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VIDEO Falcon 900: Everything and the Galley Sink

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Jan 05, 2016 @ 09:48 AM

N183WW0347_blog.gifRead the Fall 2015 Duncan Debrief to see more gallery photos and details of this project.

The best laid plans often go awry. Business aviation maintenance is no exception. Most maintenance directors will tell you it’s almost impossible to plan for everything that might pop up during a large inspection that is coupled with a variety of updates and upgrades.

So how can Duncan Aviation guarantee turntimes? The answer is really pretty simple but often overlooked by those who don’t have the right people and the right processes.“We plan ahead and work hard,” says Finish Team Leader Tony Houk. “We still encounter hurdles, but we work together as a team to overcome them.”

Business jets are incredible assets. When they’re in our hangars for months, we recognize the owners are missing a valuable resource, so we do our best to meet turntimes and set efficient schedules to get customers in, out and safely on their way.

When an 18-year-old Falcon 900 was added to the schedule at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, location, promising a finite out date seemed far-fetched—because it was. A laundry list of inspections, avionics, interior upgrades and new paint packed the to-do list.

During the inspection, a handful of corrosion squawks required extra hours, making serious teamwork mandatory in order to adhere to a tight schedule. With some teams needing access to the same areas at the same times, schedules were changed to second or third shifts so progressing could be maintained at the same rate.

Everyone realized they needed to make it happen, even if that meant working in hourly blocks, or changing shifts and working weekends.

And all that teamwork paid off. The aircraft delivered, the customers were ecstatic and Duncan Aviation was able to add another success story to the books.

Watch this video and witness firsthand, how all the teams (airframe, paint, interior and avionics install) accommodated each another to do what was right for our customer.


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