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Duncan Aviation Battle Creek Interior Team Impresses Customer

Posted by Kate Dolan on Fri, May 12, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Interior Team in Battle Creek, Michigan, completely transformed the dated and dark interior of an older charter jet. The new owner liked the size and flight range of the model and was looking for some minor interior tweaks.

IMG_0004L_Final.gifThe metamorphosis of the aircraft was instead dramatic and complete, and this first-time Duncan Aviation customer was extremely excited by the transformation.

“That’s what you have to call it,” says Completions and Modifications Sales Rep Adam Bruce. “It was a transformative experience!”

Because Battle Creek Multi Media Illustrator Ken Reita felt the interior really needed a more thorough renovation, he and Adam flew to Miami, Florida, to show the customer both sets of designs. The customer was thrilled with the designs for the more complete refurbishment and even came up with several ideas for the color scheme. 

“Although the customer had originally planned just a cursory rehab of the interior so he could turn around and sell the aircraft, he changed his mind after seeing the designs,” says Adam. “This was a really fun project to be a part of, and the customer was enthusiastic from the start.”

The wood in the old interior was scratched and pitted, and the finish was foggy. The plating throughout the interior is all chrome now, and there are orange accents in the custom carpet. Adam says the new, hand-finished wood is probably the most impressive change.

“We replaced the pitted, scratched, dark wood with a light beige wood with graphite striations through it,” says Adam. “With its high glos

s, you can see gold and silver mineral deposits in the wood. It’s just beautiful how the flecks shine when the light hits the brilliant finish.”

The seats are fresh and attractive with their new, single-toned leather. Replacing the worn, faded leather on the divan is a new plush, light-colored fabric that has softened the interior. Orange pillows add a splash of accent color and help draw out the subtle orange threads in the carpet.

BTL Interior Debrief.jpg

“The owner didn’t shy away from contemporary styling—colors, textures, and materials,” says Adam. “He had a unique 

color palette and knew exactly what he wanted. Although he selected textures and hues that are somewhat unconventional for a business jet, it’s not a radical design.”

Another unique feature the owner selected was quartz countertops in place of the usual Corian. Featuring the same low-maintenance and durability of Corian, the quartz (light b

eige with high-res metal flakes) countertop has the beauty and shine of polished granite 

but is scratch and stain resistant. 

Before . . . and After

The customer arrived before the aircraft’s test flight. He wanted to have a look at the refurbishment, which was in its final stages.

“The result of this collaboration is a truly unique, custom airplane,” says Scott Fitzgerald, CFO for Petroleum Realty Corporation, who represented the customer.

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