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We Are Duncan Aviation: Where Extraordinary Efforts are Part of the Job

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 08:57 AM

Duncan Aviation has team members from India to Michigan and our backgrounds are even more diverse. A common thread that ties us all together is an inherent sense of doing the right thing and a positive attitude that allows us to be a step ahead of the rest.

 It’s the people within a company who create such a strong brand. Duncan Aviation is an experience, unlike any other. We share stories like these within the company daily as a reminder to all team members just how much our customers mean to us and what it takes to create that exceptional experience time and time again.

Meet Troy and Stacy

Troy Reinke and Stacy Finch

Troy Reinke and Stacy Finch, Duncan Aviation Master Paint Specialists

When you need a creative and detailed paint scheme applied on your aircraft, where can you find a team with the skill and drive to complete it beautifully?

Paint master specialists Troy Reinke and Stacy Finch were excited to take on this large aircraft paint project. The custom paint scheme commissioned by artist Wilfrid Buch with countless lines swirling around the fuselage to create a psychedelic 3D image required talent, patience and detail few paint technicians possess.

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Curt Campbell

Curt Campbell, Duncan Aviation Avionoics Tech Rep

Meet Curt

Your autopilot malfunctions mid-flight. Who can help you troubleshoot and express deliver a loaner to meet you upon arrival? Duncan Aviation’s components tech reps.

Curt Campbell has been a components tech rep for Duncan Aviation for 28 years, and he has nearly 40 years in the industry. So when he gets a phone call from someone in-flight with an issue, he walks them through the troubleshooting process as if he were in the copilot seat himself.

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Meet Shirley

Shirley Crouch

Shirley Crouch, Duncan Aviation Parts and Rotables Sales Rep.

When it’s late in the evening on a Saturday and you need a part, who can you call?

When a customer in Spain had to be up and running in less than 24 hours, her experience led her to believe customs might cause a delay. So she opted to have a courier hand-carry the part to ensure all customs requirements were addressed along the way, reducing the AOG time from days to just hours.

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Duncan Aviation Core Values

Because Duncan Aviation team members work in a culture where honesty, integrity and doing the right thing is the norm, many think their extraordinary efforts were just part of the job—a testament to how incredible the teams are.

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View Duncan Aviation's Core Value video and watch as team members express why the company's Core Values resonate so much with their teams and how they can be seen in every aspect of their workday.

We Are Duncan Aviation

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