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Aircraft paint can beautifully reflect hours of painstaking care and preparation—or it can cover a multitude of sins. The trouble is, you can’t always tell which applies to your aircraft until long after the job is finished.


According to George Bajo, completions sales representative for Duncan Aviation, “Anyone can shoot a glossy coat of paint. But the value is in the details.”  

He goes on to suggest operators conduct a visual inspection for dirt specs in the paint finish as one identifier of a quality job. “While a few dirt specs should be expected, a large number is cause for concern.”

The attention to detail at the sealed windows and cleanliness of the painted landing gear are also evidence of a job done right. New stair treads, dressed boots, wiped down wheels and wheel wells, painting inside of gear doors, radome boots that don’t yellow and erosion tape are also extras that customers should expect.

“It’s all about the details,” George says. “That’s what you pay for.”

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