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Duncan Aviation Tech Rep Recommendations: Aircraft Radar Operation

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Mar 07, 2014 @ 02:45 PM

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Duncan Aviation radar technicians use the term “Radar Season” to describe the time of year when high winds and instability in the atmosphere whip up severe thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes. At the beginning of Radar Season, when pilots rely heavily on their radar units to perform perfectly, is when many unexpected squawks may be encountered. 

Below are four Duncan Intelligence articles written by Duncan Aviation's Avionics Tech Reps with tips and recommendations about basic radar operation. 

Radar Operation Tips

The Honeywell ART 2000 and ART 2100 are high-performance modern radar that is proven reliable. But even simple things like getting in a hurry when shutting down the system can have a huge negative impact on operation over time. » Read More 

Radar Antenna Switch Settings

When replacing an ART-2000 or ART-2100 radar receiver transmitter with a loaner or replacement unit, make sure to check that the antenna switch settings are set to the proper flat plate. » Read More

Weather Radar Tilt Management

Storm season is upon us! The technology of radar is a great tool to avoid severe weather, but it is important to remember its limitations. » Read More

Radar Antenna Alignment Procedures

Seven steps to radar antenna alignment (DA-1203A). » Read More

Winter Radar Service

Also remember, the winter season is a great time to get your radar unit tested and ready to go prior to spring, when thunderstorms are more prevalent and radar is used most. Take advantage of Duncan Aviation’s Winter Radar Promotion and get $100 off radar servicesincluding functional checks, evaluations, repairs and overhauls through March 31, 2014. To redeem, print and include the $100 rebate with each radar unit shipped.

If you have questions about your radar's operation or how environmental testing will help your radar's reliability, contact Duncan Aviation avionics tech reps.

Dan Magnus is an avionics instrument technical representative located at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Neb., location. He specializes in ADF, Comms, Control Heads, CVR, DME Gables Control Heads, Receivers, Nav-Comm/Receivers, Radar Systems, GPS, GNS, Transponders and UNS Components and Systems Specialist. His aviation career began in 1976.

Adrian Chene serves as an Avionics Tech. Rep. for Duncan Aviation's Battle Creek, Mich. (BTL) facility, specializing in Astra / Westwind, Challenger, Citation, Embraer, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker and Learjet aircraft. He began working in aviation in 1996.

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