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How A Nose Wheel Steering Malfunction Left A Lasting Impression

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 08:59 AM

Brad Sides

Brad Sides is a 12-year Duncan Aviation veteran, leading by example by delivering what is required to meet a customer's expectation. "It's all in a day's work."

In late March, a customer contacted Duncan Aviation for off-site assistance with a nose wheel steering malfunction. This customer sent the following letter to Allen Sward, Duncan Aviation Airframe Team Leader, regarding the experience. We decided to share these remarks because although we can say we hold ourselves to a higher standard of service than other service providers in business aviation, nothing says it quite like our customers do. The customer's name and company have been removed at his request.


On March 28, 2012, our C680 had a Nose Wheel Steering malfunction in Nebraska City, NE. Our in-house maintenance department contacted Duncan Aviation in Lincoln. Your maintenance technician, Brad Sides was assigned the task of repairing our aircraft remotely. Brad made the drive down to AFK immediately and began the work required. He worked non-stop until late that evening, and then returned again the following morning to complete the repair which allowed us to ferry the aircraft to LNK for the functional tests required.

I have been in corporate aviation for 21 years and have experienced maintenance at many other service facilities. Duncan Aviation and Brad Sides made this maintenance event the best I have ever experienced.

Things that impressed me regarding Brad:

  • He was there when we were told he would be.
  • He stayed until late to get the part off of the aircraft for repairs.
  • He coordinated with Lincoln to move the part back to the shop quickly.
  • He was very pleasant, friendly, and professional.
  • He explained everything easily and kept me informed on the process.
  • His expert skills speak for themselves.
  • Bottom line........he gave 100%!

“Great People make Great Companies!” so,

Things that impressed me regarding Duncan:

  • They responded quickly.
  • They obviously have people who know their job.
  • All of the employees seem to work very well together communicating and closing the gaps.
  • Everyone involved in the maintenance was friendly and professional.
  • The front desk staff was very helpful, friendly, and professional.
  • The best part.......we were out of there when Duncan said we would be!

Thanks again for making this event as pleasurable as possible.

Senior Pilot, Fortune 300 Company

Brad Sides, Duncan Aviation Lead Mechanic from Lincoln, NE, believes one of the most important parts of his job is to deliver exactly what the customer expects, but strives to deliver more. "This customer came to Duncan Aviation expecting the best. That's the level of service that I want to provide." Brad is a 12-year Duncan Aviation veteran, his aviation career began in 1998.

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