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Duncan Aviation Unveils Double Take Design on Company Citation

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 08:51 AM

Duncan Aviation's latest creative paint scheme of a Mustang.Chairman Emeritus Robert Duncan and his wife, Karen, surround themselves with the things they’re passionate about: aviation and art. So, when Duncan Aviation acquired a new Citation M2, they wanted the jet’s paint scheme to reflect the brush strokes of an artist, an abstract artist. They also simultaneously took the term “green plane” to another level with this lime green wonder.
“This is a flying billboard for Duncan Aviation’s paint department,” says Robert Duncan at the jet’s unveiling last week.

Painting an aircraft takes a significant amount of time and an incredible team. Enjoy this timelapse video of the M2's unique scheme as we celebrate another delivery from our impressive paint shop.

The paint scheme’s designer, Teri Nekuda, has 24 years of experience combining colors and materials to match a variety of customers’ needs and desires, and she used the same approach she does with all her customers when Robert and Karen asked to explore paint schemes at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility’s design center.

“It's enjoyable to create a paint scheme that people don't readily expect to see on an aircraft. The wow factor gets people to react, contemplate and dream of what possibilities lay on the horizon,” says Nekuda.

After more than 50 renderings, Nekuda and the Duncans had the paint scheme narrowed down to two options: a lime green or bright blue base with paint splatters dotting the fuselage. When asked to describe the final product in one word, Teri responds with “fun.”

“It’s fun on so many levels. I look at it and I start to recognize shapes and images. There’s a pair of Mickey Mouse ears over here and Woodstock there. It spurs this childlike sense of excitement and creativity. That’s a cool feeling to have at any age,” she says. 

Of course, there were several other ideas on the table before the final was approved. Robert initially wanted to explore the idea of a decal on the aircraft, allowing it to be easily changed after just a few years.

“It a great idea and I think we’ll end up using decals eventually, but this one looked a bit thick after the clear coat was applied. Also, the decal isn’t simply printed on a clear background, so any space outside the paint splotches would have to be lime green and match the paint perfectly, or have a black outline. In the end, this was too complicated of a paint scheme to try and implement decals for the first time.”

The Duncans also toyed with the idea of having graffiti on the M2, but the design team was concerned that even though the graffiti might be well-received and have a positive message in the United States, not all countries will view the symbol the same way. So when Paint Shop Manager Doug Bohac mentioned he had recently seen a motorcycle covered in paint splotches, the idea stuck.

“Robert makes me explore other ideas I might not normally gravitate toward because he gives me some direction, but not enough that he stifles my creativity with suggestions,” says Nekuda.

Even after all these changes and updates and scrapped ideas, Nekuda says it’s so rewarding to see how excited a customer gets when the project just—clicks.

“That’s when I know I’ve succeeded at something—when they can’t wipe that smile off their faces,” she says. “That’s a good feeling. That makes every minute worth it.”

Nekuda has also helped determine the paint scheme on several other Duncan Aviation aircraft.

“Robert and Karen Duncan want something unique. A lot of people like a simple aircraft, but I don’t see Robert as ever having a white airplane. We do things a little differently here,” she says.

Though the paint shop sees a lot of white jets, they didn’t bat an eye when they first received renderings of this complicated scheme. They treated the project just like it was any other customer, providing Duncan Aviation-level quality, delivered the aircraft early and celebrated another job well done.

Click here to view another time-lapse video featuring a creative and detailed paint scheme from Duncan Aviation's taleted design and paint professionals. 

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Duncan Aviation Delivers Unique Bombardier Global 5000 Paint Scheme

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Oct 03, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

Duncan Aviation paints a Bombardier Global

Duncan Aviation’s paint team has delivered everything from digital camouflage to vintage-inspired plaid jets, but the Lincoln, Nebraska, facility’s team had never done anything this complicated—on this scale ... until now.

In early 2013, a customer presented Duncan Aviation with a most unique challenge; to paint an artist-commissioned design on his Global 5000. But, this wasn’t your typical aircraft paint scheme with a Matterhorn white canvas and two or three stripes down the side. No, this detailed design used nearly every inch of the fuselage unleashing what seemed like an endless number of lines swirling gracefully in unison. Matthew Scheppers, Duncan Aviation Completions Sales Rep, said the customer had only two expectations: 1) the paint scheme must look just like the artist rendering, and 2) the aircraft should look like a feather blowing in the wind when you looked at it.

After receiving the artist’s rendering, Rachael Weverka, Duncan Aviation Completions Designer, made only minor modifications to the design to make it work on the Global fuselage and picked the colors to best enhance the design and meet the customer’s approval.

Matthew knew this was the most complicated stripe scheme that paint shop has been tasked with to date, but also knew that the whole paint team would rally together, work hard and deliver a flawless finished product on time, at the Duncan Aviation level of quality. This project came during an already busy paint schedule, but everyone rolled with the punches to keep the flow of work moving, not only on this complex project, but other projects as well.

“It was an amazing experience to watch this paint scheme get laid out by hand, and experience the great team work by everyone in the paint shop to make this happen.  There were high expectations, and everyone felt it, and rose to the occasion," says Matthew.

Click on the time-lapse video below to view the entire process in just three minutes. For more information about Duncan Aviation’s paint services, contact an aircraft paint service sales representative at

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Duncan Aviation Interior / Paint on display at NBAA

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 03:00 PM

Duncan Aviation paint on a Legacy 600-Provo

Duncan Aviation paint featuring an overall white with Black Pearl and Platinum Pearl Stripes.

Duncan Aviation interior refurbishment on a Legacy 600

Duncan interior refurbishment included new carpet, lower sidewalls, seat tailoring and cabinet touch-up.

At the static display of the 65th Annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meeting and Convention, is an Embraer Legacy 600 owned by the PreFlown division of Embraer sporting a complete new paint and refurbished interior completed by Duncan Aviation.

The interior refurbishment included new carpet, lower sidewalls, seat tailoring and cabinet touch-up. The paint was completed in Duncan Aviation’s new state-of-the-art paint facility in Lincoln, NE, and featured an overall white with Black Pearl and Platinum Pearl Stripes.

“Working with Duncan Aviation to complete this refurbishment has been a pleasure. The project was completed on time and on budget and right on time to present at NBAA,” says Jim Beckstein, Vice President - PreFlown Aircraft Sales. “This is our first Embraer-Certified PreFlown Legacy 600 (note new registration number N974EC). It highlights our PreFlown’s commitment to bringing the highest pedigree aircraft to the marketplace.  Partnering with Duncan Aviation on this refurbishment only accentuates that point."

PreFlown is a division of Embraer that receives aircraft that have been traded in, assess their condition and identify the most cost effective plan to prepare them for the business jet secondary-market. “We were happy to work with PreFlown and hope that we can continue to partner with Embraer to refurbish more of their aircraft,” says Matt Spain, Completions and Modifications Senior Sales Rep.  “Having an aircraft that has been painted and the interior refurbished by Duncan Aviation is an advantage to selling the aircraft quickly.”

If you are attending NBAA in Orlando, Florida, plan to visit Embraer’s static display at the Orlando Executive Airport. Or stop by Duncan Aviation’s NBAA booth (#5580) and visit with Matt Spain about the new Duncan Aviation paint facility with multiply bays and new down-draft airflow technology

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1st GV Refurbished in Duncan Aviation’s New Aircraft Paint Facility

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Sep 13, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

Contributed by Nate Klenke, Completions Sales Rep.

On June 29th, a Gulfstream GV received a fresh coat of paint as Duncan Aviation celebrated the opening of our new, $11.5 million, 45,000 sq. ft. aircraft paint facility in Lincoln, Neb. (LNK). A small fleet of cameras mounted in the paint bays captured the GV’s transformation, highlighting the size of the aircraft paint facility and the number of technicians involved during the paint process.

We see the fleet of business aviation aircraft getting larger, which is why we built the state of the art paint hangar at our Lincoln, Nebraska, facility. It allows us to work on the largest business jets in operation. The process we use to protect the aircraft during stripping and the detail work that gets done after the paint is applied helps us achieve the high level of quality on all of the airframes we work on, including Gulfstream.

Most people don’t think of Duncan Aviation as having Gulfstream capabilities. In fact, Gulfstreams have been a part of our service capabilities since they became a major part of business aviation over 25 years ago. This GV was the first ultra-long-range business jet painted in our Lincoln, Nebraska, facility, and the timing just happened to work out with the open house for the new paint facility. The owner of the GV is a long-time customer of Duncan Aviation, and has relied on us to provide maintenance and refurbishment on their aircraft for years. They know the quality of our work and dedication to customer services. When they purchased their GV, they knew nothing would change.

In this video, you can see the attention to detail and how many people it takes to navigate a large business jet though the paint process. Beyond the hours of planning and designing of the paint design, there is a lot that happens to ensure a high-quality completion. The attention to detail given from the initial protection of the aircraft prior to stripping off the old paint, to physically detailing every inch of the aircraft, in conjunction with a state of the art facility with the proper lighting, airflow and a climate-controlled paint booth make it clear why Duncan Aviation is the industry choice for business jet paint refurbishment.

Duncan Aviation offers a three-year warranty on paint services, and has complete paint facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Battle Creek, Michigan, both of which offer full design services with 3D rendering capabilities.

For more information on the capabilities of our new paint hangar or our paint process, please contact me.

Nate Klenke serves as a Completions Sales Rep. for Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Neb. (LNK) full-service facility, specializing in Gulfstreams, Citations, Hawkers, Astras and Westwinds. He began his career in aviation in 1995.

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5 Reasons to Detect Aircraft Corrosion Before Airframe Maintenance

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Contributed by Suzanne Hawes, Paint and Interior Modifications Rep

corrosion grid

A corrosion grid from an aircraft maintenance inspection.

As business aircraft fleets have aged, Duncan Aviation’s maintenance teams have observed more and more instances of corrosion on aircraft nearing 12 years of age. And we've developed a process to detect it early.

Stripping an aircraft prior to maintenance proactively detects surface corrosion and minimizes the impact on the maintenance schedule. Duncan Aviation refers to this method of interrupting the paint cycle as an “out-of-sequence strip and paint” event.

Here are five ways early aircraft corrosion detection can help prevent scheduling disruptions on major airframe inspections.

1. Aircraft are easier to inspect.

Corrosion is not always obvious to the naked eye. Pitting can occur under the paint without any noticeable change in appearance. Only after an aircraft is stripped, will a thorough visual inspection uncover hidden corrosion.

2. Identifies surface corrosion before the paint process begins.

An aircraft is typically not stripped for paint until after the maintenance is complete. If corrosion is discovered at this time, the paint process is halted and the aircraft is returned to the hangar for structural repair. 

3. Allows engineering solutions and structural repairs to be worked during scheduled maintenance.

By detecting corrosion early on, engineering solutions and structural repairs can take place during the maintenance inspection.

4. Can reduce downtime significantly.

Corrosion found after maintenance is complete can add several weeks to the project, possibly as much as four weeks or more in extreme cases. Although an out-of-sequence event will add two to three days to the overall schedule, it allows repairs to be worked during the original maintenance schedule, potentially saving weeks of downtime.

5. May prevent the loss of a paint opportunity in a tight paint schedule.

Paint slots are scheduled months in advance and can be difficult to reschedule quickly when missed. Most minor corrosion found during a out-of-sequence event can be addressed during the maintenance downtime and still be able meet the original scheduled paint slot.

We don’t truly know what’s under the paint until we remove it. If an operator is concerned about corrosion on their aircraft, they may want to consider stripping the aircraft prior to inspection. It can really save downtime in the long run.

To learn more about how to prevent scheduling disruptions on major airframe inspections, download the Corrosion Detection Field Guide.

Duncan Aviation provides major and minor airframe inspections and paint refurbishments on most popular makes and models of business aircraft. Out-of-sequence event may be scheduled at Duncan Aviation’s paint facilities located in Lincoln, Neb., and Battle Creek,Mich.

Suzanne Hawes is a Completions Sales Rep at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek, MI, location, specializing in Falcon paint and interior completions and modifications. Her aviation career began in 1996.

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Aircraft Paint Schemes are Visually Enhanced through 3D Design

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Apr 06, 2012 @ 01:28 PM

Contributed by Aircraft Interior Designers, Lori Browning and Rachael Weverka

3D paint schemes

Customers now have the option to work with 3D renderings while collaborating with Duncan Design on their aircraft's exterior paint scheme.

3D design tools help customers better visualize how an end product will look, whether it be for home interiors, fashion or landscape. For business aviation, the advantages of the 3D aircraft paint schemes go beyond only colors and offers visual representation for unique areas of the aircraft. In the end, 3D aircraft paint schemes can ease the mind of both the designer and the owner as the paint process begins to take place.

Complex Contours

With traditional 2D designs, areas of an aircraft can be difficult to view. Contours and shaping within a 3D design provide a greater representation for complex areas of the aircraft, such as airframe belly, engines, pylons and winglets.

Stripe Layout

If an aircraft design includes a stripe design, 3D paint schemes allow owners to see the stripes applied to the entire aircraft, something not possible with 2D designs. With 3D, designers anticipate how the stripes interact in certain areas on both sides of the aircraft including through cabin windows and interactions with emergency exit markings.

Duncan Aviation now has capabilities for 3D aircraft paint designs for more than 12 airframes, including Dassault Falcon models, the Gulfstream IV, and the Global XRS. In the future, we plan to further expand to other models and explore capabilities in 3D aircraft interior designs.

Learn more about Duncan Aviation’s 3D paint scheme options in Spring 2012 issue of the Duncan Debrief.

Lori Browning and Rachael Weverka, are Aircraft Completions Designers at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek, MI, location, specializing business aircraft modifications, completions and refurbishments for Astra, Citation, Falcon, Hawker and Westwind airframes. Lori’s aviation career began in 2006. Rachael’s aviation career began in 2010.

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Duncan Download Celebrates the 100th Blog Post

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Jun 14, 2011 @ 09:25 AM

Duncan Aviation


In March of 2010, the first blog post for the Duncan Download was published. Today, in honor of our 100th blog post and the success of all of Duncan Aviation, we are sharing with you a list of 100 achievements, milestones and down-right cool things to brag about that have occurred at Duncan Aviation since the first post.

Celebrate with us.


  1. 55th anniversary of company founding observed
  2. 168,377 square feet of leather goods purchased for new aircraft interiors at BTL and LNK
  3. 5,457 Component Solutions customers served worldwide
  4. 7,259,089 gallons of Jet A fuel sold at Kalamazoo, MI (AZO), Battle Creek, MI (BTL) and Lincoln, NE (LNK)
  5. 133,864 gallons of Avgas sold at AZO, BTL and LNK
  6. 1,652 aircraft delivered out of maintenance at BTL, LNK and Provo, UT (PVU)
  7. 615 business aircraft maintenance road trips to seven countries from all locations
  8. 160 business aviation conventions and events attended by Duncan Aviation
  9. 1,342 AOG engines returned to service in the field by Engine Rapid Response
  10. 1,810 engines returned to service out of BTL and LNK
  11. 204 TFE731 MPIs performed in LNK
  12. 22 Pratt & Whitney Hot Sections performed in BTL
  13. 126,077 Fed Ex packages shipped and received totaling 3,709,389 pounds
  14. 258 aircraft interior refurbishments performed in BTL and LNK
  15. 93 business aircraft painted at BTL
  16. 141 aircraft Wi-Fi solutions installed per a STC at all locations; majority under a Duncan Aviation STC
  17. 157 in-flight internet solutions installed. Duncan Aviation is the market leader
  18. 30 WAAS/LPV systems installed at all locations
  19. 25 Falcon winglets installed at BTL and LNK
  20. 52 Falcon dry bay mods completed at BTL and LNK
  21. 24 Gulfstream water line ribbon heaters upgrades (ASC 469/173) performed
  22. 63 business aircraft prebuy evaluations performed in BTL, LNK and PVU
  23. 624 aircraft landing gear legs overhauled
  24. 1,851 aircraft batteries overhauled or reblocked
  25. 13,710,410 aviation parts sold
  26. 345,000 Component Solutions customer service calls
  27. 11,360 aviation tools calibrated
  28. 2,355 NDT inspections performed
  29. Secured full contractual logistic support for the Mexican Navy Lear program 
  30. 4 year F20 contract renewed with Royal Norwegian Air Force
  31. 13,800 additional labor hours contracted with Offutt AFB in OMA
  32. 1 year contract renewed with Egyptian Air Force
  33. 2 L60 Flight Inspection Aircraft delivered to the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation
  34. Signed contract for Egyptian Air Force G3 Hush Kit installation
  35. 62 customer dinners at BTL and LNK
  36. 10 customers serving on Duncan Aviation’s Customer Advisory Board
  37. 10 members of Duncan Aviation’s Board of Advisors
  38. 10 customers to serve on the new Duncan Aviation European Customer Advisory Board


  1. 25th anniversary of Avionics Satellite Network observed
  2. 10th engine Rapid Response location opened in Seattle, WA
  3. 4 new Satellite Avionics locations opened
  4. 3rd aircraft maintenance facility opened in Provo, UT, with Bombardier (Challenger/Learjet) Authorization
  5. 1 new paint hangar construction project breaks ground at LNK
  6. AHA Fit Friendly Platinum awarded to BTL and LNK
  7. Regional Health Alliance Workplace Wellness Award presented to BTL
  8. 2010 United Way Corporate Volunteer Company of the Year presented to BTL

Authorizations & Certifications

  1. 30th anniversary of Honeywell Authorized TFE731 Major Service Center
  2. 51 revisions approved for existing STCs
  3. 8 type design amendments approved for existing STCs
  4. 16 new STCs issued
  5. 7 Wi-Fi STCs issued in seven airframes, including the first Wi-Fi STC in the Citation 750
  6. 6 WAAS/LPV STCs issued, including the first Learjet 31A, the first Honeywell NZ-2000 FMS in a Falcon 900B and Challenger 601-3A
  7. 6 foreign certificates renewed by audit
  8. 5 PMA supplements added
  9. 4 interior alteration STCs issued
  10. 1 FIS STC issued
  11. First iPad integration for Cabin Control in Falcon 900 certified, iCabin service mark earned
  12. PVU named Embraer Authorized Service Facility for Phenom 100, 300
  13. New authorizations added to China CAAC Repair Station Certificate
  14. Named exclusive repair service provider for Avidyne Legacy Display System

Private Flight Services

  1. Launched Safety Management System
  2. 11 aircraft owned, managed and operated
  3. 2,800 flight hours flown by 13 Duncan Aviation pilots
  4. 1,000,000 miles flown by 13 Duncan Aviation pilot

Team members

  1. 20th anniversary of Duncan Aviation Project Manager Services
  2. 10th anniversary of Engine Rapid Response AOG Services
  3. 475 military veterans serving at Duncan Aviation
  4. 312 new Duncan Aviation employees hired
  5. 230 technicians attended OEM factory training for 14 airframe or engine types
  6. 12 Duncan Aviation employees retired
  7. 217 employees volunteered for the 2010 National Special Olympic Games in Lincoln, NE
  8. 35 Duncan Aviation employees employed at least 25 years inducted into Silver Wings Club
  9. 77 babies born to Duncan Aviation families
  10. 15 employees serving on business aviation industry boards
  11. 13 employees qualified in or expanded responsibilities as Unit Members under ODA designation
  12. 20 multilingual representatives located in 14 countries
  13. 1 new European Regional Manager
  14. 2,746 vacation hours donated to fellow coworkers in need
  15. 2,327 items of food donated to local food programs
  16. United Way Corporate Volunteer Company of the year for 2010 (BTL)
  17. $177,981 raised for United Way at LNK, BTL and AZO
  18. Generously supported many other local charities in every community  

Informational Resources

  1. Job status tracking launched for
  2. ADS-B Straight Talk book published.
  3. Field Guides published about business aircraft Issues
  4. The Duncan Download Blog launched
  5. Understanding WAAS/LPV” Video Series launched
  6. 73 Duncan Intelligence articles published
  7. 72% increase in new visits to
  8. Updated company logo designed and introduced
  9. Company video, websites and brochure launched in five languages
  10. Web directory expanded to include profiles of customer contacts
  11. WAAS/LPV calculator launched to demonstrate technology value
  12. Inflight internet system selection tool launched

Additional Service Offerings

  1. Bombardier Global Service capabilities expanded
  2. Phased Interior Maintenance program launched
  3. Interior Program with 14-Day Downtime Guarantee launched for Learjet and Citation models
  4. Chrome-free paint process launched
  5. New avionics capabilities for Avidyne Flightmax indicators, ELTA and Socata ELTs
  6. Earth-friendly interior materials selected for interior refurbishments

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What Determines the Lifespan of an Aircraft Paint Job?

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, May 12, 2011 @ 03:55 PM

Contributed by George Bajo, Completions Sales Rep.

Gulfstream aircraft paint

An aircraft kept in a quality coat of paint is less likely to develop corrosion.

Every now and then, I come across a customer who is openly skeptical of the paint manufacturer recommendation to strip and repaint an aircraft every five to six years. Some of our customers have told us that we do such a great paint job that often ten years go by and it still looks great. So how long can an aircraft really go between paint refurbishments? There isn’t a definitive answer.

The longevity of an aircraft paint finish depends on several factors. The paint process, technician experience, product durability, regular maintenance and environmental conditions all affect how well the finish wears.

Although well-maintained, quality paint finishes can look immaculate for more than a decade, they are susceptible to damage. Chips from debris and cracks along seams, screw heads and rivets are inevitable and become more numerous as a finish ages. These are points of entry for moisture, which increases the potential for corrosion. Additionally, how an aircraft is stored, how often it’s flown per year, where it’s flown and what conditions it flies through can also affect the lifespan of a paint job.

Protecting a paint finish from heat, UV damage, moisture, salt and other environmental contaminants can help it last longer. Hangaring an aircraft for long-term storage, cleaning it frequently and thoroughly, conducting regular visual inspections, and touching up chips and cracks on a regular basis are all practices I highly recommend. Finishes that aren’t regularly maintained won’t last as long, and will be at higher risk of corrosion.

Will an aircraft develop corrosion if it’s not repainted according to manufacturer recommendations? It varies. An aircraft kept in a quality coat of paint is less likely to develop corrosion, but there is no process or product that can assure complete corrosion prevention. For this reason, aircraft should be stripped, inspected for corrosion and repainted by a reputable aircraft paint facility on a regular basis.

How often an aircraft needs to be repainted is really the operator’s decision. If the paint finish is regularly and meticulously maintained, the aircraft isn’t flown frequently or through adverse weather, and it’s properly stored, an aircraft might be able to go for longer periods between paint jobs. But it is a risk.

Duncan Aviation provides complete, custom paint refurbishment and completion services. Our refined paint process prolongs the lifetime of these finishes, protecting an aircraft from the elements for years. Modern paint booths produce a very high quality product, and are environmentally conscious. We offer a three year/1,500 hour warranty on exterior paint finishes.

For more information about Duncan Aviation’s paint refurbishment services, please visit

George Bajo is a Completions Sales Representative at Duncan Aviation-Battle Creek, specializing in interior and paint refurbishments for Bombardier, Embraer and Gulfstream aircraft. He began working in aviation in 1984.

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MRO Maintenance Event Planning: Pre-Planning Benefits

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Mar 09, 2011 @ 08:34 AM

maintenance event

Planning maintenance events in advance helps establish expectations for both you and your chosen MRO.

Whether or not you have an in-house flight department capable of minor inspections and maintenance on your aircraft, occasionally, you will need to visit a Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO) for larger inspections requiring specialized tooling, more available trained technicians and the hangar space to efficiently perform all required maintenance.

Whether the workscope is large or small, the planning should be done well in advance in a well organized and methodical manner. The result will be a better experience and a united service expectation for both you and your chosen MRO.

Preplanning helps both the operator and the service facility get what they want—a quality job done efficiently and on time.

How preplanning benefits you:

  1. You are in control.
  2. Freedom to choose a convenient downtime.
  3. Choice of service providers.
  4. High-quality job, delivered on time, for the best value.

How preplanning helps the service provider:

  1. Time to dedicate the best technicians to your aircraft.
  2. Schedule the correct amount of resources.
  3. Better coordination, scheduling and parts provisioning.
  4. Time to perform at peak efficiency and quality.

Every maintenance event is an opportunity to achieve maximum results with minimum downtime. Learn how to leverage scheduled and unscheduled events to your advantage through preplanning and compare key points when selecting an MRO and planning maintenance events.

If you have questions about maintenance event planning, call a Duncan Aviation Sales Representative for your airframe.

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2010's Top 5 Downloads from

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Jan 18, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

WAAS Answers From Industry Experts Field Guide

 This field guide was the most popular download on last year.

2010 was a busy year. We fielded countless avionics and paint questions, launched a blog, introduced a series of field guides and beefed up our YouTube channel with some new videos. Here’s a rundown of our most popular resources on last year.

1. Upgrading to WAAS: Answers From Industry Experts

The WAAS/LPV field guide was our most popular download last year. It addresses common questions from operators, differences between approval processes, discrepancies in upgrade costs and considerations for planning an upgrade.

2. Paint, Maintenance & Turbine Aircraft Value

The runner-up was an aircraft paint field guide, which targets common misperceptions about exterior refurbishments. It addresses the necessity of regular paint maintenance, aircraft market value considerations and criteria for selecting an aircraft paint service provider.

3. Straight Talk About WAAS

This WAAS eBook continued to attract attention last year with its discussion about the importance of WAAS, why it impacts business aviation operators and how it works.

4. Company Video: “Our Work Speaks for Itself”

A four minute video about Duncan Aviation debuted on our YouTube channel last year, highlighting our history, service philosophy, customer observations, capabilities and facility locations.

5. Understanding WAAS/LPV Video Series

Avionics Installation Sales Rep and long-time AEA Advisory Board Member Gary Harpster hosted this five-part WAAS video series based on the presentations he gave across the country last year. The series offers more technical information on legacy interface problems, LPV approaches, GPS signals and operational benefits.

More downloads are planned for release this year, so stay tuned! Additional resources that didn’t make our top five list can be found at

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