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Duncan Aviation to Give Away Prop in Support of Breast Cancer Research

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Jan 28, 2015 @ 09:50 AM

Schedulers-Prop-_SGKDuring the upcoming NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in San Jose, Calif., one lucky attendee will go home with this propeller custom-painted by Duncan Aviation aircraft paint experts. The propeller is black, silver and pink and is emblazoned with the well-known Susan G. Komen® running ribbon and Duncan Aviation’s unique aircraft logo.

For the Feb. 3-6 Conference, Duncan Aviation has joined forces with Susan G. Komen and will go Passionately Pink® to help educate attendees about breast health and to raise funds for Susan G. Komen, which is working to end breast cancer through groundbreaking research and community health outreach programs.

Troy Hyberger, FBO Services Supervisor at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Neb., location, believes the male-dominated industry of business aviation is the perfect place to share valuable information from Susan G. Komen regarding risk assessment, screenings and healthy lifestyle choices. “Breast Cancer hits close to home for everyone, not just the ladies,” says Hyberger.

His inspiration comes from watching members of his own family go through the emotions of being diagnosed, treated and fighting hard against breast cancer. “It is our wives, mothers, daughters, and other female family members who are the ones fighting the fight against breast cancer.”

Look For The Pink Booth

You won’t be able to miss Duncan Aviation’s booth (#809) this year. It’s the one where everyone is wearing pink in front of the bright pink backdrop. In honor of every visitor who stops by to say hello and stays to fill out an informational card or provide a business card, Duncan Aviation will make a corporate donation to Susan G. Komen. The winner of the propeller will be drawn from these cards in the booth on Thursday, Feb. 5.

Duncan Aviation will also hold prize drawings every hour during the show for Duncan Aviation and Susan G. Komen merchandise.

To donate to Susan G. Komen through Duncan Aviation’s Passionately Pink efforts, please visit


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Duncan Aviation President Testifies Before Congressional Committee

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Fri, Jan 23, 2015 @ 01:43 PM

Hilkemann,-Aaron_blogSubmitted by Aaron Hilkemann, President & CEO

On Wednesday, I had the unique experience of testifying on Capitol Hill to the House Committee of Transportation and Infrastructure.

I was originally asked to testify because of my positon on the Board of Directors of the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA). However, House committee members expressed interest in hearing about the experiences of Duncan Aviation and our longstanding and sometimes complicated relationship with the FAA.

My goal in testifying was to show support for some excellent recommendations the FAA itself has that are important to industry companies like Duncan Aviation. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 included Section 313, a provision designed to improve consistency of regulatory interpretation and enhance communications between the FAA Flight Standards and Aircraft Certification offices and industry, to promote better and more timely regulatory decision making. The Act required the FAA to establish an advisory panel to review and address findings of a report by the Government Accountability Office that cited inconsistent interpretation and application of regulations as one of the leading systemic issues affecting repair stations, air carriers and manufacturers. 

In July of 2013, the FAA submitted a report to Congress with the recommendations of this advisory panel. I wanted to highlight two recommendations that are of particular interest to Duncan Aviation. 

The primary recommendation was for FAA Aviation Flight Standards (AFS) and FAA Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) to consolidate the service organization-level regulatory and guidance libraries into a single Aviation Safety (AVS) master electronic database resource to allow the agency and industry access to relevant rules and documentation. Further, the FAA would conduct a review of all regulatory, guidance, policy, and interpretation documents to identify potential conflicts, cancel outdated material, and ensure proper cross-reference with applicable regulations. This ensures that FAA inspectors and industry representatives have access in one place to the regulations and all relevant interpretative material and acceptable methods of compliance to support consistent interpretation and application. 

The Section 313 report also recommended that the FAA establish a Regulatory Consistency Communications Board (RCCB) comprising representatives from AFS, AIR, and the Office of the Chief Counsel (AGC) that would provide clarification to FAA personnel and certificate/approval holders and applicants on questions related to the interpretation and application of requirements. This promotes consistency of interpretation and application of regulations to determine acceptable methods of compliance. The RCCB would be the arbiter for all parties.

The establishment of the RCCB will help promote constructive dialogue between the FAA and applicants for the resolution of potentially adverse issues in an expeditious and fair manner.

I am hopeful that committee members understand the importance of approving and properly funding these two recommendations.

To share your support in support of these issues, I encourage you to contact your Congressional Representative.

Click below to read my written testimony. 

  Hilkemann Congressional Testimony

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Are You an Innovative Leader?

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 @ 10:00 AM


The best leaders embrace innovation and are life-long learners. They collaborate and share ideas, and change and adapt to find ways to improve and add value.

Join future and current leaders at NBAA’s 2015 Leadership Conference to learn how to influence, inspire and innovate.

February 25 and 26, you’ll hear from seven expert leadership speakers who will help you enhance your leadership skills, professionally and personally. Both Kristin Arnold and Kevin Carroll will speak to the conferences’ innovate theme.

When it comes to innovation, the best leaders embrace innovation and are life-long learners. They collaborate and share ideas, and change and adapt to find ways to improve and add value.

Kristin_ArnoldKristin Arnold, president and founder of Quality Process Consultants, Inc., is passionate about leadership, teamwork, engagement, action and momentum.

She gives leaders a clear and deep understanding of team process—insight into how groups of individuals come together, work together, make decisions and handle conflict.

Using process tools and techniques, Kristin will facilitate a dialogue with the audience about leadership and critical issues facing business aviation today and in the future.

KevinCarroll-400Kevin Carroll, author of Red Rubber Ball, inspires leaders, businesses and entire organizations to embrace their spirit of play and creativity to maximize potential and sustain meaningful business and personal growth.

As an agent for social change through his company, Katalyst, Kevin helps leaders turn innovative ideas into a reality.


Whether you are a flight department manager, chief pilot, safety manager, aviation executive or anyone with the responsibility of leading a team of people, join NBAA at the 2015 Leadership Conference for two valuable days of thought-provoking sessions, networking with business aviation leaders and the opportunity to exponentially enhance your leadership expertise.

  • Influence.
  • Inspire.
  • Innovate.

Review the full schedule of events for the conference, with descriptions of each day's sessions.

Book hotel reservations and learn about rental cars in Tucson, Arizona.

Learn why the 2015 NBAA Leadership Conference is a must attend event through our testimonials.

Register to attend the Leadership Conference using the secure online form.


Duncan Aviation is a Platinum Sponsor of the 2015 NBAA Leadership Conference. Jeannine Falter, vice president of business development for Duncan Aviation is serving as co-chair for the conference held in Tucson, Arizona, on February 24-26, 2014.

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Free NextGen Seminars in 2015

Posted by Kate Dolan on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 @ 08:00 AM


In 2014, Mark Francetic, Regional Avionics Sales Manager for Duncan Aviation, hosted several free, day-long NextGen seminars. Because interest in information and equipment is increasing as we draw closer to the 2020 deadline for the NextGen mandates, Mark will once again host a series of free seminars in 2015.

“We’ve been talking about the mandates and how they affect all of us for several years now,” says Mark, “and the discussion is shifting from the theoretical to the practical. Instead of asking, ‘What is ADS-B?’ and ‘What is FANS 1A,’ we are now asking, ‘What equipment do I need to outfit or retrofit my aircraft so it complies with the mandates stipulated in the rapidly approaching 2020 deadline?’”

Mark’s mission is to provide practical information about precisely what equipment owner/operators need and what certified equipment is currently available or will be soon.

Many of our channel partners now offer certified equipment that fulfills the ADS-B and FANS 1/A mandates. As Mark hosts NextGen seminars at key locations throughout the United States in 2015, many of those partners, including Cobham, Universal, Safran Engineering Services, GoGo Business Aviation, Satcom Direct, ICG, Honeywell, L-3 and True North, will join him.

The free seminars feature presentations about new and existing NextGen products and Q&A sessions. The seminars are popular and fill up quickly.

“Last year, we had one attendee who drove 445 miles to attend the seminar in Seattle, Washington,” says Mark.

Mark will kick off the seminar series at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on January 29. Space is limited for these free seminars, and lunch is included.

Mark is also hosting a seminar in Salt Lake City on February 19 and one at AEA in Dallas on April 7. He plans to host five more throughout the year but dates and locations for those are not yet determined.

Contact Mark for information about registration or to RSVP.

702.262.6142 (Office)

702.303.4888 (Mobile)

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Lead Through Inspiration

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Jan 13, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

The best leaders inspire others by exuding enthusiasm and living an inspired life. They acknowledge failure, create solutions, take responsibility, are courageous, listen, and persevere.

Join industry leaders at NBAA’s 2015 Leadership Conference. This year, we're focusing on three themes—influence, inspire and innovate.

February 25 and 26, you’ll hear from seven expert leadership speakers who will help you enhance your leadership skills, professionally and personally. Both Ross Bernstein and Dan Lier will speak to the conferences’ inspire theme.

dan_lierDan Lier is a human behavior expert focused on leadership and productivity. He has more than a decade of experience helping companies and individuals be their best and maximize their true potential.

Dan‘s high impact message provides inspiration while simultaneously showcasing a game plan for leaders to create extraordinary results during challenging times.



ross_bernsteinRoss Bernstein interviewed thousands of professional athletes while writing nearly 50 sports books. He applies those stories, lessons and scenarios to the business world.

Ross helps leaders and organizations think and act more like champions, and win at business—and life.



Whether you are a flight department manager, chief pilot, safety manager, aviation executive or anyone with the responsibility of leading a team of people, join NBAA at the 2015 Leadership Conference for two valuable days of thought-provoking sessions, networking with business aviation leaders and the opportunity to exponentially enhance your leadership expertise.

  • Influence.
  • Inspire.
  • Innovate.

Review the full schedule of events for the conference, with descriptions of each day's sessions.

Book hotel reservations and learn about rental cars in Tucson, Arizona.

Learn why the 2015 NBAA Leadership Conference is a must attend event through our testimonials.

Register to attend the Leadership Conference using the secure online form.


Duncan Aviation is a Platinum Sponsor of the 2015 NBAA Leadership Conference. Jeannine Falter, vice president of business development for Duncan Aviation is serving as co-chair for the conference held in Tucson, Arizona, on February 24-26, 2014.

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Top Downloads from in 2014

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 12:24 PM

2014 has been a busy year. We’ve written and published 62 technical articles in the Duncan Intelligence, 24 articles in two issues of the Duncan Debrief, produced nine new videos and updated all the Straight Talk and Field Guides.

Perhaps you have read a few. But in case you missed some, here’s a rundown of our most popular downloaded/viewed resources on for 2014.

Field Guides: Making Sense of Wi-Fi

As operators research Wi-Fi and in-flight internet options, it’s easy to get confused with all the systems, capabilities and coverage zones. The Making Sense of Wi-Fi Field Guide helps make sense of it all. Download it at

Straight Talk: Straight Talk About FANS

As Next Generation initiatives continue to become a reality in the aviation community, more operators really want to know what these initiatives are and what they mean to the individual operator. The question always comes down to value; if I need to upgrade my aircraft, what am I getting for the sometimes substantial investment? Download Straight Talk About FANS, here:

Duncan Intelligence: TFE731 Inspection Intervals

Duncan Aviation Tech Reps and Sales Reps field many questions regarding inspection intervals. Most often these pertain to the newer model engines: TFE731-20/-40/-60 and the -5BR. Read more about TFE731 Inspection Intervals in the Duncan Intelligence newsletter, here:

Duncan Debrief: Dirty Fingerprint: How Detailed Logbook Entries Benefit Your Aircraft

Anything that affects an aircraft requires documentation in the form of a logbook entry. Some call it the "dirty fingerprint" because if maintenance isn't documented in the records, it’s like it never happened. Read the Duncan Debrief article on how logbook entries impact the value of your aircraft, here:

Video Series: Understand WAAS/LPV          

Understanding WAAS & LPV is a 5-part video series that covers a variety of topics, including WAAS upgrade considerations, benefits, how it works, LPV and how the industry is changing. Duncan Aviation’s Gary Harpster hosts an overview of the system background and operations, and safety and efficiency benefits. You can watch this video series on Duncan Aviation’s Youtube Channel.  

Duncan Download Blog: FANS/ Link 2000+: What You Need to Know About Flying in EASA Airspace

Two most important things that business aircraft operators need to know about flying in EASA airspace in reference to FANS / Link 2000+. 

Stay Connected

At Duncan Aviation we work hard to bring you the most accurate information about the most relevant subjects concerning business aircraft operation and ownership. Additional resources can be found at

Stay connected to the latest in bizav news. Subscribe to the Duncan Debrief and Duncan Intelligence here. 



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Multi-Shop, Multi-Site Embraer 144-Month Success Story

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Jan 06, 2015 @ 08:00 AM


Submitted By Jeff Schipper, Project Manager PVU

Duncan Aviation’s Provo, Utah, facility both gave and received an early Christmas present this year in the guise of an Embraer Legacy 144-month (L24) inspection. During this inspection, we restored the landing gear and installed an Aircell ATG5000 cabin Wi-Fi system, among many other smaller items.

Space constraints presented the Provo crew with unique challenges, but with the requested outdate in mind, our teams worked together and creatively resolved those challenges. We aggressively dealt with the turntimes on the landing gear in order to meet our customer's limited downtime. The landing gear team at our Lincoln, Nebraska, facility finished the overhaul and shipped the landing gear back to Provo within a day of the requested return date.

Another challenge resulted from a missing aircraft Electrical Load Analysis (ELA) document. The ELA is comparable to the aircraft Weight and Balance Manual—only it’s for the aircraft electrical system. Our avionics install team worked with our Embraer contacts and procured a manual for this serial number in time for our team to perform the final calculations and produce the appropriate paperwork on our end for delivery.

To limit yet maximize downtime for this popular charter aircraft, our interior team worked with the customer on which repairs we could accomplish after the interior was removed for the inspection. The team ended up finishing several high-profile pieces of woodwork and had everything looking like new by the time installation day rolled around.

As often happens, a couple of gremlins dogged the final day—a landing light burned out and a flow pack gave up just before delivery. Troubleshooting and procuring parts ended up pushing delivery back a day, but the aircraft arrived at its home on Tuesday, December 23.

Once home in Scottsdale, the delivery gremlins reappeared; this time, an APU issue sent our Scottsdale Rapid Response team into action and they resolved the issue by early the following morning. 

One of the things that really shined through to our customer with this project was the way Duncan Aviation as a team banded together to support them no matter what facility they were in. This aircraft was worked on in our Provo facility, the landing gear was completed at our Lincoln location and when the aircraft needed after-delivery support in Scottsdale, our Rapid Response team there was quick to respond. This inspection was a true multi-shop, multi-site success story.

Since becoming a Legacy Authorized Service Center, we’ve completed several types of inspections, including L1, L2, L4, and this most recent L24.

Jeff Schipper is a Project Manager at Duncan Aviation's Provo, Utah, facility serving as the central point of contact for his customers' projects ensuring overall project quality and timely aircraft delivery. His aviation career began in 1987.


The Embraer Legacy takes off from Duncan Aviation's picturesque view in Provo, Utah. 

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Duncan Aviation Employees Resolve To Be Better For You in 2015

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 02:25 PM

We all know the drill. As soon as the ball drops we make promises to ourselves to improve life in the coming year. The most common resolutions are to improve fitness, stop vices or change a behavior.

But this is also a time to make and renew commitments to improve our work for the benefit of our customers.

A group of Duncan Aviation team members from all levels and across the world were asked ‘What is your Duncan Aviation New Year’s Resolution?’

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Tracy Hein, Project Manager, LNK
To help encourage and keep everyone moving in a positive direction, so everyone continues to enjoy their jobs. Put forth my best effort to keep teams focused on the projects, while meeting the customer expectations and Duncan's expectations.

Michael Cox, Vice President, Modifications and Team Member Services, LNK
Hit all the goals on my departments' strategic plans! The goals are about functioning at such a level that we provide exceptional customer service, quality and turn-times.

Travis Grimsley, FBO Services Supervisor, AZO & BTL
My Duncan Aviation New Year's Resolution is to have our FBO teams in Michigan bring our customers experience to a whole new level. 

Mark Cote, Vice President, Component Services and Satellite Operations, LNK
To approach challenges asking the question, “What can we do different from what we have always done to create step change?”

Skip Laney, North Central Regional Manager
My focus will be to connect with new operators in my area and introduce them the best business aircraft services and modifications teams in the industry. Then convert them to another satisfied customer.  

Sharon Klose, Engine Service / Sales
Happiness comes when you believe in what you're doing, know what you are doing and love what you are doing.

Ryan Herbstreith, Environmental Supervisor, BTL
Continue to grow, expand and learn by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Jeff Beaudette, Engineering Team Leader, LNK
For the 2015, I’m going to focus on how I can become more efficient in my work in order to provide better support and leadership of my team.

Dale Hawkins, Senior Airframe Service Sales Representative, BTL
My first and most important resolution is to spend more time in the hangars with our airframe teams and customers. So often we get stuck in the rut of plodding away on our computers and lose touch with those around us.

Pam Orr, Senior Travel & Events Coordinator, LNK
I want to get the word out in 2015 that Duncan Aviation’s travel services are at our customer’s disposal when they have work in-house. If they need to get back home after bringing their aircraft to us for service, we can make it happen fast.

It's important that we are helpful and do our best to continue to make their Duncan experience a memorable one.

Bill Prochazka, Executive Vice President / General Manager Provo Operations, PVU
To not let a customer leave our facility with a reason to look elsewhere for their next event. 

Jamie Blackman, Avionics Acquisitions Manager, LNK
My goal for next year is to learn from and absorb my co-workers’ wealth of aviation knowledge. I have hundreds of years of aviation experience surrounding me!  How fortunate is that! 

Marty Lincoln, Accessory Shop Manager, LNK
At the end of each week, I plan to reflect on my work to identify what went as planned and where I can do better.

A Culture Unchanged 

From the beginning, Donald Duncan, Duncan Aviation’s Founder, believed that if you take care of employees, employees will take personal pride to improve and then care for customers. 

To this day, this belief is unchanged. During 2015 we resolve to take personal accountability towards improvement so that we are better able to serve you, our customer.

Happy New Year!

Come visit us. We'd love to have you. 

View the Duncan Aviation Corporate video now

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Duncan Aviation Sends You...

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Dec 24, 2014 @ 11:17 AM


...A World of Good Wishes. 

One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you for your business and wish you the very best throughout 2015!


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Duncan Aviation President & CEO: How Technology Has Impacted Business

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Dec 19, 2014 @ 10:54 AM

Contributed by Aaron Hilkemann, President & CEO

Technology has created some of the most significant changes in our business over the last 25 years.


Today, Duncan Aviation team members access parts catalogs and manuals online from wireless computers throughout our hangars. Work instructions are completed and signed off by team members simply by scanning their badges. Customers can approve squawks online from anywhere in the world by accessing their secure myDuncan account. They can also obtain repair alternatives and view photos of squawks found without being onsite during the inspection. In addition to reducing paperwork, these technologies have enabled our workflow to be more efficient as customers approve items in a timelier manner and have access to a running total of additional approved costs.

Technology has also impacted repair procedures and allowed for better identification of cracks and corrosion through the use of digital boroscopes and NDT equipment. Improvements to equipment such as tugs, power carts and lifts have enabled team members to operate more reliable equipment that is also easier and safer to use. Improved fall protection, new LED lighting and more efficient heating systems have also helped to create a safer and more comfortable hangar environment for team members and customers.

Through the use of technology, we use safer and more environmentally friendly products throughout all of our shops, including not only cleaners and solvents, but an entire new system of chrome-free paint products used by our paint shop technicians. By using these more environmentally friendly paint products, we have been able to decrease risk to our workforce while increasing the number and size of aircraft painted in any one location while meet all EPA-induced environmental standards.

Technology improvements in engine, avionics and cabin management have improved the performance and, in most cases, decreased the operating costs to maintain the equipment. Consequently, the labor and parts supplied by MROs in these areas have decreased, along with fewer unscheduled maintenance events for operators.

Lastly, the emergence of the large and ultra large business jets has ‘shrunk’ our previously built hangars, causing the MRO industry to build new and much larger hangars. The planes considered ‘big iron’ 25 years ago are now considered mid-size aircraft. These large and ultra-large business aircraft have expanded the worldwide fleet and have created the perfect business tool for the new worldwide economy that has emerged. The other development that has put a demand on hangar space for MROs is the addition of winglets on aircraft of all sizes. Winglets, while making the aircraft more efficient, make stacking the MRO hangar more complicated.

Future developments that will impact the MRO industry include regulation and the continued growth and emergence of the worldwide fleet. 

New regulations and interpretations of existing regulations have significantly impacted our business during the past 25 years. Many repairs for corrosion in the past were quickly resolved and signed off using 337s. Today, even many smaller inspections generate corrosion repairs that must be accompanied by engineering drawings that significantly increase the cost and timeliness of the repairs.

While the FAA continues to focus on streamlining regulation, EASA appears to be focusing on writing new and more complex regulations. The result of both actions by the FAA and EASA will continue to increase costs to MROs that will be passed on to operators. The FAA's focus on establishing delegated authority for MROs has resulted in increased MRO staffing to support the delegated authority and this is expected to continue.  EASA's certification charges continue to be significant along with the additional costs to prepare the documentation required to obtain the certifications. While safety remains an important issue for operators and MROs, it appears the operating costs to maintain and certify new equipment and repairs are growing exponentially in relation to the improved safety of these new regulations and certification requirements. 

The emergence of significant deliveries of aircraft worldwide during the past 25 years has created the need for MRO service providers throughout the world. The MRO industry will continue to build new facilities to service these aircraft and it will continue to be challenged to identify skilled workers to serve these markets outside of the U.S. While many international operators will continue to return to the U.S. for service, there will be a need for skilled workers to maintain these aircraft on a daily basis throughout the world. The MRO industry will need to continue to be innovative to help these operators operate and maintain their aircraft throughout the world.

Our industry remains in a strong position to facilitate business growth and expansion throughout the world. Based on the significant deliveries during the past 25 years, it is hard not to be optimistic about the next 25 years of business aviation.

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