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16 Important Aircraft Parts Sales & Core Exchange Terms

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Aug 02, 2011 @ 10:58 AM

Contributed by Jewell Chambers, International Sales Representative

alphabet soup

The acronyms and terms used in aviation are an alphabet soup. It can be very confusing and seem like a foreign language.

Entering into an agreement without fully understanding the language in an aircraft parts sales or exchange quote can cause confusion, delays and customer frustration. Never enter into an agreement to purchase or exchange aircraft parts, before fully understanding the terms and conditions of the contract.

Below are 16 aviation acronyms and terms typically used in aviation parts sales and exchange quotes.

ARO —After Receipt of Order

Part order must be placed prior to part being shipped. An ARO quote is good for a limited time only.

AOG—Aircraft On Ground

AR—As Removed

The part is being sold in the condition it was in when removed from the aircraft.

Consignment Inventory

Parts are being sold on behalf of someone else. Consignment Inventory parts may not have traceability.


Unit or part being returned from an exchange sale.

ETA— Estimated Time of Arrival

Estimated time when a part will arrive.


A unit or part sold to a customer in exchange for the same core unit in return.

Late Fees

Additional charges for core returns being returned late. Most vendors give 14 or 21 days to return core units, after which, extended use fees, late fees and even outright billing may apply.

LT—Lead Time

Amount of time until the unit or part is available for shipment.

OEM—Original Equipment Manufacturer

Outright Sale

No core return is expected from the customer (i.e. not an exchange unit).


A unit or part repaired per an overhaul manual.


A unit repaired to satisfy a declared squawk only. It is not an overhauled unit.


Explanation or description of why a unit has failed.

WOR—Work Out of Repair

Unit needs repair attention before available for sale.

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Jewell Chambers is an International Sales Representative for Duncan Aviation’s parts sales team, specializing in consignment contracts and avionics equipment. She began working in aviation in 1995.

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