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Don't Ignore Your Aircraft's Radar System During The Winter

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 @ 11:23 AM

Contributed by Dan Magnus, avionics instruments tech rep

Aircraft Radar Preventive Maintenance

Typically, the winter months are the time of year that your radar system gets little use. You may be asking yourself, is it necessary for me to run my radar system during the winter season?


Our experience at Duncan Aviation has shown that running your radar system during the off season does not shorten its life but may actually extend it and that of the magnetron. There is a higher instance of spoking and intermittent transmitters for customers who have not run their radar systems during the winter months.

We recommend you turn your system on every few weeks over the winter. This simple preventative measure will ensure your radar is functioning properly when you need it and hopefully extend its life.

Winter Radar Service

Also remember, the winter season is a great time to get your radar unit tested and ready to go prior to spring, when thunderstorms are more prevalent and radar is used most. Take advantage of Duncan Aviation’s Winter Radar Promotion and get $100 off radar servicesincluding functional checks, evaluations, repairs and overhauls through March 31, 2014. To redeem, print and include the $100 rebate with each radar unit shipped.

If you have questions about your radar's operation or how environmental testing will help your radar's reliability, contact Duncan Aviation avionics tech reps.

Dan Magnus is an avionics instrument technical representative located at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Neb., location. He specializes in ADF, Comms, Control Heads, CVR, DME Gables Control Heads, Receivers, Nav-Comm/Receivers, Radar Systems, GPS, GNS, Transponders and UNS Components and Systems Specialist. His aviation career began in 1976.

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