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Duncan Aviation Field Guide: Chrome-Free Aircraft Paint Systems

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 01:59 PM

Duncan Aviation researched and tested “green” paint processes for several years, and by 2011 all aircraft painted at Duncan Aviation’s facilities were using an FAA approved, chrome-free paint process. The company is not the first business aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul service provider to make the transition, nor will it be the last.


Duncan Aviation Chrome-Free Aircraft Paint System

Duncan Aviation's Chrome-Free Field Guide provides an assessment of market drivers, product performance, application processes and considerations for selecting a service provider.

The economic and operational advantages of a chrome-free paint process are considerable.

A chrome-free paint process:

  • provides good corrosion protection
  • reduces coating failures 
  • eliminates steel fastener conversion coating corrosion
  • reduces OSHA hexavalent chromium oversight and regulatory compliance
  • reduces health and safety concerns
  • significantly reduces the amount of toxic wastewater requiring treatment
  • more environmentally responsible

Although chrome-free paint systems provide effective corrosion protection for aircraft, proper application is critical. Vigilance is key when assessing a paint proposal and evaluating the experience and capabilities of a service provider.

Duncan Aviation Field Guides

Duncan Aviation recently updated and re-released its field guide, “Chrome-Free Aircraft Paint Systems.” The guide answers how and why aircraft paint processes are changing, what to look for when considering a provider, performance of these new products and waste disposal methods.

Duncan Aviation has published several field guides that are available on its website. These guides, written by Duncan Aviation's industry experts, serve to answer questions and address pressing issues for business aircraft operators on a variety of topics. You can download and register for field guide updates at


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