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Duncan Aviation Delivers Unique Bombardier Global 5000 Paint Scheme

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Oct 03, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

Duncan Aviation paints a Bombardier Global

Duncan Aviation’s paint team has delivered everything from digital camouflage to vintage-inspired plaid jets, but the Lincoln, Nebraska, facility’s team had never done anything this complicated—on this scale ... until now.

In early 2013, a customer presented Duncan Aviation with a most unique challenge; to paint an artist-commissioned design on his Global 5000. But, this wasn’t your typical aircraft paint scheme with a Matterhorn white canvas and two or three stripes down the side. No, this detailed design used nearly every inch of the fuselage unleashing what seemed like an endless number of lines swirling gracefully in unison. Matthew Scheppers, Duncan Aviation Completions Sales Rep, said the customer had only two expectations: 1) the paint scheme must look just like the artist rendering, and 2) the aircraft should look like a feather blowing in the wind when you looked at it.

After receiving the artist’s rendering, Rachael Weverka, Duncan Aviation Completions Designer, made only minor modifications to the design to make it work on the Global fuselage and picked the colors to best enhance the design and meet the customer’s approval.

Matthew knew this was the most complicated stripe scheme that paint shop has been tasked with to date, but also knew that the whole paint team would rally together, work hard and deliver a flawless finished product on time, at the Duncan Aviation level of quality. This project came during an already busy paint schedule, but everyone rolled with the punches to keep the flow of work moving, not only on this complex project, but other projects as well.

“It was an amazing experience to watch this paint scheme get laid out by hand, and experience the great team work by everyone in the paint shop to make this happen.  There were high expectations, and everyone felt it, and rose to the occasion," says Matthew.

Click on the time-lapse video below to view the entire process in just three minutes. For more information about Duncan Aviation’s paint services, contact an aircraft paint service sales representative at

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