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Duncan Aviation Gives Thanks

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Nov 25, 2015 @ 03:30 PM



Business Aviation is about more than a wing, fuselage and tail. It is about the friendship, trust and partnership we build and cherish.

Duncan Aviation is thankful for our many friends in the aviation world. We appreciate you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for? 

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Donald Duncan: Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales

Posted by Lori Johnson on Tue, Nov 24, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

DonaldD_phone_SM.gifIowa farmer and automobile salesman Donald Duncan learned how to fly in the 1950s. As he gained aircraft experience and developed deep friendships with aviators, he heard business operators asking to utilize aircraft as business tools. In 1956, he acted, buying into the Omaha, Nebraska, Beechcraft dealership that would become Duncan Aviation.

In addition to selling aircraft, Donald used them extensively as he spent two years commuting daily from his home in Clarinda, Iowa, to Omaha. One day, while preparing for the commute, Donald’s aircraft experienced a technical issue and he became intimately familiar with the term AOG.

Harry Barr, now Duncan Aviation’s Senior Captain and its longest-employed team member at 58 years, came over to help Donald. During the course of conversation, Donald discovered that Harry’s radio needed work. Donald had the connections to get the radio fixed and Harry had an operational airplane that could get Donald to Omaha.

That summed up Donald’s business sense: when two parties can both benefit from a single collective act or exchange. And so it was with Donald’s business actions; both parties always benefitting.

In addition, Donald’s word was his bond; he never went back on a deal. Once Donald committed, the entire resources of Duncan Aviation were also committed to making the deal work for the customer and the company. And although Duncan Aviation drew up written contracts, when a deal was made over the phone or with a handshake, it, too, was considered solid.

“Donald could read a customer better than anybody I’ve ever known,” remembers  J. Robert Duncan, Chairman Emeritus of Duncan Aviation and son of Donald Duncan. “He demonstrated great care and concern for his customers, and he always seemed to understand what their needs were.”

In addition to his ability to listen to customers and act to meet their needs, Donald had a strong sense of  creativity, drive and integrity. And he planted those seeds within the early company culture at Duncan Aviation, where those values continue to provide the solid foundation on which Duncan Aviation’s reputation rests.

Largely through the efforts of Donald Duncan, an entire generation of businesses learned what kind of freedom and flexibility could be attained through owning a business aircraft.

2016 is a special year. It is Duncan Aviation’s 60th year of helping business aircraft operators be safe, efficient and productive. For six decades, customers have asked us for solutions and services. We are celebrating our 60 years by telling the stories about the people of Duncan Aviation who listened and took action.

Celebrate with us by subscribing to the Duncan Download blog, following us on Facebook and Twitter (@DuncanAviation) and visiting our anniversary website at

Lori Johnson has been the Marketing Communications Manager for Duncan Aviation for more than 20 years. She enjoys working with the smart and passionate aviation experts at Duncan Aviation, helping them connect with and educate customers about important industry topics.  

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It's A Wrap! NBAA 2015

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Nov 20, 2015 @ 12:41 PM

Over the last three days 1,100 exhibitors and more than 27,000 attendees walked the floors of the 2015 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. Hundreds of them, aviation professionals, operators, enthusiasts and students alike, came to Duncan Aviation's brand new booth. 

Here's a pictorial recap of our time at 2015 NBAA.

We Debuted A New Booth!




We Made Big Announcements!


Rockwell Collins and Duncan Aviation unveil Pro Line Fusion® flight deck upgrade for Citation CJ3

We Supported the Future of the Bizav Industry


We Collaborated with Partners


We Talked With Customers




A Lot of Customers!



Robert Duncan Stopped By


And We Had A Lot of Fun!




We hope you did too. See you next year!

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Top Three NextGen Questions Heard During the First Day of NBAA 2015

Posted by Melissa Raddatz on Wed, Nov 18, 2015 @ 02:07 PM

Melissa-R2.gifBy now, almost all business aircraft operators are somewhat familiar with the upcoming NextGen mandates and understand the need to plan for them in conjunction with their next major maintenance event. But after talking with operators during the first day of the National Business Aviation Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas, it is safe to say operators still have questions.

The top three questions operators are asking at the show are:

  1. Does my aircraft have a solution?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. What is the downtime going to be?

Certifying these new mandate solutions is a complicated process that requires collaboration between the equipment manufacturers, engineering teams, avionics installation experts and launch customers. The path to certification can be time-consuming and many solutions are being developed and announced weekly in the changing NextGen landscape.

Even when a solution does currently exist for an aircraft, there might be a more integrated and flexible one on the horizon that would be a better choice for an operator. Navigating these choices is difficult, which is why Duncan Aviation has allowed several of our avionics experts to really become immersed in the NextGen world. And in an effort to educate the industry, four of us are here at the NBAA convention to help operators as they research the solution that will be best for them and their aircraft long-term.

Stop by anytime to meet us.  Or take advantage of our NextGen Expert Hours and ask your most pressing questions to our full attending contingent of avionics gurus.

NextGen Expert Hours

9-11 a.m. Wednesday

9-11 am Thursday

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Every Service a Business Aircraft Operator Needs

Posted by Lori Johnson on Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

In 1956, Duncan Aviation started as a three-person aircraft sales endeavor. It has since blossomed into a world-renowned aircraft support company with 2,200 team members who provide every service a business aircraft operator needs.

We thank our customers for being an integral part of our growth and innovation over the last six decades. You see, customer requests have been the essence of that growth. Clients came to us with requests for new services and ideas about how to better meet their needs. Our team members then collaborated and responded, adding capabilities, services, features and amenities.

Duncan Aviation’s comprehensive tip-to-tail service offerings exist because of specific customer requests made over the years, and the actions of Duncan Aviation team members to meet those requests. Our paint and interior completions, satellite avionics services, Rapid Response in-field engine services and accessory repair and overhaul all began with customer requests. So did myDuncan, our online project management and approval system, and our 24/7/365 parts support, where you can talk with a live parts expert anytime of the day or night.

As we celebrate some of the milestones of our history, we continue to keep an eye on the future. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with customers and together developing solutions and services that create an even better environment for the operation of business aircraft.

Just ask. We’ll act.  

Lori Johnson has been the Marketing Communications Manager for Duncan Aviation for more than 20 years. She enjoys working with the smart and passionate aviation experts at Duncan Aviation, helping them connect with and educate customers about important industry topics. 

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See Duncan Aviation’s 2,253 Team Members at NBAA 2015

Posted by Lori Johnson on Mon, Nov 16, 2015 @ 01:00 PM


Duncan Aviation believes strongly in developing business aviation by heavily investing in its people and facilities. So it should be no surprise that the company’s new booth (#N4910) for the 2015 National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) annual convention and exhibition Nov. 17-19 in Las Vegas will highlight every single one of the company’s 2,253 aviation experts.

The convention has long been an event where Duncan Aviation representatives catch up with longtime customers, vendors and business partners as well as begin developing relationships with new prospects. And every one of Duncan Aviation’s team members has developed great relationships, contacts and friendships with others throughout business aviation.

Realistically, of course, we cannot send everyone to the show. But we can make sure they are present in some form. That is why our booth once again highlights each and every team member’s photo scrolling through our booth display.

Stop by booth #N4910 and catch a glimpse of all of your Duncan Aviation contacts. While you’re at it, talk to the team members there who will be telling attendees how Duncan Aviation provides every support service a business aircraft operator needs today.


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Need NextGen Answers?Stop by NBAA Booth #N4910

Posted by Kate Dolan on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

The industry is buzzing with questions about the upcoming mandates for NextGen, namely for ADS-B and FANS 1A. Duncan Aviation NextGen experts attending the NBAA convention in Las Vegas are prepared to answer those questions.

After hosting free NextGen seminars throughout 2015, Duncan Aviation avionics representatives know the questions operators are asking and have immersed themselves in the developing world of NextGen avionics so they are able to answer those questions.

These experts include the following:

Chris Christianson. Christianson is an avionics tech rep with Duncan Aviation who has been with the company more than 16 years. He has nose-to-tail knowledge of every avionics system installed and retrofited for today’s business jets from the analog systems of the Cessna 550 to the large, digital and fully integrated systems of the Falcon 7X, the Gulfstream G-450/550 and Global Express. His experience has involved every facet of avionics installation projects from STC development to standard field approval type installations/modifications with deep levels of integration.

Mark Francetic. Francetic is Duncan Aviation’s avionics regional sales manager and a Duncan Aviation team member for nearly 20 years. He has an associate’s degree in avionics and holds an A&P license. He has been educating operators about NextGen initiatives for two years at more than 20 different venues, is a member of the Honeywell and Bendix King Dealer Advisory Boards and has helped Duncan Aviation develop business plans for AML STCs on ADS-B and FANS/1A retrofit systems on multiple aircraft.

Dennis Kruse. Kruse is an avionics sales representative who has been with Duncan Aviation for 10 years. He spent eight years installing various avionics systems for Duncan Aviation and also worked as an avionics technician in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Melissa Raddatz. Raddatz is an avionics sales representative who has been with Duncan Aviation since 2011. She has an associtate’s degree in Aircraft Electonics, an A&P license, and a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Aviation Management. She has nearly three years of experience installing multiple avionics systems and has received formal training on the Falcon 50 and Falcon 50EX, Challenger 300, Troubleshooting and the Primus EPIC EASyII Line Maintenance. She has developed service guides for the Falcons on the mandates. In addition, she has attended several Dealer Advisory Boards for Rockwell Collins and Garmin.

Stop by anytime to meet these NextGen experts. Or take advantage of our Expert Hours and ask your most pressing questions to any of our full attending contingent of avionics gurus.

NextGen Expert Hours

1-3 p.m. Tuesday
9-11 a.m. Wednesday
9-11 am Thursday

For the most current information on the NextGen mandates, visit  Duncan Aviation NextGen Resource

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Todd Duncan: Longevity in Business Aviation Can’t Be Ignored

Posted by Todd Duncan on Tue, Nov 10, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

2016 marks the 60th anniversary of Duncan Aviation.

Longevity like that in business aviation is unique and can’t be ignored. The fact that my family has supported the industry for 60 years is different. The way we have responded to customer needs is different. And the caliber and resourcefulness of our people is different.

Our ingrained culture of responsiveness has ensured a continual evolution that has allowed us to change with and sometimes push the industry.

When a customer makes a comment about something that could be improved, we research it, analyze it and look for a better way. When a team member sees a process that could be completed more efficiently, we empower them to explore the options and lead the charge. And when a customer asks us to provide a new capability, we work with industry leaders and partners to make it happen. 

When asked, we have acted.

As we all know, though, companies don’t take action. It’s the people within the company that are responsible for the innovation. And the people who have helped make Duncan Aviation the company it is today certainly deserve the credit. Whether that person is a new or long-time team member, customer or industry partner, that catalyst for change deserves to be recognized.

So we will begin publishing stories about how the people of Duncan Aviation have responded to requests for six decades. We will celebrate with these stories throughout 2016.

Celebrate with us by subscribing to the Duncan Download blog, following us on Facebook and Twitter (@DuncanAviation) and visiting our anniversary website at

And if you’ll be in Las Vegas for the NBAA Convention November 17-19, be sure to stop by Booth #N4910 to see our new booth design, to talk with our technical experts and to make suggestions of things you would like to see in your service experience in 2016 and beyond. Together, we can continue to provide an experience, unlike any other.

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Quite Possibly One of the Coolest Aircraft Paint Schemes Ever: Video

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, Nov 05, 2015 @ 11:07 AM


Our client wanted an aircraft that stood out among other aircraft. I believe we achieved that goal. What do you think? 

The paint products used for the two-tone aesthetic of the project were two primary systems: Sherwin Williams satin black base with satin clear coat and Axalta Chromalusion’s “color changing” base coat color called Perfect Jade followed by a gloss clear coat.

The Gulfstream GV, N888XY, is branded SEXYjet and is managed by Metropolitan Aviation. For more information about the design collaboration and paint process, go here:

See a time-lapse video of this beautiful paint project below. 

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Duncan Debrief Magazine Available on Newsstand

Posted by Lori Johnson on Tue, Nov 03, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

The Fall 2015 edition of the popular Duncan Debrief magazine has been published to Apple’s Newsstand for the iPad.

Newsstand lets us easily deliver the latest edition of the Duncan Debrief. Allowing our readers to receive the most recent copy immediately, as well as providing a quick reference to back issues and linked material, like videos and other articles.

The Fall 2015 edition of the Duncan Debrief features news about the business aviation industry as well as Duncan Aviation customers and team members. Highlights include information about upcoming avionics mandates, photographs of recent projects and new capabilities and services.  

Duncan Debrief App

To install, search for the Duncan Debrief in Apple’s App Store and download it by tapping the Free button. The app is then placed in the iPad’s Newsstand shelves. Once downloaded, users  can request to receive push notifications each time a new Duncan Debrief magazine is published.

The Duncan Debrief is a free, award-winning business aviation publication for aircraft owners and operators. Written and designed in-house at Duncan Aviation, each edition includes articles on topics and trends in business aviation.


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