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Karen and Robert Duncan & Friends Travel The World on an Art Adventure

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Sep 01, 2015 @ 11:42 AM

Seoul_ArtIn a Cessna M2 named the “hummingbird,” Karen and Robert Duncan, along with friends Kathryn and Marc LeBaron flew just under 24,000 miles in nearly 60 hours over 38 days.

They share many passions, including contemporary art, flying, great food, adventure and more. It was the quest for art that took them on their World Art Adventure.

This is the second such adventure for the two couples. Two years ago they toured South America, discovered dozens of artists, made new friends and returned home with fabulous additions to their respective collections.

The itinerary for this trip did not include stops at traditional art cities, but rather new centers where innovative things are happening in the world art scene. Stops included:

Reykjavik, Iceland; Stockholm, Sweden; St. Petersburg, Russia; Moscow, Russia; Warsaw, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; Istanbul, Turkey; Dubai, India; Mumbai, India; Delhi, India; Hanoi, Vietnam; Seoul, South Korea

“The cultures and the character of the cities varied widely, but the people are all the same. They care about their families, each other and in our case, have a passion for art,” said Robert Duncan.

When asked what his favorite spot was along the route, he responded, “Which is your favorite child? They were all unique and each offered us something to remember. We are very fortunate souls!”

Along the way, they took hundreds of photos and videos that captured unique art pieces and the artists who created them in their studios/homes, including several from the view above the clouds in the M2.

To read more about their journey, visit:

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