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3 Options To Improve Connectivity Aboard Your Business Aircraft

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Dec 06, 2011 @ 03:29 PM

Contributed by Adrian Chene , Avionics Installation Tech Rep.

GIV laptop video interface illustration

This photo illustration demonstrates how a laptop can interface with cabin entertainment systems to improve team collaboration.

High Speed Data technology for the aviation industry has reached a level where it now supports most office activities aboard an aircraft allowing a team to continue to collaborate, share and analyze data, ideas and workload. 

The following are three methods to increase employee connection and productivity while in flight.

Laptop Video Interface

When installing a new cabin video system, always request a laptop video interface. With this, business travelers are able to use their laptops to share presentations and documents on cabin monitors. Such a simple measure allows a team to continue collaboration and work on complex projects. It also permits sales teams to practice the "big pitch" on the way to the client.

Carry-on Encrypted Network Drive

A carry-on encrypted network drive is simply an external hard drive that uses a separate power supply and an Ethernet connection. These are easily encrypted to permit access to only those who require access. A single network drive would allow multiple people access to different portions of a larger project and then return those worked pieces prior to landing. Teammates will also have access to each other's working documents for brainstorming.

Data Encryption

An aviation-grade router that supports encrypted communication provides a secure link between your aircraft's router and the home network. This secure link allows travelers to receive sesitive data from the homeoffice while traveling. EMS, Lufthansa Technik and True North's Chorus system have routers that support data encryption and acceleration options. For many, the answer to which router is needed is going to depend on the availability of a STC for Wi-Fi.

The world is moving fast at faster speeds. Critical work and team collaboration isn't reserved for just the office on the ground. It has become critical for flight departments to create the perfect office in the sky.

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Adrian Chene is an Avionics Tech Rep for Duncan Aviation. He provides troubleshooting and technical advice on avionics installation services, and specializes in custom, integrated HSD solutions. He began working in aviation in 1996.

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