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Video: Duncan Aviation records its largest Lincoln, NE, expansion

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, May 30, 2013 @ 09:45 AM

Duncan Aviation is on schedule to complete the largest expansion project of its Lincoln, Nebraska, location. When complete, two new 40,000-square-foot maintenance hangars will be able to accommodate the larger body business aircraft that many customers are currently operating. And additional 95,000-square-foot office and shop space will be completed at the same time. The overall dimensions of the building are 630 feet by 200 feet. The hangar will stand 46-feet tall at the eave and approximately 52 feet at the peak.

A time lapse video showing the 175,000-square-foot facility currently under construction from start to its present status is now available for viewing. The sequence of images used to compose the video was pulled from a camera mounted on a nearby hangar.

View the time-lapse progress of the maintenance hangar and shop space construction in the video below.

Accessory Service Expansion

Scheduled to open later this summer, Duncan Aviation will open its newly refurbished Accessories Shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, that will more than double the footprint of its service area. The Accessory department will gain approximately 6,300 square feet of service area, double its work benches and add new tooling and in-house capabilities, including an overhead crane and a new paint booth with curing room.

The overhead crane will cover approximately 1,200 square feet of shop space, allowing for better work flow. Fixed stands will be installed adjacent to the cranes, giving the technicians safer access to the larger landing gear during maintenance. A new 300-square-foot dedicated paint booth and a 400-square-foot new cure room are included in the expansion increasing the work capacity and improve the time it takes for accessory units to go through the paint process.

To read more about the Accessory department expansion and added tooling, read the Spring 2013 Duncan Debrief.

These expansions come in response to customer requests and changing customer needs. As the industry continues to shift toward larger business aircraft, a trend fueled by technological advances and increased globalization, Duncan Aviation’s new hangars and expanded shop areas will be able to accommodate the volume of maintenance, modifications and completions work our customers require.


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