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Duncan Aviation Releases September Duncan Intelligence

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Wed, Sep 21, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Have you heard the latest about the FAA's new regulatory requirements for RVSM? How about how WAAS upgrades can impact aircraft sales in Europe?

No? Then you haven't read the September issue of the Duncan Intelligence. 

September Duncan Intelligence


FAA Removes Regulatory Requirements for RVSM Maintenance

In a recent move, the FAA has removed the prerequisite that requires aircraft operators who fly in RVSM airspace to have an FAA-approved RVSM Maintenance program.


TR Added to Bombardier Learjet 20 & 30 Model Series Aircraft Maintenance Checks

The Bombardier Learjet 20 & Learjet 30 series Time Limits and Maintenance Checks have recently added a new Temp Revision to Chapter 5-10-29.


WAAS Upgrades, EASA & Aircraft Sales

If you are planning or may be planning to sell or change an aircraft registration to an EASA-member country, you need to be aware of this.


Top Seven Questions Customers Have About Aircraft Paint

Duncan Aviation Regional Manager shares the most common questions he is asked about aircraft paint.


New Duncan Aviation Test Set Helps Reduce AP Function Test Times

We designed and built a new test set that automates the testing process of the Collins AP 106/107 systems, reducing anticipated function test times.

The Duncan Intelligence is a free, technical newsletter for business aircraft owners and operators. Written in-house by Duncan Aviation's technical representatives, each edition includes technical tips and advice on topics and trends in business aviation. It is a free, monthly e-mail subscription for aviation enthusiasts around the world.

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CJ3 with Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Flight Deck Takes Flight

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Aug 09, 2016 @ 09:28 AM

A Citation CJ3 Duncan Aviation has been retrofitting since mid-May with Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade took to the skies above Lincoln last week as this first-ever installation began its flight testing phase.

IMG_2805_Mobile.jpg“The system performed flawlessly on our one-hour, 10-minute (initial) flight in the CJ3,” said Scott Simpson, principal flight test pilot for Rockwell Collins. “The test flight included three approaches with synthetic vision displayed for both pilots, graphically-entered flight plan updates, and other avionics checkout procedures. In addition to ensuring ADS-B compliance, owners who upgrade will find it an absolute joy to fly.”

Duncan Aviation Captain Jon Kroesche flew second in commad during the flight. "The Proline Fusion upgrade is a joy to fly. There is a wealth of information right at your fingertips. The three large touchscreens allow for easily changing flights and flight plans. This will be a great product to show off at the upcoming NBAA Conference in Orlando." 

IMG_5072_edit.jpgAnnounced last fall, Duncan Aviation will complete certification for Pro Line Fusion flight deck in the CJ3 by the end of 2016, providing operators with a new aftermarket option for meeting mandates while enhancing their ownership and flying experience. The upgrade replaces the factory-installed portrait displays with larger 14.1-inch landscape touchscreen primary flight displays. The new system includes intuitive, touch-interactive maps, and easy-to-use icons, giving the pilot the ability to control items on the screen through touch.  Also, it eliminates the need for Flight Management System (FMS) control display units originally installed in the pedestal.

7-12_01.jpg“The Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade has been met with much enthusiasm from CJ3 operators,” says Jeff Simmons, a Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales Rep. “They are excited about transforming their aircraft and their flight experience while meeting the upcoming NextGen mandates. Flight testing of the system is an exciting milestone in this installation and certification process. The collaboration, effort and professionalism shown between the Rockwell Collins and Duncan Aviation teams have been impressive and are the reasons the program has successfully reached this point.”

To see progress of the CJ3 Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade, and to see more information about the upgrade and the 25 early adopter incentive packages for interested operators, visit

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Hawker 800/800XP ADS-B Out STC Featuring the Honeywell Primus II

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, May 19, 2016 @ 10:53 AM

ADS-B_Illustration_2.jpgADS-B Out

Fly today with a complete solution and prepare for the future with Duncan Aviation's Hawker 800/800XP ADS-B Out STC. By Jan.1, 2020, all operators must have Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast capability. As a staple in NextGen technology, ADS-B Out increases efficiency, strengthens situational awareness and allows aircraft to transmit information to Air Traffic Control ground stations by using satellite signals instead of ground radar and navigational aids. As a result, ATC is able to keep your aircraft properly spaced in high-density traffic areas.

Duncan Aviation's Hawker 800/800XP ADS-B Out STC# ST01811WI provides:
  • Reduced separation and highly accurate departure and arrival times
  • Surveillance in areas that do not currently have radar coverage 
  • Information to tower for a clearer view of aircraft and vehicles on runway to avoid collisions and or delays
  • More efficient spacing and optimal routing in non-radar environments, including the busy airspace in the Gulf of Mexico, mountainous regions of Colorado and the lower altitudes of Alaska

Honeywell's Primus II Radio System

When you upgrade your existing Honeywell Primus® II Radio and add a stand-alone GPS receiver, you’ll enjoy a cost-effective solution combined with the latest configuration to meet the ADS-B Out mandate. And, when you replace your old CRT display units with LCD displays with Duncan Aviation's ADS-B Out STC, you'll receive two new RMU-855's, designed to increase visibility and seamlessly integrate with your current configuration. Fly with confidence with Honeywell's Primus II Radio equipped with a Mode C transponder to fulfill ADS-B Out requirements and ensure your future travel plans.

Duncan Aviation's ADS-B Out Program

As an added benefit, Duncan Aviation's ADS-B Out STC offers Hawker 800/800XP operators an exclusive discount on Honeywell's Avionics Protection Plan. Learn more about this offer and upgrade your Hawker 800/800XP with an integrated solution at a Duncan Aviation maintenance facility: Lincoln, Nebraska; Battle Creek, Michigan; Provo, Utah; or at one of their satellite shop locations throughout the United States*.

 For More Information

Contact Gary Harpster, Duncan Aviation Hawker Avionics Install Sales Rep.




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ADS-B DO-260B Compliance – What is required? [Webinar]

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, May 10, 2016 @ 04:39 PM

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) flight operations are quickly becoming a reality in the United States. The shift from the primary use of radar to ADS-B for air traffic management is one of the biggest technological changes that the aviation community will experience in the next decade. While there are many benefits associated with this change, there is also a great deal of confusion among many operators on how to comply with the regulatory mandate requiring aircraft to be equipped with ADS-B by Jan. 1, 2020, in the United States. 

Across all segments of aviation, there are still operators, installers and other stakeholders who have questions about what exactly is required to get their specific aircraft upgraded and compliant with the FAA’s ADS-B to DO-260B mandate, which is the most stringent among all regulatory authorities that have ADS-B mandates in place. Class of airspace, functionality and certification requirements, and availability of solutions all remain issues as well. 

Harpster__blog.jpgJoin Gary Harpster, Duncan Aviation's Avionics Installation Sales Rep, to get the answers to these questions and more during an upcoming webinar geared toward business and general aviation operators. 

May 18, 2016

11:00am-12:00pm EST


Joining him: 
Alex J. Rodriguez, Aerospace Engineer (AIR-132), Avionics Systems Branch, FAA 
Tom Dooling, Honeywell Aerospace; Technical Sales 

Woodrow Bellamy III, Associate Editor, Avionics 
Click here to register.

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An Industry First: STC for CPDLC/FANS Systems on a Challenger 601 3A/3R

Posted by Mark Francetic on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 01:58 PM

FANS.jpgDuncan Aviation recently received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for an industry-first Controller Pilot Data Link Communications/Future Air Navigation System (CPDLC/FANS) 1/A+ installation.

The installation is an affordable solution that features the upgraded NZ-2000 Honeywell Flight Management System (FMS) that integrates with current Challenger 601 3A/3R Original Equipment Manager (OEM) flight decks.

We believe our installation is unique to the industry being a completely integrated Honeywell FMS solution for the Challenger 601.This upgraded Honeywell FMS satisfies all current NextGen mandates for FANS/CPDLC, and is an integral part of our ADS-B OUT, and WAAS LPV programs. This solution provides Challenger 601 operators with a cost effective solution to meet the coming mandates.

The CPDLC/FANS upgrade also demonstrates Duncan Aviation’s commitment to its customers to keep their aircraft flying in airspace around the world. The Honeywell system integrates with current Challenger 601 3A/3R flight decks and is forward-fit compatible with future mandates.

We’re committed to offering our customers cutting-edge solutions. This Honeywell system is designed to accommodate future mandates we may see for United-States airspace. We’re anticipating mandates for ADS-B IN and an updated version of Link2000 and CPDLC in the United States. Right now, these systems are used primarily when flying over water and through EU airspace, but when future mandates are issued for U.S. airspace, this Honeywell system will already be ready for the upgraded equipment.

For more information about this unique solution, visit for program details.

For more information about NextGen requirements and solutions, please visit Duncan Aviation’s NextGen page at

Mark Francetic is Duncan Aviation's Regional Avionics Sales Manager.He specializes in educating business aviation operators about NextGen Mandates by hosting Free seminars across the United States. 


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Top Three NextGen Questions Heard During the First Day of NBAA 2015

Posted by Melissa Raddatz on Wed, Nov 18, 2015 @ 02:07 PM

Melissa-R2.gifBy now, almost all business aircraft operators are somewhat familiar with the upcoming NextGen mandates and understand the need to plan for them in conjunction with their next major maintenance event. But after talking with operators during the first day of the National Business Aviation Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas, it is safe to say operators still have questions.

The top three questions operators are asking at the show are:

  1. Does my aircraft have a solution?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. What is the downtime going to be?

Certifying these new mandate solutions is a complicated process that requires collaboration between the equipment manufacturers, engineering teams, avionics installation experts and launch customers. The path to certification can be time-consuming and many solutions are being developed and announced weekly in the changing NextGen landscape.

Even when a solution does currently exist for an aircraft, there might be a more integrated and flexible one on the horizon that would be a better choice for an operator. Navigating these choices is difficult, which is why Duncan Aviation has allowed several of our avionics experts to really become immersed in the NextGen world. And in an effort to educate the industry, four of us are here at the NBAA convention to help operators as they research the solution that will be best for them and their aircraft long-term.

Stop by anytime to meet us.  Or take advantage of our NextGen Expert Hours and ask your most pressing questions to our full attending contingent of avionics gurus.

NextGen Expert Hours

9-11 a.m. Wednesday

9-11 am Thursday

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Need NextGen Answers?Stop by NBAA Booth #N4910

Posted by Kate Dolan on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

The industry is buzzing with questions about the upcoming mandates for NextGen, namely for ADS-B and FANS 1A. Duncan Aviation NextGen experts attending the NBAA convention in Las Vegas are prepared to answer those questions.

After hosting free NextGen seminars throughout 2015, Duncan Aviation avionics representatives know the questions operators are asking and have immersed themselves in the developing world of NextGen avionics so they are able to answer those questions.

These experts include the following:

Chris Christianson. Christianson is an avionics tech rep with Duncan Aviation who has been with the company more than 16 years. He has nose-to-tail knowledge of every avionics system installed and retrofited for today’s business jets from the analog systems of the Cessna 550 to the large, digital and fully integrated systems of the Falcon 7X, the Gulfstream G-450/550 and Global Express. His experience has involved every facet of avionics installation projects from STC development to standard field approval type installations/modifications with deep levels of integration.

Mark Francetic. Francetic is Duncan Aviation’s avionics regional sales manager and a Duncan Aviation team member for nearly 20 years. He has an associate’s degree in avionics and holds an A&P license. He has been educating operators about NextGen initiatives for two years at more than 20 different venues, is a member of the Honeywell and Bendix King Dealer Advisory Boards and has helped Duncan Aviation develop business plans for AML STCs on ADS-B and FANS/1A retrofit systems on multiple aircraft.

Dennis Kruse. Kruse is an avionics sales representative who has been with Duncan Aviation for 10 years. He spent eight years installing various avionics systems for Duncan Aviation and also worked as an avionics technician in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Melissa Raddatz. Raddatz is an avionics sales representative who has been with Duncan Aviation since 2011. She has an associtate’s degree in Aircraft Electonics, an A&P license, and a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Aviation Management. She has nearly three years of experience installing multiple avionics systems and has received formal training on the Falcon 50 and Falcon 50EX, Challenger 300, Troubleshooting and the Primus EPIC EASyII Line Maintenance. She has developed service guides for the Falcons on the mandates. In addition, she has attended several Dealer Advisory Boards for Rockwell Collins and Garmin.

Stop by anytime to meet these NextGen experts. Or take advantage of our Expert Hours and ask your most pressing questions to any of our full attending contingent of avionics gurus.

NextGen Expert Hours

1-3 p.m. Tuesday
9-11 a.m. Wednesday
9-11 am Thursday

For the most current information on the NextGen mandates, visit Duncan Aviation NextGen Resource

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What Do Unicorns & ADS-B Exemptions Have in Common? Neither Actually Exist

Posted by Adrian Chene on Tue, Oct 27, 2015 @ 11:13 AM

You can always dream, but Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) exemptions fall into roughly the same category as unicorns.

When Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus introduced a live unicorn into its lineup in 1985, it created quite a stir. The question that swirled around the animal was whether it was a real horn. Although the horn was real, many people ignored the most important fact; the animal was a goat.

In much the same way, there has been much misunderstanding with regard to a recent ADS-B exemption letter from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Some operators heard ADS-B and exemption in the same sentence and immediately began planning for non-compliance. The reality though is that in 2020 an ADS-B transponder exemption is as likely as Ringling Bros. having an actual unicorn at one of their shows.

The controversy started when Airlines for America, the trade organization that represents the principle U.S. airlines, sent the FAA a request for an exemption. The exemption request indicated that much of the airline fleet was not currently equipped with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Global Positioning System (GPS) units that supported the required navigational performance. Airlines for America also noted that the required performance—even for the correct WAAS GPS—was not always possible. In light of that, the organization requested that the GPS section of the ADS-B mandate be extended to 2025.

The part of the letter that most folks missed was that it only applies to the portion of the ADS-B mandate that deals with new WAAS requirements for GPS. A transponder that transmits in an ADS-B message format is required to operate above 10,000 feet by 2020.

The FAA agreed with Airlines for America and granted a temporary exemption from the GPS accuracy portion of ADS-B. The FAA has since been getting out the word that operators are still required to have an ADS-B-compliant transponder to meet the mandate. (Visit for current information on the mandates.)

Owner/operators who opt for an exemption must submit an annual request to the director of the local Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) until the aircraft is equipped with the mandated receivers. This annual request must include a plan for an eventual upgrade to the mandated WAAS GPS and is subject to approval. For aircraft that are scheduled for major inspections at a facility where a WAAS GPS installation is available, your FSDO may deny your request. “I don’t want to upgrade,” may not be a good reason to apply for an exemption.

With manufacturers, such as Universal Avionics, Honeywell Aerospace and Rockwell Collins offering incentive programs for Flight Management Systems (FMSes) and transponder upgrades, now is the time to include new WAAS/Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) and ADS-B in your aircraft’s budget at your next major inspection.

Don’t bet on the unicorn.


For the most current information on the NextGen mandates visit Duncan Aviation NextGen Resource

Adrian Chene is an avionics tech rep for Duncan Aviation providing troubleshooting and technical advice to business aviation operators on avionics installation services. He specializes in custom, integrated HSD solutions. He began working in aviation in 1996.

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Getting to Know ADS-B: What is it & do I need it?

Posted by Kate Dolan on Mon, Oct 12, 2015 @ 09:13 AM

Do you know what ADS-B is? Do you need it? Are you ready? 

Those are questions worth asking and Duncan Aviation is commited to helping you find the asnwers. 

Two of our own avionics experts were quoted last week in the new industry white paper, “Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Mandates Worldwide.”

We are pleased to be part of the effort because it fits perfectly with our belief that giving our customers information empowers them to make wise choices when it comes to their aircraft. We may or may not be dancing in our hangars, but we’re definitely proud to be a part of this well-written, information-intensive paper. The paper is a collaborative effort between two well-respected companies in the aviation industry: Honeywell, a global leader in manufacturing integrated avionics and engines and provider of various aviation services, and AIN, an independent media company that publishes industry news and analysis.

"It is great to see the thoughts, comments and suggestions from Duncan Aviation's team of respected avionics professionals included in industry white papers," said Mike Minchow, manager airframe service sales. "Our avionics sales team and tech reps spend a tremendous amount of time educating themselves on important topics like ADS-B so they in turn can be a valuable resource to our customers to help answer questions, provide options and direct aircraft owners and operators to the correct solution for their aircraft based on how they operate it."

The white paper details the history and mandates of the Federal Aviation Association’s NextGen initiatives and features information and insight from Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Installations Sales Rep Steve Elofson and Regional Avionics Sales Manager Mark Francetic.

"Knowledge is crucial to making sound decisions regarding your aircraft. We at Duncan Aviation will always provide you with the most current and accurate information so that you can make the best decisions for your aircraft and your company. Feel free to give me or our team a call about your ADS-B and NextGen systems," says Regional Avionics Sales Manager Mark Francetic.

For more information about ADS-B and the other NextGen initiatives contact Mark, Steve or any one of Duncan Aviation's knowledgeable avionics professionals (

If you’d like to read the white paper, it is free and available from AINonline Special Reports when you register here:


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How Are You Planning to Budget for NextGen Without Numbers?

Posted by Melissa Raddatz on Tue, Sep 15, 2015 @ 11:19 AM

How are you planning to effectively budget for the upcoming mandates on your Falcon airframe when you don’t know how much the ugrades will cost or how long your aircraft will be down? The answer is, you can’t…

…until know.

For years it has been a Duncan Aviation mission to help our customers become “smarter” business aircraft operators by providing valuable and relevant information in order for them to make the best-informed decisions.

Our Falcon specific Mandate Service Guides contain estimated costs and downtimes to be used for budgeting purposes as you look ahead to the coming months and years.

Available Falcon Service Guides
Falcon 2000
Falcon 2000EX
Falcon 900EX
Falcon 7X

Reguest your Falcon NextGen Service Guide now. 

Falcon NextGen Service Guides


A lot more goes into planning and budgeting for mandates than just numbers. When you are ready to gather proposals specific to your aircraft (all airframe models) and schedule, reach out to anyone in Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales.

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