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Duncan Aviation offers Interior Cosmetic Detailing

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Jul 26, 2013 @ 11:18 AM

Submitted by Kristi Steward, Interior Modifications/Completions Manager


S.W.A.T., in military lingo stands for “special weapons and tactics.” At Duncan Aviation, it describes a special team putting their talents to work, addressing the most-requested cosmetic details in aircraft interiors.

Frequent customer requests led Duncan Aviation to create the SWAT service to ensure that the interior of every aircraft that comes to one of our facilities—even those scheduled for only maintenance or avionics installation—leaves looking better than when it arrived; the ultimate goal being to improve your aircraft with minor interior repairs.

Every aircraft that arrives at Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Neb., and Battle Creek, Mich., is subjected to an “Interior SWAT Team Analysis.” Offered without cost or obligation, this in-depth examination is conducted and items that can be corrected, cleaned, updated or otherwise improved to beautify the aircraft interior are identified. The inspection, combined with flight crew interviews, reveals specific areas the SWAT Team can improve while the aircraft is down. On-the-spot quotes are created and, once approved, are incorporated into the existing scheduled work without extending downtime.

Duncan Aviation holds service center authorizations for several major airframe manufacturers, including: Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer and Cessna. We are also an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) and an FAA/EASA approved Class 1-4 airframe rated repair station. Our interior project portfolio and capabilities fact sheets are available online.

Tips and Tricks

The SWAT teams offer the following advice to keep your aircraft interior in top-notch condition:
  • Perform regular cleaning and conditioning of all leather
    and wood surfaces with approved products.
  • Avoid cleaning products that will cause a build-up and give
    surfaces a cloudy appearance.
  • Clean any inadvertent ink marks immediately with Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Once set, an ink stain cannot be removed.
  • Always cover seats when bringing luggage through the cabin.
  • Close drawers and doors softly, without slamming.
  • Perform regular interior maintenance at least every other year during service center visits.

The Hit List

The most common items addressed by the SWAT teams are: carpet cleaning, leather chair re-dye, re-webbing seat belts and cabinetry hardware adjustments.


  • Seat adjustments
  • Seat cleaning and conditioning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Leather re-dye
  • Cabinet touch-up
  • Install new-style vinyl carpet runner
  • Install new cork in cupholders
  • Re-web seatbelts
  • Cabinet and card table adjustments


  • Instrument panel touch-up
  • Pedestal touch-up
  • Install new sun visor assembly
  • Re-web seatbelts

Other Areas

  • Replace entry step tread
  • Replace baggage step tread
  • New baggage load covers
  • Requested touch-ups

 Kristi Steward is a the Manager for interior modiciations and completion services at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Neb., facility. Her aviation career began in 1992.

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