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TFE731 AD 2005-05-15: Last Minute Scheduling Woes

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Jul 15, 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Contributed by Mike Bernholtz, Turbine Engine Services Sales Rep.

Honeywell TFE731 Engine

Honeywell and Duncan Aviation encourage all TFE731 operators to take a "sooner" rather than "later" approach when complying with AD 2005-05-15.

December 31, 2011, is the last day to comply with the FAA Airworthy Directive (AD) 2005-05-15. This AD requires the replacement of low pressure turbine LPT stage 1 discs for affected TFE731-3, -3A, -3AR, -3R, -3B, and -3BR series engines.

Delayed Inspection May Mean Delayed Capacity & Parts

According to the Honeywell website, there has been a low compliance rate for this AD since it was issued in 2005. They are encouraging all operators who are affected to contact an authorized service center immediately to schedule the inspections and part replacements.

Consequently, at Duncan Aviation, we believe as the deadline gets closer, the demand and lead time for parts will increase significantly. There is also a real possibility that engine maintenance shops will not have the capacity to handle these requests on a 'last minute' basis.

Affected TFE731 Engines

All TFE731-3, -3A, -3AR, -3R, -3B, and -3BR engines installed on one of the following aircraft models must have this AD performed before 2012.  

  • Learjet 55   
  • Hawker 400, 600,700
  • Westwind I and II (IAI 1124)
  • Falcon 50
  • Jetstar
  • Astra
  • Citation III/VI
  • Sabreliner

This AD does not apply on engines that have had the 3C or 3D upgrade.

Engines that are still running a LPT1 disc part, numbers 3072070-All, 3072351-All, 3073013-All, 3073113-All, 3073497-All and 3074103-All, require replacement prior to 2012.

To further emphasize the importance of complying sooner rather than later, Honeywell has issued a Service Information Letter (SIL). If applicable, Honeywell has a pricing program for the replacement of the disc and the LPT1 blades.

Duncan Aviation is a Honeywell Authorized Service Center and operates a 20,000 square foot engine maintenance shop dedicated to the support of TFE731 engines.

For more information about this AD, contact Shane Heier, Duncan Aviation's Honeywell Engine Tech Rep. To schedule this inspection and parts replacement, contact Engine Maintenance Service Sales.

Mike Bernholtz is a Turbine Engine Services Sales Rep specializing in Honeywell TFE731 inspection and maintenance services. His aviation career began in 1989.

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