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First Falcon 7X 48-Mos Telescopic Duct Inspections Coming Due

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Feb 17, 2012 @ 03:10 PM

Contributed by Jerry Cable, Accessories Rep

Falcon 7X 48-Month Telescopic Duct Inspection

Rick Kastl, Duncan Aviation Master Accessories Tech performs a Chapter 5 requirement on Falcon 7X telescoping tubes.

One of the first calendar inspections for the Falcon 7X is the 48-Month Telescopic Duct Inspection. This inspection requires the leak testing, deflection-force testing and extension-force testing of the three telescoping tubes found in each wing of the 7X.

I was contacted recently by a Senior Aircraft Maintenance Manager for one of the first Falcon 7X aircraft registered in the United States seeking assistance in complying with this Chapter 5 requirement. Being a relatively new model aircraft, this was first time I had received a request of this type. Just like all new model aircraft, the tooling and capabilities aren't always available when the first aircraft comes off the line. Oftentimes, they are developed when operators' demands dictate it.

With help from Todd Hoffman, Phu Ngyun and Mark Lepkey of Duncan Aviation’s Machine Shop and Duncan Aviation Accessory Master Tech Rich Kastl, we have been successful in engineering the necessary tooling and test rigs using the Falcon 7X maintenance manual and a set of new 7X tubes.

Duncan Aviation facilities in Lincoln, NE, and Battle Creek, MI, are both Dassault Falcon Authorized Heavy Service Centers authorized to perform all major and minor aircraft inspections and repairs on all Falcon models.

Jerry Cable is an Accessory Tech Rep located at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Nebr., facility. He specializes in around the clock assistance with troubleshooting and accessory related technical questions. His aviation career began in 1991

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