unique areas of the aircraft. In the end, 3D aircraft paint schemes can ease the mind of both the designer and the owner as the paint process begins to take place.

Complex Contours

With traditional 2D designs, areas of an aircraft can be difficult to view. Contours and shaping within a 3D design provide a greater representation for complex areas of the aircraft, such as airframe belly, engines, pylons and winglets.

Stripe Layout

If an aircraft design includes a stripe design, 3D paint schemes allow owners to see the stripes applied to the entire aircraft, something not possible with 2D designs. With 3D, designers anticipate how the stripes interact in certain areas on both sides of the aircraft including through cabin windows and interactions with emergency exit markings.

Duncan Aviation now has capabilities for 3D aircraft paint designs for more than 12 airframes, including Dassault Falcon models, the Gulfstream IV, and the Global XRS. In the future, we plan to further expand to other models and explore capabilities in 3D aircraft interior designs.

Learn more about Duncan Aviation’s 3D paint scheme options in Spring 2012 issue of the Duncan Debrief.

Lori Browning and Rachael Weverka, are Aircraft Completions Designers at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek, MI, location, specializing business aircraft modifications, completions and refurbishments for Astra, Citation, Falcon, Hawker and Westwind airframes. Lori’s aviation career began in 2006. Rachael’s aviation career began in 2010.

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