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Buying a Business Jet: Do You Know What You Need? Really?

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Wed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 10:54 AM

Market-Update_blogOne of the hardest decisions to make when purchasing a business jet is to purchase the make and model that is right for you and your business needs. The last thing you need is to take off on your first business flight and discover your aircraft does not fully meet your requirements.

A full schedule with multiple passengers for long hours requires an aircraft with appropriate cabin capacity and fuel range. Anything less will result in frequent refueling stops and a lot time sitting on the tarmac.

However, buying a long-range jet for short infrequent flights will result in higher than necessary operating costs.

Identifying the right aircraft for you is can be a complicated process. With more than 80 make model business aircraft to choose from, how do you narrow the field to make the right decision?  

You Need A Tool

  • A tool that breaks down all the available business aircraft by category, available features and many other details
  • A tool that helps to prioritize your business needs and desires, narrowing the pool of appropriate aircraft
  • A tool that would simplify the investigation of the market place, identifying several available options that meet your needs

 Yeah...Here Is That Tool


And if you still have questions...these are the guys that can help you!


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