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ADS-B Myth #4: We’re Going To Sell Our Aircraft Anyway

Posted by Kate Dolan on Tue, Jan 31, 2017 @ 11:04 AM


Myth4 paperweight.jpgAs one industry broker told us, “Without ADS-B, you may as well use your aircraft as an expensive paperweight. No one is going to buy it.”

Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions team says that whether an aircraft is equipped with ADS-B Out is already affecting its resale value. In this buyer’s market, if you don’t pay to upgrade to ADS-B Out now, the price you’ll be able to ask for your aircraft will be significantly less than if you had performed the upgrade.

And, with less than 35 months remaining to equip the entire US business aviation fleet with ADS-B Out avionics equipment, there will likely be shortages of hangar space at qualified shops as the deadline draws nearer. From now until the mandate deadline, January 1, 2020, roughly 167 aircraft per month still need to find available hangar space and qualified technicians.

Avoid The Scheduling Crunch

ADS-B-LobbyPoster-sm.jpgIf you are not yet ready for the required upgrades and are worried about finding available capacity at certified service centers, take a look at our ADS-B Slot Program

The Duncan Aviation ADS-B Splot Program lets you buy a slot to reserve a confirmed date and hangar space for your aircraft at one of our Satellite Avionics Shops. The deposit will will applied to the ADS-B installation when you arrive.

By scheduling now, you will see better pricing, have easier access to the certified transponders and GPS sensors, and find time for the upgrade/installation that fits your flight schedule and calendar.

Contact the Duncan Aviation Satellite Shop ( nearest you, one of our Duncan Aviation Avionics Installation Team Members (, or call +1 402.475.2611 for more information about ADS-B upgrades and the new slot reservation program.

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