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Duncan Aviation Explains Cabin Management Systems at AEA

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 11:12 AM

Nick Grzebielski

Nick Grzebielski, systems engineer

Duncan Aviation Systems Engineer, Nick Grzebielski will be attending the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) U.S. East Regional Meeting at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, presenting a course on Cabin Management Systems (CMS).

A CMS controls all of the powered items in the cabin of an aircraft such as the lighting, cabin temperature, call and even lavatory flush. It also controls the cabin entertainment items such as LCD monitor video select, speaker audio select, volume, head set control, DVD and Bluray players and XM radio. During his course, Nick will cover the basics of CMS getting into the nuts and bolts of installing, interfacing and supporting various cabin management systems. Discussions will include everything from switching to displays, Wi-Fi and more. The session will conclude with time for questions and the critical exchange of pilot and crew debriefs.

In response to the recent explosion of new and exciting CMS entertainment and control options for business aircraft, Duncan Aviation has written a Straight Talk e-book to help guide operators through their many options. Every day, Duncan Aviation Tech Reps field questions on cabin management and entertainment, and these resources cover the most common equipment requested by Duncan Aviation customers and explain what equipment is available and how it can benefit aircraft cabin systems.

To read the Straight Talk About Cabin Management Systems e-book, go to

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Nick Grzebielski is a systems engineer for Duncan Aviation located in Lincoln, Neb. He has designed full-up CMS systems in multiple Part 25 airframes and has recently been involved in the design and certification of multiple Wi-Fi STCs. His aviation career began in 2007.

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