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Video: Citation 560 Excel Aircraft Paint—Taking It Off

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Apr 02, 2015 @ 12:07 PM

Citation-560XL-paintContributed by Nate Klenke, completion sales rep

Ever wonder what happens during the first few days your business jet is in getting a new exterior paint?   

During the earliest stage of the repainting process the aircraft is prepared for the existing paint to be removed. After all composites and other areas on the aircraft are protected, a yellowish peroxide-based stripper is applied and then the paint just begins falling off.

To the casual observer, your jet appears to be sitting around waiting with very little activity. But in reality quite a lot is happening. You just have to be patient and wait…and watch…a long time…nearly two days. But don’t blink, you could miss something.

Seriously, unless you have time to hang out for a weekend at a Duncan Aviation paint facility, you’ll just have to take my word that paint stripping magic is happening.

After a quick scrub, second application and a rinse to neutralize the stripper, all of the protective taping is removed and your aircraft is ready for the next step towards its new look.

Video Magic

Over this past weekend we captured a Citation 560 Excel at our Lincoln Nebraska, facility as it began the paint-stripping process.

We shortened and sped up this two-day event into a 60 second video. But don’t blink; you still could miss something.  

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