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Trust: From The Perspective of Duncan Aviation Customers

Posted by Kate Dolan on Tue, Jun 16, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

Trust_April-2015Duncan Aviation recognizes the crucial role trust plays in all relationships, but most particularly in working relationships. Regardless of whether those relationships are among co-workers or between Duncan Aviation’s team members and customers, trust is the foundation upon which the business was built.

Jerry Cohoon, Director of Maintenance
The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, Georgia

“I’ve been at Coca-Cola for 33 years and have done business with Duncan Aviation since 1984. I have a great rapport with Sharon Klose (a turbine engine service sales rep). I trust what she says and feel she’s completely honest with me. Because of that, I can be completely honest with her, too.

One time, she taught me a valuable lesson: Your word is only as good as what you say.

I had verbally agreed to some work but before signing the contract, I decided to go with a competitor who gave me an extra discount. Sharon told me that if I want to maintain a good reputation in this industry, where everyone knows everyone, I’ll have to keep my word. She’s right. I don’t want to do anything to damage my reputation.”

Erick Bonar, Director of Maintenance
Oakmont Corporation
Reno, Nevada

"In the 13 years I've been with Oakmont Corporation, I've always brought our aircraft to Duncan Aviation, and the No. 1 reason is the people. The character of the people who work on our make/model and their level of experience instills trust far beyond comfort. They have an unmatched knowledge base due to their many years of experience working on our make/model of aircraft."

Phil Carrell, Director of Maintenance
Cincinnati, Ohio

“When we need refurbishments or paint, I always call Tim Klenke in Lincoln. My company and I have always valued our relationship with Duncan Aviation because of the honesty and integrity of everyone at the company. Honesty is paramount in our business. We will absolutely continue to do business with Duncan Aviation, and we’ve started taking our aircraft to the Battle Creek, Michigan, facility because it’s so much closer for us here in Cincinnati.”

To read more about about our customer relationships, view the Spring 2015 Duncan Debrief.

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