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How to Avoid Challenger 600 Epoxy Ramp Removal Damage

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Aug 03, 2012 @ 03:02 PM

Submitted by Scott Shefke, Airframe Tech Rep

Challenger 600 Door Epoxy Ramp Removal

Duncan Aviation Maintenance Tech using the Aero 40 Series dry ice blasting machine.

Bombardier has released Service Bulletin (SB) for all Challenger 600 model aircraft. SB ATA 55-11 titled "SPECIAL CHECK/MODIFICATION – PASSENGER DOOR –EPOXY RAMP REMOVAL AND CORROSION PREVENTION."

According to the SB ATA 55-11:

There have been several reports of corrosion in the lower structural elements of the passenger door. It was determined that the epoxy ramp installed to prevent water accumulation could deteriorate with time and retain moisture. The purpose of this Service Bulletin is to remove the epoxy ramp to prevent further corrosion, add additional draining holes and modify the door structure to allow access to facilitate scheduled inspections.

Avoiding Collateral Damage

To help support our customers in performing this SB, all three of Duncan Aviation’s maintenance facilities (Lincoln, Nebr.; Battle Creek, Mich. and Provo, Utah) have obtained a cold jet Aero 40 Series dry ice blasting machine. This dry ice blasting machine is integral in removing the epoxy ramp in an efficient manner while ensuring no collateral damage to existing door structure occurs.

Technicians at all locations have been properly trained by Cold Jet, the blasting machine’s OEM. Duncan Aviation has successfully completed this SB in-the-field and have several more in-the-field events scheduled through the remainder of 2012.

For more information about the Aero 40 Series dry ice blasting machine and to schedule the completion of this SB, please contact Duncan Aviation’s Airframe Service Sales.

Scott Shefke serves as an Airframe Technical Representative at Duncan Aviation's full-service facility in Lincoln, Nebr., specializing in Challenger, Global and Learjet aircraft. His aviation career began in 1991.

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