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Aircraft Satellite Television Service Extended Through 2012

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

Contributed by Matt Nelson, Manager of Satellite Operations

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Avoid satellite television service disruption, order your replacement hardware soon.

In an earlier post, we reported that as early as March 31, 2012, operators could experience a complete loss of satellite television service aboard their aircraft over the United States. Since our original report, revised information has been received from DirecTV.

The current airborne satellite television service from DirecTV will be continued through January 2013. According to satellite television manufacturers Rockwell Collins and Honeywell, the service provider for airborne Satellite Television services in the Continental United States will discontinue its services for some early model systems.

Certain OEM trade-in programs have been extended slightly for the purchase of the replacement hardware, however if recent experience is any indication, we expect to see extremely long lead-times for that equipment. Please be prepared to place orders soon to avoid any service disruption!

Which Satellite Televisions Are Impacted?

The model and part numbers of the receiver and decoders currently installed are the determining factors whether your aircraft will be impacted and your course of action.

  • The Rockwell Collins Tailwind Series systems utilize a Receiver/Decoder Unit, or RDU, and will use a part number of either 931000-XXX, or 930002-XX.
  • Honeywell AIS-1000 and AIS-2000 systems utilize a Receiver/Decoder Module, or RDM.  The RDM's affected by this announcement will use a part number of 4088477-901.

The replacement RDU / RDM may also affect the television remote control functionality and require hardware and / or software upgrades or other modification to your existing Cabin Management System. When speaking with one of our avionics professionals, it is advised to have your avionics wiring diagrams accessible.

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Price Breaks

Both Collins and Honeywell are offering upgrades and trade-in pricing for the Receiver/Decoder replacements. These are limited-time trade-in programs; we recommend that you do not hesitate in taking advantage of them.

At Duncan Aviation, we have avionics satellite locations throughout the United States. Anyone of which, is capable of the new RDU Installation. We will also provide you with Duncan Aviation quality installation records and drawings needed for future upgrades.

For installation and scheduling information, contact the following Duncan Aviation Avionics Satellite shop managers:

Matt Nelson serves as the Manager of Satellite Operations for Duncan Aviation's avionics network, providing avionics installation services at the busiest business airports in the United States. His aviation career began in 1987.

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