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Good Workflow & Strong Committment at Duncan Aviation-Provo

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Dec 16, 2010 @ 09:26 AM

Contributed by Jeff Schipper, Project Manager

Duncan Aviation-Provo Team

The Duncan Aviation-Provo team includes airframe technicians, avionics technicians, mechanics, project managers, materials supervisors, quality site coordinators, shift supervisors, and a regional manager.

Transitioning from Battle Creek, Mich. to Provo, Utah was an exciting opportunity for me, and also for the other folks who relocated here from our facilities in Battle Creek and Lincoln, Neb. Being a smaller group, all depending on each other, we are pretty tight-knit.

There is a strong sense of teamwork and everyone is committed to making sure we uphold the strong reputation of Duncan Aviation. Everyone is pitching in, willing to wear multiple hats and do anything that is asked of them whether it is answering the phone or scrubbing floors.

Limited in-house resources has probably been the most challenging part. Everything from NDT, machining, tooling, and welding needs to be outsourced. As I said, the team here is very creative and resourceful and we're clearing every hurdle we encounter.

Having a few knowledgeable local team members has been crucial in locating vendors that we can rely on. Even with limited resources, we have never felt like we're hanging out on a limb. We lean heavily on our strengths in both Lincoln and Battle Creek for expertise and support, and enjoy the support of our Professional Development Team and their recent visit for in-house training.

All in all, it feels really good to be here. We have a great team, and customers are coming. We currently have a Learjet 35 going through a major landing gear inspection as well as a Challenger in for a 600 hour inspection. We also recently completed several projects, including:

Unfortunately for me, all this work means less time to ski. But I’m okay with that.

Jeff Schipper is the Project Manager at Duncan Aviation-Provo. Prior to relocating to Duncan Aviation's newest facility, Jeff served as the Airframe Manager at Battle Creek, and has experience working in paint, interior and airframe. He began working in aviation in 1987.

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