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ADS-B And Non-Performing Emitters

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, May 01, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

According to the most recent data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Association), slightly fewer than 10% of all U.S. registered ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast)-equipped aircraft are NPE, or non-performing emitters. Having NPE means the aircraft’s ADS-B Out system is not transmitting in compliance with FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) 91.227.

Here are some common issues that result in having NPE:

  1. Incorrect software version or improper system configuration can result in reduced aircraft position integrity/accuracy.
  2. Incorrect emitter category results when the aircraft’s ADS-B system is transmitting the wrong emitter category based on its maximum take-off weight.
  3. Incorrect Flight ID is a result of the aircraft registration for Mode S not matching the Flight ID.
  4. Transmitting airborne data while the aircraft is on the ground.

Is Your ADS-B Equipment Compliant?  

adsb videoGo to FAA Website: and request a PAPR (Public ADS-B Performance Report). A PAPR provides an additional method of verifying proper operation of ADS-B equipment.

After answering a few questions about your ADS-B installation, you will receive a report from the FAA showing what parameters have failed, if any. Instructions and a User’s Guide can be found on the website.

If you have not complied with the upcoming FAA ADS-B mandate, the time is now. For more information, go to:

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Duncan Aviation Manager of Satellite Operations Pens ADS-B Article

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Apr 24, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

If aircraft are sitting on the ground after the deadline, they aren’t useful to anyone.

For the April 2018 issue of AvBuyer magazine, Matt Nelson Manager of Satellite Operations at Duncan Aviation wrote the Guest Editor’s ViewPoint. There are about 20 months remaining until the FAA’s December 31, 2019, deadline to upgrade aircraft to ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast), and Matt wants to reiterate Duncan Aviation’s message regarding ADS-B.

Qualified Shop With Experienced Avionics Technicians

adsb-fleet_completeIt’s important to get the upgrade done at a qualified facility. Counting installations performed before 2017, Duncan Aviation has completed more than 520 ADS-B installations to date, and has capacity for another 1500 by the mandate deadline. We consider our organization to be the foremost ADS-B compliance experts across all aircraft makes and models.

Qualified shops around the United States are making a dent in the numbers; it’s estimated that roughly 40% of the fleet has been upgrade. Matt pointed out that Duncan Aviation and other MROs are trying to let our customers know that aircraft in need of ADS-B upgrades are going to be vying for available space in the remaining 20 months. In fact, the monthly rate at which the remainder of the fleet needs modification is 390 aircraft, and the current rate is 190 aircraft per month. As we get closer to the deadline, there will be an increasing shortage of hangar space and qualified shops with experienced avionics technicians.

Hangar Space

In 2017, Duncan Aviation’s nation-wide network of Satellite facilities allotted space and labor for 300 upgrades. Because our technicians gained proficiency with every installation, the shops increased their capacity to 460 installations in 2018 and are planning for nearly 600 in 2019.

At several of the Satellite Avionics Shops Duncan Aviation’s customers are taking advantage of the proximity of our skilled technicians and having their entire fleets upgraded.

Deadline Firm

deadline-graphic2We’ve been repeating this message for several years: Upgrade now, please don’t wait until the last minute; the deadline isn’t going to change, and parts and labor prices are not going to drop. We really want to reiterate that there are no magic bullets on the horizon for your ADS-B upgrade. The OEMs have spent millions of dollars developing solutions for their platforms, and they aren’t going to develop anything with a lower cost or that’s easier to install in the final months before the deadline. In fact, most vendors have already announced price increases for this year and next.

We also want to make sure that the industry understands our objectives in light of the mandates in general. Our objective is to ensure that our customers become compliant by the deadline in order to keep their aircraft flying. If aircraft are sitting on the ground, they aren’t useful to anyone.

Click below for information on scheduling a time to upgrade your fleet or aircraft.

Contact a Duncan Aviation Satellite Avionics Shops to Schedule Now

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The Duncan Aviation Red Phone

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Sep 26, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

phonebooth-15_small.jpgDuncan Aviation will have video phones in its NBAA booth to connect visitors with experts who stayed home. 

Although Duncan Aviation will have about 25 representatives available to visitors at its NBAA-BACE (National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition)booth #C9125, there is no doubt that they will be asked about team members who didn’t make the trip. With more than 1,250 team members who develop strong relationships with customers, vendors and partners, it would be impossible for Duncan Aviation to bring everyone with close contacts at the show.

To make it easier for these visitors to reach out to team members not at the show, Duncan Aviation will have two video phones in its booth that will be connected to Duncan Aviation’s phone system and ready to provide video calls with experts back home.

In addition to satisfying this social aspect of the NBAA show, the phones will be available if area experts in the booth are working with other visitors and unable to connect with someone who stops by.

“ADS-B and connectivity are hot issues again this year ,” says Lori Johnson, Duncan Aviation’s Marketing Communications Manager. “In year’s past, there has been a line of visitors waiting to speak with our avionics representatives. This will allow them to reach out and get answers faster than waiting while still having a face-to-face conversation.”

For more information, visit Duncan Aviation at booth #C9125 during this year’s NBAA convention from October 10-12, at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the Henderson Executive Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, or watch for announcements at the Duncan Aviation NBAA-BACE webpage. 

Duncan Aviation NBAA-BACE Announcements

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Duncan Intelligence September 2017 Issue

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Wed, Sep 20, 2017 @ 01:00 PM

Are you aware of the reletively new 7X task card 53-60-00-900-601?  No? Then you haven't read the September issue of the Duncan Intelligence.

September Duncan Intelligence

Falcon 7X Body Fairing Screw Installation

Duncan Aviation Falcon technicians have noted a few Falcon 7X aircraft with screws pulling through the composite fuselage body fairings.

Hawker Corrosion Control: Don’t Let Out of Sight Be Out Of Mind

Whenever access to the upper surfaces of your aircraft is possible, inspect and remove minor corrosion.

Bombardier Learjet: Piston Care on Main Landing Gear Actuators

During recent inspections, Duncan Aviation Accessory Technicians have found corrosion on the pistons in the Main Actuator of a Bombardier Learjet 55 aircraft.

ART-2000/2100: Proper Shutdown Procedures to Prevent Unwanted Squawks

If your ART 2000 or ART 2100 screen is blank, only showing half a screen, sending you FAIL messages, or creating a noise/vibration when getting powered down, you may not be following proper shutdown procedures.

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Susie Corn Joins Duncan Aviation’s Turbine Engine Service Sales Team

Duncan Aviation CJ3 Pro Line Fusion® Integrated Avionics Upgrade Program in Full Swing

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Duncan Aviation Adds 1,125 Years of Experience to Silver Wings Club

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Sep 12, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

Duncan_170804_04843_for blog.jpg
Duncan_170804_04910_for blog.jpg
Duncan_170804_04891_for blog.jpg
Duncan_170804_04917_for blog.jpg


Duncan_170804_04789_for blog.jpg


On August 4, 2017, in Lincoln, Nebraska, and August 5, in Battle Creek, Michigan, the Duncan Aviation Silver Wings club inducted 45 new members. This special club honors team members who have devoted 25 years of their careers to Duncan Aviation.

This year’s inductees bring the grand total of Silver Wings members to 326! “Given the mobile nature of our society, it is quite a feat to have more than 300 people who have dedicated 25 years to this company,” says Chairman Emeritus and Silver Wings founder Robert Duncan.

2017 New Members

John Bates, Team Leader for Interior Completions, BTL

Curt Beckenhauer, Finish Master Specialist, LNK

Mike Bernholtz, Senior Sales Rep & Sales Team Leader Engine Services, LNK

Darren Blaser, Team Leader Cabinet Shop, LNK

Mike Brouwer, Assistant Manager Airframe, BTL

Barry Burkey, Master Technician Avionics & Instruments, LNK

Cliff Casburn, Cabinet Master Specialist, LNK

Mark Earnest, MPI Team Leader, LNK

David Epley, Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic Facilities, LNK

Greg Fenster, Master Technician Airframe, LNK

Terry Fransen, Project Manager, LNK

Jon Fredrick, Master Specialist Upholstery, LNK

Steve Gade, Vice President Business Development Initiatives, Marketing & Sales, LNK

Terry Gieselman, Technician Accessories, LNK

Rob Gray, Team Leader RTS Modifications, LNK

Dennis Gulley, MPI Technician III, LNK

Russ Haugen, Assistant Manager Customer Service, LNK

Ted Hinkle, Crew Leader Cabinet Shop, LNK

Tim Horner, Cabinet Master Specialist, LNK

Pete Hubbard, Senior Sales Rep Airframe, LNK

Troy Hyberger, Manager FBO Services, LNK

Brad Lennemann, Senior Sales Rep Airframe, LNK

Bob Masek, IT Tech Support Specialist, LNK

Jeff Morgan, Alternate Shift Supervisor Interiors, LNK

Kevin Olson, Completions Master Specialist, LNK

Jim Overheul, Tech Rep, BTL

Mark Pawlowski, Engineering Team Leader & Alterations Planner, LNK

Todd Reckling, Crew Leader & Team Leader Avionics Install, LNK

Monte Reeves, Project Manager, LNK

Lanny Renshaw, Assistant Manager Engine Dept, LNK

Bryan Rothchild, Alternate Shift Supervisor Avionics Install, LNK

Scott Shefke, Tech Rep, LNK

Gordon Smith, Crew Lead, Fort Lauderdale Satellite Shop

Aaron Spulak, Master Technician, LNK

Kristi Steward, Project Manager IT, LNK

Matt Stolz, Alternate Shift Supervisor Airframe, LNK

Dennis Sweeney, RTS Inspector, LNK

Bong Tran, Upholstery Specialist, LNK

Chris VanderWeide, Chief Inspector International Airworthiness & ODA Unit Member, BTL

Dick Veik, RTS Inspector Quality, LNK

Russ Walker, Avionics Tech, LNK

Rod Whitehead, Team Lead Interiors, LNK

Rick Wilen, Master Tech Calibration Lab, LNK

Paul Wiles, Pilot in Command for Medium Jet, LNK

Louis Williams, Preventative Maintenance Specialist Facilities, LNK

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Duncan Aviation Releases a Different Kind of Falcon

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Aug 17, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

Falcon release.jpg

Earlier this summer, three American Kestral Falcons attempted to take their maiden flight out of the nest that was high in the rafters of a Duncan Aviation maintenance hangar. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it far and landed on the floor. 

They were discovered, rescued and taken to the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery Center in Elmwood, NE, where Elaine Bachel, center volunteer, fed and cared for them.

The Raptor Recovery Center sees between 450-500 birds of prey, such as eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, and vultures, in need of immediate assistance every year. They rely on concerned citizen to report the injured raptors and a network of dedicated volunteers across the area to receive the calls and then potentially drive countless miles to retrieve the birds and get them back to the trauma care unit. The birds are evaluated immediately upon arrival and if necessary, provided treatment, medication, and surgery by trained professionals. Once the birds are healthy again, they are banded and released back to the wild near where they are found.

Elaine said the falcons discovered at Duncan Aviation were uninjured and just needed a little bit more time to grow and get stronger. After only a few weeks, she brought the birds back to Duncan Aviation where some of the technicians who found them were able to release them.



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Duncan Aviation Releases August Duncan Intelligence

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Aug 08, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

Did you know Rockwell Collins TDR-94D transponders upgraded in 2014 or before may not be in compliance with the ADS-B mandate? No? Then you haven't read the August issue of the Duncan Intelligence.

August Duncan Intelligence

Falcon 7X: Frame 33 Cabin/Baggage Compartment Door

During your next 36 month/2400 hour inspection, pay particular attention to the hinge area of the door that leads from the cabin to the baggage compartment.

TDR-94D Transponders: Are You Compliant?

Owner/operators who upgraded their Rockwell Collins TDR-94D transponders in 2012 or 2013 may not be in compliance with the FAA’s ADS-B

Proper Alignment of the SP-101 Spoileron Computer

Sometimes assisting customers means helping them identify when a unit needs to be sent in for repair and when it doesn’t.

Environmental Testing Beneficial For All Radar Units

Our years of experience have taught us it is in the best interest of our customers and the reliability and performance of their units, to run every unit through temperature and altitude tests.

View Online Now

Duncan Aviation Expands Mobile Engine Services to the Ohio River Valley

Duncan Aviation’s Fort Lauderdale Satellite Shop Upgrades Challenger 604 for ADS-B Compliance

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Duncan Aviation Releases July Duncan Intelligence

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Jul 13, 2017 @ 12:50 PM

Did you now the U.S. House of Representatives are expected to vote on the privatization of the ATC? How about how to help prevent corrosion to the avionics units in the radome? No? Then you haven't read the July issue of the Duncan Intelligence.

July Duncan Intelligence

You Have 48 Hours To Stand Against The Privatization of ATC  

 The General Aviation industry stands against the privatization of ATC. They need our help. 

Honeywell Issues Reliability Service Bulletin AS907-73-9005

This Honeywell SB replaces the main fuel control on the AS907-2-1G model engine found on the Gulfstream G280 aircraft.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Service Bulletin Update

This is a brief update and guidance on maintenance topics for Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW500 engine family.

Is Your Radar Unit Always Corroded? Check the Radome.

A solid seal around the radome will help prevent corrosion of the avionics units inside.

Intermittent Switches on JET Yaw Damper Computers

 The Yaw Damper switches are well known for becoming intermittent and stuck causing the unit to not function.

View Online Now

Duncan Aviation’s First Honeywell TFE731 CZI Event Lands in Lincoln

Duncan Aviation Assigns Dedicated Program Admin for After Market Warranty Programs

The Duncan Intelligence is a free, technical newsletter for business aircraft owners and operators. Written in-house by Duncan Aviation's technical representatives, each edition includes technical tips and advice on topics and trends in business aviation. It is a free, monthly e-mail subscription for aviation enthusiasts around the world.

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Another Sucessful Year at EBACE 2017 for Duncan Aviation

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Jun 01, 2017 @ 12:30 PM

They say the business of business aviation happens at EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition). No where did that happen more than the Duncan Aviation booth. 

Over three days during EBACE 2017, hundreds of attendees stopped by to say hello, giving our team the opportunity to connect with customers, business partners and friends. We value this time to strengthen established relationships and forge new ones. 

According to the EBACE website this year's show occupied more than 40,000 square-meters of exhibit floor by more than 400 exhibitors. The static display featured 56 business aircraft. EBACE 2017 attendees came from more than 100 countries, from the European region and beyond.

We had a lot of fun. Hope you did too. Have a look at our EBACE 2017 photo album below.

EBACE17-2.jpg IMG_3388.jpgIMG_2716.jpgIMG_4898.jpgIMG_4899.jpgEBACE17-1.jpgIMG_3386.jpgIMG_3445.jpgIMG_3383.jpg

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Aircraft Compass System Alignment Formulae

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, May 02, 2017 @ 11:33 AM

If you replace or change the magnetic compass or components on your aircraft’s compass system, it is appropriate to swing the compass to verify or align it to minimize errors.

The following alignment steps apply to all make/model aircraft and are based on MIL-STD 765A. Your aircraft’s compass system may have different methods of alignment. Always refer to and use the manufacturer’s procedures if they differ from this method.


North (N) / South (S) Correction = ½ [N error - S error]

East (E) / West (W) Correction = ½ [W error - E error]

Index Correction =

¼ [N error + E error + S error + W error]

Compass Swing Procedure with example:


  1. Align the aircraft to the South magnetic heading (180°) per the compass rose
  2. Note the indicated heading (Example: 175°)
  3. Note the deviation error (-5)
    1. Positive (+) if greater than 180° and negative (-) if less


  1. Align the aircraft to the West magnetic heading (270°) per the compass rose
  2. Note the indicated heading (Example 276°)
  3. Note the deviation error (+6)
    1. Positive (+) if greater than 270° and negative (-) if less


  1. Align the aircraft to the North magnetic heading (0°) per the compass rose
  2. Note the indicated heading (6°)
  3. Note the deviation error (6)
    1. Positive (+) if greater than 0/360° and negative (-) if less


  1. Align aircraft to the East magnetic heading (90°) per the compass rose
  2. Note the indicated heading (90°)
  3. Note the deviation error (0)

Swing Results

              Actual        Indicated     Deviation error

N             000                 006                        +6

E             090                 090                        +0

S             180                 175                        -5

W            270                 276                        +6

N/S Correction = ½ [N error - S error]

= ½ [(+6) – (-5)]

= ½(+11)

= +5.5° error

Align the aircraft to 5.5° indicated and adjust the N/S correction to read 0° indicated

E/W Correction = ½ [E error - W error]

= ½ [(+0) – (+6)]

= ½(-6)

= -3° error

Align the aircraft to 87° indicated and set E/W adjustment to read 90°                                                                            

Index Correction = ¼ [N error + E error + S error + W error]

= ¼ [(+6) + (+0) + (-5) + (+6)]

= +1.75° error

Align Flux Valve to subtract 1.75° from existing indicated heading

If you have any questions about this procedure, feel free to reach out to Duncan Aviation Avionics Instrument Tech Rep, Curt Campbell.  

Curt Campbell
+1 402.479.4220
+1 402.416.8832

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