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ADS-B Myth #2: There Is Plenty Of Time

Posted by Kate Dolan on Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 09:00 AM


We feel confident saying the deadline is firm. At the EAA AirVenture Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in July 2016, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta reiterated that the mandate deadline will not change, and he encouraged general aviation owners to upgrade their equipment now, adding that it’s a smart move.

The FAA says there will not be an extension. The agency has outlined its NextGen initiative, and it includes ADS-B technology. Customers in Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, and Singapore all thought the same thing when the deadline for their mandate approached in December 12, 2013. It was not extended.

The FAA has given our industry 10 years to comply, and January 1, 2020 is the deadline. The time to schedule your ADS-B installation is now.

Because business aircraft operators in the United States have less than 35 months remaining to equip the entire fleet with ADS-B Out avionics equipment. That means from now until the mandate deadline, January 1, 2020, roughly 167 aircraft per month will need to find available hangar space and qualified technicians.

If you wait too long, the installation prices will increase, based on simple supply and demand, and you run the risk of not finding a shop qualified to complete the upgrades and installations.

Avoid The Scheduling Crunch

ADS-B-LobbyPoster-sm.jpgIf you are not yet ready for the required upgrades, but don’t want to get caught up in the mad rush to find available capacity at certified service centers, we are offering an ADS-B Slot Program

The Duncan Aviation ADS-B Splot Program lets you buy a slot to reserve a confirmed date and hangar space for your aircraft at one of our Satellite Avionics Shops. The deposit will will applied to the ADS-B installation when you arrive.

By scheduling now, you will see better pricing, have easier access to the certified transponders and GPS sensors, and find time for the upgrade/installation that fits your flight schedule and calendar.

Contact the Duncan Aviation Satellite Shop ( nearest you, one of our Duncan Aviation Avionics Installation Team Members (, or call +1 402.475.2611 for more information about ADS-B upgrades and the new slot reservation program.

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