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Hawker Aircraft Main Entry Door Operation­

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Apr 25, 2013 @ 01:12 PM

Contributed by Dave Ungvarsky, Airframe Tech Rep

The Main Entry Door on Hawker aircraft is durable and very reliable. And by adding these basic operational measures, you will ensure years of continued problem-free service.

Hawker Main Cabin Door

1) Door Stay with loose rivets, 2) Entry door lever and shaft, 3) Door Maintenance Cables


In addition to normal door lubrication, the top and bottom door stay and hinge shaft linkages deserve some attention. Make it a point to keep them lubricated and clean.

Door Support Cables

The use of door support cables during servicing and maintenance will go a long way in reducing wear in the door stays and hinge shafts.

One Person at a Time

The policy of allowing only one passenger on the steps while entering or exiting the aircraft will also help in reducing wear.

There are several areas on the Main Entry Door where we have found wear, these include elongated bolt holes in the entry door lever to the entry door shaft and loose rivets in the door stay top and bottom tubes and fork end. Repairs for these items can be found in the Structural Repair Manual. Loose rivets and elongated bolt holes can be readily detected by applying weight to the last step and observing the amount of movement and its location. Prompt detection and repair will reduce the likelihood of costly parts replacement.

Duncan Aviation is still a Hawker Service Center

In light of the recent changes in the industry for Hawker operators, I want to remind you that Duncan Aviation continues to provide comprehensive Hawker aircraft service and support at all Duncan Aviation locations around the world. We are an industry leader in Hawker maintenance, structural repair, landing gear/component overhauls, engine MPIs, avionics upgrades, paint and interior. Our experience and capabilities are second to none. For more information about your options as a Hawker operator, contact any one of the many Duncan Aviation Hawker experts

Dave Ungvarsky is an Airframe tech rep located at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, NE, location, specializing in the Hawker aircraft. His aviation career began in 1978.

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