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Duncan Aviation's AEA Highlights

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Apr 15, 2015 @ 01:34 PM

booth-from-aboveThe Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) declared the 58th annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show a success with record 1,897 attendees. According to reports about the traffic in Duncan Aviation’s booth from our team members who were at the show, most of the attendees must have stopped by.

By and large, the best part of AEA was the face-to-face connections made with customers and vendors, both old and new.

Here are some photos and personal highlights from several of Duncan Aviation team members who were in Dallas, Texas, at AEA 2015.

Larry Troyer, avionics instruments tech rep

The biggest highlight for me was meeting face-to-face with some customers I have worked with on the phone. It was good to establish those relationships and renew old ones.

Scott McKenzie, avionics instrument tech rep

My highlight for this conference would be the same as all of the others that I have attended in the past. That is the opportunity to meet the customer's face-to-face that I communicate with on a regular basis, either on the phone or email. The personal interaction seems to go a long way in helping build not only a good working relationship, but in many cases true friendships as well. 

Tech-TableDuncan Aviation Avionics Instruments Tech reps (L to R) Dan magnus, Scott McKenzie, Larry Troyer, Curt Campbell. 


Dan Magnus, avionics instrument tech rep

I found a lot of good information about upcoming requirements, such as ADS-B available.  

Vince Cruickshank, rotable sales manager

I enjoyed being able to connect with so many long-time and new customer vendors in one venue. We spoke about the new growth between our companies and how we can better serve each other’s needs.

Mike Morgan, avionics sales rep

I always enjoy being able to connect with our vendors and build on those relationships, as well as, connect with potential new vendors and new products coming to market. Also during the convention this year I was able to get a better perspective of the state of the business aviation industry.

Michael Meyer, avionics team leader

There were more learning opportunities than I could possibly take advantage of. I was happy with the educational sessions I was able to attend. The main themes were ADS-B and connectivity. And the message I got is that the ADS-B mandate will not change and we have a lot of work to do by the end of 2019.

While walking the convention floor, I was able to see some of the new equipment we will be using in the near future.  


Vince Cruickshank and Jamie Blackman with Taylor Mason from Aerotex International.

Jamie Blackman, rotable manager

This year’s convention was great!  I had the opportunity to meet several people and vendors for the first time, many of which I've been working with on the phone for years!  It's nice to put a face to the voice. Vince Cruickshank and I had a wonderful opportunity to tour the offices of Aerotex International, a Duncan customer and vendor. 

Brian Leffers, avionics install manager

My highlights were moving specific programs forward with several avionics OEMs, such as The highlights of my conference experience was being able to move specific programs forward by asking questions and addressing concerns with several avionics OEMs, such as GoGo, Universal, Collins and Honeywell.


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NextGen: For the Safety of Our Skies

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Apr 07, 2015 @ 02:12 PM

NextGen_Business_Aviation_AdvisorAn article by Duncan Aviation’s Regional Avionics Sales Manager, Mark Francetic, was recently featured in the Business Aviation Advisor. He talks about the greatest benefits to the NextGen system and how the future of flying, even though there will be more aircraft in less space, will be safer and more efficient.

You can read “For The Safety of Our Skies” here.

Francetic is traveling across the United States this year conducting free NextGen seminars to present useful, practical information about not only the technology but also precisely what equipment operators need to outfit and/or retrofit aircraft to comply with the mandates stipulated in the rapidly approaching 2020 deadline

For the current list of speaking events, see the schedule here:

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Video: Citation 560 Excel Aircraft Paint—Taking It Off

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Apr 02, 2015 @ 12:07 PM

Citation-560XL-paintContributed by Nate Klenke, completion sales rep

Ever wonder what happens during the first few days your business jet is in getting a new exterior paint?   

During the earliest stage of the repainting process the aircraft is prepared for the existing paint to be removed. After all composites and other areas on the aircraft are protected, a yellowish peroxide-based stripper is applied and then the paint just begins falling off.

To the casual observer, your jet appears to be sitting around waiting with very little activity. But in reality quite a lot is happening. You just have to be patient and wait…and watch…a long time…nearly two days. But don’t blink, you could miss something.

Seriously, unless you have time to hang out for a weekend at a Duncan Aviation paint facility, you’ll just have to take my word that paint stripping magic is happening.

After a quick scrub, second application and a rinse to neutralize the stripper, all of the protective taping is removed and your aircraft is ready for the next step towards its new look.

Video Magic

Over this past weekend we captured a Citation 560 Excel at our Lincoln Nebraska, facility as it began the paint-stripping process.

We shortened and sped up this two-day event into a 60 second video. But don’t blink; you still could miss something.  

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Want a lower price on your VG14A Gyro SPEX exchange? Now's the time.

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 @ 01:00 PM

7000622-901_Isometric_0Taking operator cost concerns to heart, Duncan Aviation and Honeywell Aerospace have worked together to develop efficiencies for Honeywell SPEX exchanges on the VG14A gyro that allow Honeywell to drop the exchange price of that unit by half.

"Operators prefer the value and quality of the Honeywell SPEX exchange for the VG14A gyro, but have provided feedback that they would like a lower exchange cost," says Kevin Miesbach, manager of Duncan Aviation's Avionics and Instrument Shop, which performs overhaul and recertification for all Honeywell SPEX VG14A exchanges. "Honeywell and Duncan Aviation collaborated and developed service efficiencies that allow for more value with the SPEX exchange on that unit."

Starting in April, operators will be able to receive the VG14A Honeywell SPEX exchange (part number PN7000622-901)for $5,500, half off the former rate of $11,000. However, customers who buy the exchange unit will still receive the same reliable, high-quality Honeywell unit backed by a full one-year unlimited warranty, Honeywell's liberal "no billback" guarantee and Duncan Aviation's excellent 24/7 customer service complete with same-day shipping and no AOG fees.

To purchase a Honeywell VG-14A SPEX exchange, call Duncan Aviation's Parts Sales at +1 402.475.4125 or 800.228.1836.

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Duncan Aviation’s Astra History

Posted by Kate Dolan on Thu, Mar 26, 2015 @ 09:53 AM

TimGarityTim Garity, a longtime Tech Rep with Duncan Aviation, loves aviation, but he also enjoys the people he has met along the way.

Like many 18-year-olds, he joined the military so he could see the world. Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Tim was thrilled to be stationed on a naval aviation base in Hawaii and rotate from there to bases in Thailand, the Philippines and Japan. His stint in the Navy did more than offer travel opportunities; through it, he found his calling in life.

In 1977, Tim began working in the business aviation industry. In the intervening years, industry changes have been numerous and momentous, and he has enjoyed being on the forefront of aviation technology and mechanics.

However, what he values most are the ongoing, long-term relationships he’s established with Duncan Aviation customers over the years – particularly those who own Astra aircraft.

“I’ve enjoyed working on the Astra because I know the aircraft pretty well, and I’ve always thought the Astra is a well-built, easily maintained plane,” says Tim.

Tim first learned about the Astra in 1985, the year they were type-certificated. And in his Tech Rep position at Duncan Aviation, he began working on the newly certified Israel Aircraft Industries’ Astra in 1986.

“Astras have a niche in the industry where the pilots and mechanics both really like the aircraft,” says Tim.  “Owners who have bought one tend to buy them again and again.”

It’s All About Relationships

Phil Carrell, Director of Maintenance at Cin-Air, shares Tim’s long history with the Astra. Phil went to A&P school at the Somerset State Vocational Tech school in Somerset, Kentucky, and the opportunity for hands-on experience is what drew him to aviation in the first place.

“When I was growing up in Bloomington, Indiana, my next door neighbor built airplanes in his garage,” says Phil. “It intrigued me that someone could build an airplane out of nothing.”

In the late 1980s, Cin-Air managed a fleet that included a Citation II, a Westwind and a King Air, and looking to replace the Westwind, Phil’s boss began researching the Astra. They had worked with Duncan Aviation in the past, so when they decided to add to their fleet, they contacted Rene Cardona, a member of Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisition team.

“We had worked with Rene in the past and trusted his recommendations,” says Phil. “Our boss believed that the Astra would be a good fit for our company, and when Rene confirmed it, we decided to fly over to the UK and take a look at one.”

In 1990, Phil and Tim traveled to Manchester, England, to look at an Astra SP. Based on that assessment and the market information Rene had provided them, Cin-Air bought the Astra.

Extending the Family

“We liked the economics of the Astra and appreciated its operational capabilities; it was a high-speed, long-range aircraft with a stand-up cabin, and it had all of the latest comforts,” says Phil. “The Astra was a great airplane, and I loved to fly it. It was reliable, and I got to know it well over the years.”

In 2000, Cin-Air added another SP to its fleet because they were so pleased with the aircraft’s reliability. Cin-Air kept the first Astra SP for about 14 years, and in 2004, traded it in for an SPX. Last year, they traded both Astra aircraft for a G200.

“We like the G200 quite well; it was the second in our fleet,” says Phil. “We got our first G200 brand new in 2006. Because we know and like this airplane, and it’s in the same family of aircraft, we bought a third, so now our fleet consists of three G200s.”

Despite changing the composition of the fleet, one thing has remained fairly constant in the last two and a half decades: Cin-Air has turned to Duncan Aviation to service its fleet and provide sales assistance on many occasions.

“When we need refurbishments or paint, I always call Tim Klenke,” says Phil. “My company and I have always valued our relationship with Duncan Aviation because of the honesty and integrity of everyone at the company. Honesty is paramount in our business. We will absolutely continue to do business with Duncan Aviation, and we’ve started taking our aircraft to the Battle Creek, Michigan, facility because it’s so much closer for us.”

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Duncan Aviation to Present ADS-B & FANS 1A+ Seminar at AEA

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

nextgen-mandate-timeline-cost-benefit-analysisAs the January 2020 ADS-B deadline gets closer every day, the questions keep pouring in. At Duncan Aviation, it is our goal to provide operators with the most accurate information in a clear, concise manner and to answer their most pressing questions.

Mark Francetic, a regional avionics sales manager with Duncan Aviation, will be doing just that at the Aircraft Electronics Association's (AEA's) 58th Annual International Convention and Trade Show being held April 8-11 in Dallas.

Francetic will give a presentation at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 10, where he will present useful, practical information about not only the technology but also precisely what equipment operators need to outfit and/or retrofit aircraft to comply with the mandates stipulated in the rapidly approaching 2020 deadline

Experience. In Action.

In addition to Francetic's class, Duncan Aviation will be educating and assisting attendees at the show in the company's booth at #411/510. Back by popular demand, Duncan Aviation's four Avionics and Instrument Tech Reps, Curt Campbell, Dan Magnus, Scott McKenzie and Larry Troyer, will be fielding live technical troubleshooting questions on-site during open Exhibit Hall hours.

They will be answering emails and phone calls from operators in the field and will be available for one-on-one consultation with AEA show attendees. Attendees with avionics questions or who need troubleshooting assistance should make a point of stopping by Duncan Aviation's booth to talk with them and other Duncan Aviation representatives.

To learn more about Duncan Aviation's avionics and instrument repairs services,

NextGen Mandate Timeline

Transitioning the safety of the skies from ground-based tracking systems to satellite-based systems of air traffic control requires new standards and upgraded avionics equipment.Check our timeline to see what mandates may apply to your aircraft and when.

NextGen Mandate Timeline Download Now

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Robert Duncan is a “Game Changer” at NBAA Leadership Conference

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Mar 12, 2015 @ 04:10 PM

Robert-at-NBAA"Years ago, I told our employees that not only do we want to be the best company in business aviation …but we wanted to be one of the best companies in all of business.” –Robert Duncan

At the recent NBAA Leadership Conference held in Dallas, TX, Robert Duncan, Duncan Aviation’s Chairman Emeritus, was one of nine featured “game changers” delivering inspirational messages via pre-recorded video.

"There are so many great people and businesses throughout our industry, and this is one way we can recognize and tell their story – and the story of business aviation," said Jeannine Falter, vice president of business development at Duncan Aviation and a co-chair of the conference, which is planned by NBAA's Corporate Aviation Management Committee.

View Robert’s video message below.


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Experiencing Huge Aircraft Wi-Fi Charges? Disable Automatic Updates

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

DonotautoupdateContributed by Brian Redondo, satellite avionics manager

I have heard from several customers who are upset after receiving a Wi-Fi bill larger than expected, some considerably larger.

I’ve had to explain that all Portable Electronics Devices (PEDs for short, such as laptops, tablets and phones) brought on board an aircraft are factory-set to automatically sync and grab updates as soon as they connect to an available Wi-Fi hotspot. And it only takes one device on a cross-country trip to create an ugly bill.

The default on PEDs is set at the factory to automatically conserve data. What this means is that apps are updated and photos/videos are pushed to the cloud only when they are connected to Wi-Fi.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are out walking around with your smartphone on 4G and using it as normal. You stop into your local Starbucks® and your phone finds their Wi-Fi and automatically connects. The pictures you took of your kids while walking in the park are pushed up to the cloud and the latest update to Candy Crush® begins to download. When you leave and the Wi-Fi drops off, you are back to low data usage.

The problem arises when you get on an aircraft and connect to the most expensive Wi-Fi on the planet! Because your PED is set up by default to use the Wi-Fi for big download tasks, that game update just cost you $35 and syncing a video of your kids playing on the swingset to the cloud could be upwards of $1,000.

Most people don’t realize these devices are factory-set in this manner or didn’t think of the impact it would have on the aircraft Wi-Fi bill. The good thing is there are several ways to keep the bills in check.

Gogo® Business Aviation (formerly known as Aircell) helps to block some of these services in order to keep the data charges more reasonable, but unfortunately not all can be blocked. Google Play, Apple Store and iCloud are the notorious offenders and are not able to be blocked. However, most computer backup services such as Carbonite, antivirus software auto updates, browser updates and those pesky ever-present java updates are blocked by Gogo® Biz (also known as the ATG-2000/4000/5000).

Gogo® Business Aviation now provides SwiftBroadband service and has three optional levels of filtering to help control your costs. Contact a Gogo® Business Aviation representative for more information.

Those using Satcom Direct for SwiftBroadband service can opt in to their SkyShield service. This service offers several levels of data filtering or you can request custom filtering as well. Ask your SatCom Direct representative for more information.

Another simple step is to put any unused devices in Airplane Mode or to simply shut them off. Open Wi-Fi networks should also be avoided as tablets and phones may automatically connect to an open network, add a simple password such as the tail number to prevent unwanted devices from connecting. Remember it takes just one device on one trip to cost you a lot of money.

Below are short, simplified steps you can take on your Android or Applie device to avoid another outrageous Wi-Fi bill. Please understand that because there are different versions of iOS and Android, your device may require different action. If that is the case, consult the User’s Guide for your device.


General Instructions for an Android phone and tablet

Android Photo Icon 1. Go to your photos folder where all of the photos and videos are stored on your device.
Preventing the Automatic Upload of Photos and Videos 2. Tap on Settings (three dots in upper right corner).
Preventing the Automatic Upload of Photos and Videos 3. Tap on Auto Backup.
Preventing the Automatic Upload of Photos and Videos 4. Shut off Auto Backup.
This will end the automatic uploading of your photos when taking new ones.

General Instructions for an Apple iPhone and iPad

iPad Settings Icon 1. Go into Settings.

2. Tap iCloud.

3. Tap Photos (If you have iCloud Drive set up, you can shut this off here as well).

iPadturnoffphotostream-1 4. Turn off My Photo Stream


General Instructions for an Android phone and tablet

Android Play Store Icon 1. Open the "Play Store" and go to the menu (generally in a corner at the top).
TURNING OFF AUTOMATIC APP UPDATES 4. Select "Do Not auto-update apps" or uncheck auto-update apps.
Keep notifications checked to receive notifications when an update is available.

General Instructions for an iPhone and iPad

Apple Settings Icon 1. Open Settings and go to "iTunes & App Store."
TURNING OFF AUTOMATIC APP UPDATES 2. Scroll down to the Automatic Downloads section.

3. Toggle updates to OFF to stop apps automatically updating.

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Duncan Aviation Raises Funds For Susan G. Komen®

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Mar 03, 2015 @ 11:33 AM

SGK1Sometimes conducting business is not about the business.

During the recent NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in San Jose, CA, Duncan Aviation team members from FBO Services, Customer Service and the Flight Department showed their Passionately Pink® colors while partnering with Susan G. Komen to raise awareness and funds for breast health. All money raised went towards ending breast cancer through ground-breaking research and community health outreach programs.

Troy Hyberger, supervisor FBO Services in Lincoln, NE (LNK), believes this campaign is in line with the company’s Core Values. “There are several at Duncan Aviation and throughout our industry who are struggling with breast cancer,” says Troy. “Duncan Aviation Core Values state that we support our community. This industry is our community.”

Duncan Aviation team members greeted show attendees wearing pink shirts, standing in a pink booth and handing out Passionately Pink pins and breast cancer self-awareness brochures.

For every visitor who stopped by and completed an information card or provided a business card, Duncan Aviation made a corporate donation in their honor to Susan G. Komen.

These cards were entered into a drawing for a black, silver and pink propeller custom-painted by Duncan Aviation master paint specialists. It was emblazed with the well-known Susan G. Komen running ribbon and the Duncan Aviation logo.

sgk3sgk2The winner of the propeller was Charlie Stockton of Mid-American Corporation.

In the booth, the names of people who have fought, won or lost their battle with breast cancer were featured on an Honor Wall of Fame.

It was very emotional not only for our team members but also for the many who have experienced breast cancer themselves or lost loved ones. One customer said “I would expect nothing less from Duncan Aviation and their people.”

This Passionately Pink campaign was a declared a success raising $2,625 during the show.

Get Passionately Pink®

You can still donate to Susan G. Komen through Duncan Aviation’s Passionately Pink efforts through the end of the month. Please visit

Get Passionately Pink Donate Now

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New Leadership in Duncan Aviation's Engine Rapid Response Network

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Feb 26, 2015 @ 11:49 AM

RRT-Travel_KitDuncan Aviation’s Engine Rapid Response network has grown and is more widely dispersed than ever. With 30 technicians strategically located across the United States, the demand for AOG and scheduled support at customer locations continues to increase. And they are answering the call, making the trip and getting each customer back in the air and back on schedule.

With this continued growth, we are proud to announce the appointment of new leaders within our Engine Rapid Response (RRT) network.

Download The Engine Rapid Response Fact Sheet Now

Joe Stubbs—Atlanta, Georgia

Joe Stubbs has been with Duncan Aviation for 10 years, nine of those on the engine line at the company's headquarters in Lincoln, Neb. In 2014, he successfully launched a new Engine Rapid Response office in Long Beach, Calif., then moved on to join the Seattle RRT. Turbine Engine Service Manager James Prater says that when the Atlanta leadership opportunity became available, Stubbs was the clear choice. "Joe's flexibility, versatility and wealth of engine knowledge make him a valuable resource in our RRT network. We are happy that he has accepted this leadership opportunity in Atlanta."

For engine service and support in the Atlanta region, Joe Stubbs can be reached at +1 770.286.4410.

Mike Bruhn—Chicago, Illinois

Mike Bruhn joined the Rapid Response Team in Chicago with experience as an A&P certified technician in flight departments and repair stations on a broad spectrum of corporate jets. In his five years at Chicago, he has built a strong rapport with area operators. "We are excited to allow Mike the opportunity to continue to strengthen those relationships while serving as Team Leader and work toward his vision for growing the team and expanding its presence throughout the area," says Prater.

For engine service and support in the Chicago region, Mike Bruhn can be reached at +1 773.294.5169.

Regis Biarrieta—Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is Duncan Aviation's largest Engine Rapid Response Team. Regis Biarrieta has taken over as the new Team Leader for the Fort Lauderdale office. Baiarrieta has been with Duncan Aviation for four years, having worked in both Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. His prior A&P experiences include airlines, corporate jets and government contracts where he spent seven years in Spain maintaining the Spanish Air Force Presidential and Royal fleet. Prater believes these experiences along with his Venezuelan roots and multilingual ability make him a great fit for Duncan Aviation's south Florida clientele. "He is a great asset in Fort Lauderdale and will be a tremendous Team Leader."

For engine service and support in the Fort Lauderdale region, Regis Biarrieta can be reached at +1 954.410.0058.

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