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Hawker 800/800XP ADS-B Out STC Featuring the Honeywell Primus II

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Thu, May 19, 2016 @ 10:53 AM

ADS-B_Illustration_2.jpgADS-B Out

Fly today with a complete solution and prepare for the future with Duncan Aviation's Hawker 800/800XP ADS-B Out STC. By Jan.1, 2020, all operators must have Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast capability. As a staple in NextGen technology, ADS-B Out increases efficiency, strengthens situational awareness and allows aircraft to transmit information to Air Traffic Control ground stations by using satellite signals instead of ground radar and navigational aids. As a result, ATC is able to keep your aircraft properly spaced in high-density traffic areas.

Duncan Aviation's Hawker 800/800XP ADS-B Out STC# ST01811WI provides:
  • Reduced separation and highly accurate departure and arrival times
  • Surveillance in areas that do not currently have radar coverage 
  • Information to tower for a clearer view of aircraft and vehicles on runway to avoid collisions and or delays
  • More efficient spacing and optimal routing in non-radar environments, including the busy airspace in the Gulf of Mexico, mountainous regions of Colorado and the lower altitudes of Alaska

Honeywell's Primus II Radio System

When you upgrade your existing Honeywell Primus® II Radio and add a stand-alone GPS receiver, you’ll enjoy a cost-effective solution combined with the latest configuration to meet the ADS-B Out mandate. And, when you replace your old CRT display units with LCD displays with Duncan Aviation's ADS-B Out STC, you'll receive two new RMU-855's, designed to increase visibility and seamlessly integrate with your current configuration. Fly with confidence with Honeywell's Primus II Radio equipped with a Mode C transponder to fulfill ADS-B Out requirements and ensure your future travel plans.

Duncan Aviation's ADS-B Out Program

As an added benefit, Duncan Aviation's ADS-B Out STC offers Hawker 800/800XP operators an exclusive discount on Honeywell's Avionics Protection Plan. Learn more about this offer and upgrade your Hawker 800/800XP with an integrated solution at a Duncan Aviation maintenance facility: Lincoln, Nebraska; Battle Creek, Michigan; Provo, Utah; or at one of their satellite shop locations throughout the United States*.

 For More Information

Contact Gary Harpster, Duncan Aviation Hawker Avionics Install Sales Rep.




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