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DOMs Recommend Aircraft Battery for Fleet Operations

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Nov 10, 2011 @ 03:03 PM

 Contributed by Michael Craft, Parts & Components Sales Rep.

Securaplane Hawker Battery

Securaplane Hawker Main Ship Batteries offer significant performance enhancements compared to other sealed lead acid and Ni-Cad batteries.

The strongest and most trusted form of advertising isn’t a slick campaign or flashy website. It’s one satisfied customer telling another about his or her consumer experience. Here are two Directors of Maintenance (DOMs) who feel strongly about which aircraft batteries get to fly in their fleets.

Arthur (Skip) Pieplow, DOM for AirMed International / AirMed Asia

If you are considering changing the brand of batteries that are installed in your business aircraft, I can’t recommend Securaplane highly enough.

For the last five years, AirMed International’s fleet of Hawker 800s and Beechjets, have been flying solely using the Securaplane Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) main ship batteries. In our business we fly hard and expect nothing but the highest performance and reliability from our aircraft batteries.

Securaplane batteries deliver.

Andy Bajc, DOM for Duncan Aviation's Flight Operations

Duncan Aviation has a diversified fleet of aircraft. We started using Securaplane’s Hawker lead acid batteries six years ago with excellent results.

The first Securaplane Hawker battery in the Duncan fleet was installed in a King Air C90. It lasted 6 ½ years, well past the warranty period! Since then, we have installed them in all of our owned or managed Learjets, Citation 560 and 650s and a Beechjet 400A. As of today, there are 12 Hawker batteries in service within the Duncan Aviation fleet.

On the rare occasion when battery issues occurred, we have always experienced proper warranty support from Securaplane.

Securaplane Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Main Ship Batteries have technology that beats NiCad, Lead-Calcium and Lead-Antimony in every category of performance. They can ultimately save operators hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually.

Duncan Aviation is the only authorized Securaplane Battery distributor in the United States who can also repair Securaplane emergency batteries with a turn time averaging two to three days. For more information about the benefits of Securaplane batteries, contact Michael Craft.

Michael Craft serves as Customer Focus Sales Rep. for Duncan Aviation’s Parts, Avionics, Instruments, Accessories and Propeller team in Lincoln, NE (LNK). He began working in aviation in 2000.

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